Masters (MS) Universities in Germany

Masters (MS) Universities in Germany

Masters (MS) Universities in Germany
Ashma Shrestha

After the United States, Canada, Australia, etc., Germany is regarded as one of the top study-abroad locations for international students. Germany boasts a top-notch educational system and outstanding academics. Above all, going to university in Germany is quite affordable because many public colleges are entirely sponsored by the government and don't charge fees.

Each year, Germany welcomes thousands of foreign students attracted by the country's high standards of education, excellent employment prospects, and affordable or free tuition! Only a few enrollment fees and a few extra charges are required of students.

Germany is one of the most significant countries in Europe for pursuing higher education because its universities adhere to the strictest academic standards and provide students with a wide range of courses, resources, and opportunities to participate in industry training.

The advancement of society nowadays necessitates competence in every sector, which is why earning a Master's degree abroad is so popular. Students are now traveling across borders to pursue a Master's degree at the top universities in the globe to pursue a highly profitable job. 

Germany is among the most popular places for Master's students to study abroad. Students are drawn to the top master's institutions in Germany for various reasons, including the high quality of instruction, the focus on research, and the cost.

Therefore, if you wish to study MS in Germany, this article is for you. Here, we'll go over all you need to know about MS programs at German universities, including tuition costs, top schools, and more.

Benefits of studying Master (MS) in Germany

The following are some significant advantages of enrolling in master's programs in Germany:

  • Universities in the nation are highly ranked in both the Times and QS World ranking lists and are known worldwide.
  • Germany offers the top master's programs with state-of-the-art educational facilities and exposure to various industries.
  • The nation's economy is booming, and skilled master's graduates have many work opportunities in various industries.
  • Top career opportunities in Germany include those in business, finance, management, engineering, and automotive engineering.
  • After finishing their courses, students who want to work in the country can extend their visas for up to 18 months.

Admission Requirements for Master (MS) in Germany

You must meet specific requirements to enroll in Germany's top master's programs. All of the top universities in Germany for MS require additional documentation and academic credentials. Let's look at them in more detail below:

  • A bachelor's degree in the relevant discipline is one of the most crucial prerequisites for an MS in Germany. 
  • Applying to the best MS colleges in Germany requires a minimum first class or 60% on the GRE.
  • When applying for entrance to an MS program in Germany, international students must submit their TOEFL, IELTS, or comparable English language test results. IELTS 6.0–6.5, TOEFL iBT 90, and PTE 59 are the minimal test scores needed to study in Germany with English language proficiency.
  • Another significant prerequisite for MS universities in Germany is the GRE or GMAT scores. GMAT minimums range from 590 to 650, whereas GRE minimums range from 300 to 320.
  • German universities require master's candidates to have two to three years of work experience.
  • You need a German student visa to attend German universities. Remember to apply for your visa at least three months before the planned departure date.
  • Your statement of purpose and reference letters are equally crucial in addition to these.

Top 10 Universities in Germany for Masters (MS)

There are always universities to choose from if you study in Germany. You can enroll in roughly 300 public universities, 100 or more private universities, and universities of applied sciences. 

The best master's programs in Germany are offered at the following institutions:

Technical University of Munich (TUM)

One of the world's top 25 public research universities is the Technical University of Munich. A master's degree from the Technical University of Munich significantly improves your professional direction. 

This implies that a student pursuing a computer engineering degree can also study different software or software engineering. The curriculum and teaching methods at TUM Germany will keep you at the top of your field. This is one of the top colleges in Germany for an MS because it gives you a variety of double-degree alternatives.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. Aerospace
  • M.Sc. Robotics
  • M.Sc. Environmental Engineering
  • M.Sc. Quantum Science & Technology

University of Heidelberg

The oldest university in Germany is in Heidelberg. The fact that 11 of its teachers have received a Nobel Prize attests to its academic eminence. It has a close working relationship with businesses in the Heidelberg and Rhine-Neckar regions. 19% of the students there are international.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc Physics
  • M.Sc Data Science
  • M.Sc English
  • M.Sc Electrical Engineering
  • M.Sc Economics

RWTH Aachen University

RWTH Aachen, the leading technology university in Germany, is well-known among students for its achievements and exposure to the business. The university's superb facilities and high-quality courses, both of which are acknowledged internationally, are very beneficial to its students. 

While a student at RWTH, you will learn and gain life-changing experiences. You may experience the best possible education at this university, which can support your professional goals even more.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. Communications Engineering
  • M.Sc. Metallurgical Engineering
  • M.Sc. Data Science
  • M.Sc. Software Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. Applied Geophysics

Humboldt University of Berlin

The University is a recently established public research university. According to Humboldt's approach, the integration of research and instruction has been adopted by several universities worldwide. Nine faculties at the university provide degree programs in more than 180 subjects at various academic levels, from undergraduate to post-doctoral. 

