How to Get a Germany Student Visa

How to Get a Germany Student Visa

Study Info CentreThu Dec 10 2020

How to get a Germany Student Visa?

Qualitative education facilities and job opportunities are what makes Germany an attractive destination for your higher education. A student visa grant in Germany depends on your study duration- a 3 months course would only require a Schengen visa but if the duration is more than 3 months, you would need a German national visa.

1. Get an Acceptance letter from the University

The first part of applying for a student visa is to choose a study program and a university of your choice. After you find a suitable university and study program, you can send an application to your desired university through the university’s website along with the submission of all required documents. 

After you get accepted by a university, you can then move further towards your visa application.

2. Apply for VISA

For the visa application, you need to locate the nearest German embassy or consulate from where you can gather all the information and requirements for your visa, then you can set an appointment for your visa interview. 

You will be asked to pay a non-refundable fee of around 60-75 Euros as a part of your visa application fee. All the required documents for your visa application are mentioned below:

  • Properly filled out and signed national visa application form
  • A valid national passport
  • Two photocopies of your passport and birth certificate
  • Recent passport-sized photographs
  • Verification of financial resources: deposit confirmation of €10,236 in a German blocked bank account.
  • Confirmation letter of admission from the university
  • All your academic certificates
  • Student Health insurance
  • University entrance qualification
  • Certificate for competence in German or English language

It is always advised to immediately apply for the visa after you receive an admission acceptance letter from the university. It is also beneficial for you to start managing all the required finances for your study and stay in Germany as early as possible. The average processing time for a German student visa is approximately 3 months. 

Also, you are required to have a valid health insurance plan from the first day of your arrival, and you choose from the mentioned plans below as per your health needs.

Private health insurance plan

Public health insurance plan

Some simple but important things to keep in mind during your visa application process are - to review everything properly before you choose a study program and university. 

Seeking every information from the respective consulate regarding all required documents, proper handling of the documents, and preparing yourself well beforehand for the interview is recommended, as it is the last stage for your visa confirmation.

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