8 popular web comics that give a fresh perspective on education

8 popular web comics that give a fresh perspective on education

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8 popular web comics that give a fresh perspective on education
Prashant Thapa

The individual used to love reading comic strips in the newspaper during their school days. However, as they grew older and their schedule became more hectic with college and work, they stopped reading them as much. 

With the advent of the internet, they can now access these comic strips whenever and wherever they want, with a wide range of options available, from silly jokes to slapstick and sarcasm-filled comics.

There are thousands of creative and humorous comic strips on the web, but it can be challenging to find them alone. For individuals particularly interested in reading comics about education, it is recommended to check out the following comic strips.

Popular Webcomics on Education

Piled Higher and Deeper (PHD Comics)

This webcomic provides a humorous look at the graduate student experience, including the struggles of research, writing, and surviving academia. The comic was created by Jorge Cham, a graduate student, and is drawn in a simple cartoon style.

The comic often depicts the struggles of graduate students, such as the difficulties of researching, writing, and surviving academia. It also addresses balancing work and personal life, procrastination, and graduate school's overall stress and pressure.

The characters in the comic are graduate students and their professors, and their experiences are relatable to many graduate students and academics. The comic has a large following and is widely shared among the graduate student community, both online and in print.

PHD comics serve as a source of humour and a way to connect with others going through similar experiences, offering a light-hearted perspective on a graduate student's otherwise stressful and challenging life.

Academics Say

This webcomic takes accurate academic quotes and turns them into funny, relatable comics that poke fun at the jargon-filled language and convoluted thinking of academia. The comic is created by an anonymous creator and is drawn in a simple cartoon style.

The comics use accurate academic quotes from research papers, books, and other sources and add comedic commentary to them, showing the absurdity and pretentiousness of some of the language and ideas found in academia. Some comics also playfully mock the often opaque and overly complex ways researchers and academics express their ideas. 

The comic intends to use humour as a way to help make academic research more accessible to a broader audience and to highlight the often-humorous side of academic culture.

Academics Say helps to demystify the literary world and provides a more accessible way of understanding academic research. This can make the intimidating world of academia more relatable and less opaque to the general public, showing that academia also has a human side.

The Professor is In

This webcomic takes a biting look at the often-bizarre world of academia, highlighting the absurdity of the academic job market and the politics of the university. It also addresses the unrealistic expectations placed on academics, the pressure to publish, the stresses of grant writing, the ridiculousness of some academic conferences and meetings, the absurdity of academic jargon and the power dynamics of the university setting.

It is also a way for academics to connect with others going through similar experiences and to find support by highlighting the often-ridiculous aspects of academic life.

It is a biting commentary on the state of academia, providing a counterbalance to the often-idealized view of academic life and highlighting its absurd, absurd and frequently ridiculous side.

Stuff No One Told Me 

This webcomic is a collection of hand-drawn comics and essays about the ups and downs of student life, exploring everything from mental health to relationships to the nitty-gritty of campus life.

The comic is created by a creator that goes by the name of SnoTM. Depending on the topic, they are often depicted in a simple, hand-drawn style, sometimes with added text and illustrations.

They also often include personal anecdotes and stories that offer a relatable perspective on the challenges and joys of being a student. It also includes essays and long-form comics, discussing specific themes and topics more in-depth, often focusing on the mental health side of student life and providing resources for help.

The cartoons depict college students' experiences, which are relatable to many college-aged individuals. Stuff No One Told Me is a source of support and connection for students by highlighting the often-overlooked aspects of student life and encouraging open conversation about the complex and uncomfortable topics that often aren't discussed openly. Providing a space for students to talk about their experiences and struggles aims to reduce the isolation and stress many students face and provide a support network for all students.

The Awkward Yeti

This webcomic highlights the everyday anxieties and insecurities of college students and young adults in a relatable and often humorous way. The comic was created by Nick Seluk and is drawn in a colourful cartoon style.

The comics often depict relatable situations and scenarios many young adults can relate to, such as social awkwardness, self-doubt, and difficulty making friends. The comics often use humour and a relatable perspective to explore these topics, making them accessible and easy to relate to.

The characters in the comic are usually anthropomorphic yeti and other creatures, representing different aspects of the human experience, such as the "Inner Critic" or the "Anxiety Yeti". The comic also features other relatable characters, such as "Heart and Brain", a representation of the inner voice of the mind.

The Awkward Yeti has a large following and is widely shared among college students, young adults and the general audience, both online and in print. It also has several books, merchandise and even an animated series.

By providing a space for people to talk about their anxieties, self-doubt and other struggles, it aims to reduce the isolation and stress many faces and provide a support network for all ages.


This webcomic is a humorous take on science and academia, poking fun at the quirks of research and the scientific process. The comics frequently feature approachable circumstances and scenarios that many researchers can identify with, including the peculiarities of science and research, the difficulties of writing grants, the challenges of getting published, and the day-to-day activities of scientists in the lab or out in the field. 

The comic also makes science more approachable to a broader audience by highlighting the distinctive and frequently humorous aspects of scientific study and academic life. Most of the characters in the comic are scientists, and many scientists can identify with their experiences. The comic provides a hilarious viewpoint on the typically severe and complex topic by highlighting the frequently eccentric characteristics of scientific study and academic life. Additionally, by giving a means of increasing science's accessibility and relatability to a larger audience.


Scott Adams created the well-known comic strip Dilbert in the 1990s. The white-collar corporate life is satirised in the comic strip by the engineer and cubicle-dwelling protagonist Dilbert and by his coworkers and superiors. The comic strip has a diverse cast of characters, including Dilbert's dog Dogbert, his inventor pal Wally, who resembles a mad scientist, his boss Pointy-Haired Boss, and his engineer coworker Alice.

The comic strip debuted in 1989 and has since been widely syndicated in publications all over the world. One of the first mainstream comic strips to be made available online was Dilbert in 1995, and it is still read and shared often today.

Dilbert's tone is satirical and sarcastic, making fun of modern office life's absurdities and humorously exposing the problems with the corporate world. The strip has a large following among white-collar workers, and it has been praised for its ability to make people laugh at the stress and absurdity of the corporate world. Dilbert has also been widely recognised and has won numerous awards, including the Reuben Award for outstanding cartoonist of the year in 1997.

Apart from the comics, Dilbert also has a line of books, merchandise, animated tv series and a feature film in development. Dilbert has become a cultural phenomenon. Its fame continues to grow over time, serving as a reflection of the modern-day corporate world and the lives of people working there, highlighting its absurdity and making it relatable to many.

Teacher's Pet

A funny look at the educational landscape from a teacher's viewpoint may be found in the webcomic Teacher's Pet. A teacher made the cartoon-like comic, and it is created straightforwardly.

In addition to the humorous incidents and unusual events that come with the work, the cartoons frequently reflect teachers' daily struggles and difficulties. The comic also discusses the connections teachers form with their kids and their influence on their lives. The inner workings of the educational system and how it influences teachers, parents, and students are also highlighted.

Many educators can identify with the personalities in the comics since they represent teacher perspectives. The comic has a sizable fan base among teachers, and both online and in print, the teaching community shares it widely.

By bringing attention to the frequently overlooked elements of teaching and the educational system and promoting open discussion about the challenging and rewarding aspects of the job, Teacher's Pet provides a source of comedy, support, and connection for teachers.

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