One of the top universities in Germany to pursue your MS degree is Humboldt University because of its research and instruction caliber.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. IT and Privacy
  • M.Sc. Business Information
  • M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
  • M.Sc. Business Administration

Freie University of Berlin

One of the 11 institutions of excellence in Germany, the Freie University Berlin is renowned for its rigorous focus on research. Access to top-notch resources and facilities for research and development is a benefit of studying for an MS at this top-ranked German university. 

The university has a distinguished history in some academic disciplines, including the social sciences, humanities, earth sciences, computer sciences, and mathematics.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. Data Science
  • M.Sc. Medical Neurosciences
  • M.Sc. Molecular Medicine
  • M.Sc. Bioinformatics

University of Tubingen

A renowned research university in Europe is the University of Tubingen. It is a university in Germany's Tubingen supported by the government. It is well-regarded for having a top-notch educational system.

The 14 schools that make up the University of Tübingen provide 280 courses for different levels. With a 14% global student population, the University of Tübingen keeps close ties with over 150 foreign institutions.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. Machine learning
  • M.Sc. Computer Science
  • M.Sc. Economics and English
  • M.Sc. Theology
  • M.Sc. Natural Sciences

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Technical University in Berlin 

The journey of learning in Germany is worthwhile if you earn a master's degree from Berlin, and TU Berlin should be your top pick. The University is a part of TU9, an association of nine of the most prestigious and significant German Technical Universities. Students at the university have access to excellent research-based study programs that guarantee depth on every subject related to their field. TU Berlin is ranked in the top 2% of universities worldwide.

It is a public research university that supports scientists' numerous research projects and is located in Berlin, Germany. At the Technical University of Berlin, English is the language of instruction for all master's programs.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. Business Engineering Energy
  • M.Sc. Civil Systems Engineering
  • M.Sc. Energy Engineering
  • M.Sc. Space Engineering

University of Stuttgart

One of the top colleges in Germany is located in Stuttgart, one of the priciest cities in the country. The engineering, scientific, social, and humanities disciplines are integrated into Stuttgart University's interdisciplinary research. 

The institution provides a few specific courses with a sustainability theme. So, if you're an environmentalist and want to spend the rest of your life preserving the environment, the University of Stuttgart is the place for you.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. Business Administration
  • M.Sc. Aerospace Engineering
  • M.Sc. Infrastructure Planning
  • M.Sc. Air Quality Control, Solid Waste, and Waste Water Process Engineering

University of Leipzig

The University is Germany's second-oldest university. When it comes to world-class research and medical knowledge, it is one of the best universities in Germany. In disciplines like social sciences, business, arts & architecture, biological sciences, etc., the institution provides a wide variety of master's level courses. 

Due to the opportunity to explore the city and its surroundings, studying at the University of Leipzig can be one of the most beautiful experiences for students. This raises the appeal of the university even further.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. Advanced Spectroscopy in Chemistry
  • M.Sc. Sustainable Development
  • M.Sc. Chemistry and Biotechnology
  • M.Sc. Computer Science

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)

One of Germany's eleven "Universities of Excellence" is KIT. The University is one of the national research hubs of the European Helmholtz Association. One of Germany's largest government-funded universities is located in Karlsruhe. It is well-recognized for its engineering courses across a variety of fields. The QS World University Ranking places it at position 141.

In particular, the university is renowned for its proficiency in the STEM sectors of energy, mobility, and information. The institute is among the best universities globally because of its cutting-edge facilities, cutting-edge amenities, and more. 

The university's Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which offers free guidance and resources to people looking to launch their firm, is another distinctive characteristic. It is, without a doubt, among the most outstanding master's programs in Germany.

Popular MS Programs

  • M.Sc. Financial Engineering
  • M.Sc. Materials Science and Engineering
  • M.Sc.  Mobility Systems Engineering and Management
  • M.Sc. Optics & Photonics

Application Process to enroll for Masters in Germany

  • You can start the application process once you've decided which university and program to apply to.
  • Make sure you have all the necessary paperwork on hand.
  • To apply for a course or university, you must create an account on the site and upload your scanned application materials.
  • Only some colleges can ask you to submit your application through their online application system. This information is available on the university's website.
  • Wait for the institution to respond after you've submitted your application.
  • After getting a seat, you can purchase health insurance and apply for a German student visa.

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