Things to do after arriving in Canada

Things to do after arriving in Canada

Things to do after arriving in Canada
Sahil Dahal

Studying abroad in Canada offers an exceptional opportunity for international students to gain a unique and valuable educational experience. While moving to Canada may present some challenges, it is still possible to make the transition successfully with preparation and adjustments. As an international student in Canada, you may encounter new cultural practices, academic institutions, and social norms. Being adaptable and open-minded to embrace these new experiences entirely is crucial.

Adjusting to a new environment is critical to studying abroad in Canada. It is normal to experience culture shock, but proactive steps can be taken to ease the transition. Here are some tips for doing this after arriving as an international student in Canada.

Things to do after arriving in Canada

Get a Phone and SIM Card

Getting a Canadian phone number and SIM Card is crucial if you're new to the country. By doing so, you'll be able to stay in touch with your loved ones and have access to services you need, like banking, transportation, and emergency services.

After receiving your SIM card, you can select a phone plan based on your requirements. To discover the finest package for you, compare the options offered by various providers, as there are many distinct ones. Think about how many text messages, minutes, and data you'll need and any extra options like data roaming or international calling.

You can stay connected and use necessary services while in Canada by obtaining a Canadian phone number and plan. Furthermore, connecting with locals and making new friends can be simpler by getting a local phone number. So, it is one of the first things to do after arriving in Canada as an international student.

Set Up a Bank Account

One of the first things you must do once you arrive in Canada as an international student is open a bank account. Opening a bank account is an important first step in managing your finances while visiting Canada and avoiding high foreign transaction costs.

Usually, you'll need to present identity papers like your passport, study permit, and proof of address to open a bank account in Canada. To choose a bank and account choice that meets your demands, it's a good idea to investigate various banks and account alternatives. Some banks may also charge a minimum deposit to start the account.

By opening a bank account in Canada, you'll have a safe and secure place to keep your money and easily manage your expenses.

Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN)

For international students studying in Canada, applying for a Social Insurance Number (SIN) is a crucial step in being able to work legally in the country. You can get a job on or off campus as an international student, and both employment requires a SIN.

When studying in Canada, many international students work part-time jobs to help pay for their living expenses. You couldn't legally operate without a SIN, and you ran the risk of losing your study permit and being expelled from Canada. A SIN is also necessary to file taxes on any income generated in Canada. Even if your income falls below the tax threshold, you must still file a tax return as an international student if you make money there. In sum, obtaining a SIN is crucial for international students studying in Canada.

Attend College's Orientation

Attending the college orientation program is a crucial step for new students starting their academic careers in Canada. Students can become familiar with their new surroundings at orientation, learn about educational and cultural opportunities, and develop connections with other students.

Students can establish new ties and forge new connections with other students just starting their academic careers by participating in the orientation program. As well as offering a chance to network, make new acquaintances, and engage in extracurricular activities, this can help foster a sense of community. As a result, the first thing to do while coming to Canada as an international student is to attend the orientation program and sign up for classes as soon as possible.

Explore the Campus and Surrounding Area

Exploring the campus and the community is an important step for new students beginning their academic careers in Canada. Understanding your new surroundings might make you feel more at ease and competent when exploring the campus and the surrounding neighbourhood.

It helps discover essential resources and facilities like schools, libraries, dining establishments, supermarkets, and public transportation. Additionally, it allows students to make better schedule plans and utilize the services offered on campus. By introducing them to the local community and introducing them to extracurricular activities, cultural events, and new chances for professional and academic advancement, exploring also improves their experience.

Attend Events

As an international student studying in Canada, attending various social events and clubs specifically designed for international students is essential. Several schools host these events to aid in the integration of overseas students and to help them meet new people.

Attending these events can help you make new friends, develop communication skills, and build a support system that will be useful while you're living in Canada. Also, learning more about Canadian culture and way of life will help you have a more fulfilling experience overall.

Familiarize Yourself with Local Laws and Customs

Starting a new experience as an international student in a foreign country may be exciting and intimidating. To adjust to your new life in Canada, it's crucial to become familiar with the traditions and standards of the nation. It would be best to be better prepared to communicate with the locals and avoid cultural misunderstandings or rude behaviour. This is possible and easier if you know their cultural values and customs. Also, this knowledge will aid you in various real-world situations, like looking for housing, creating a bank account, and applying for jobs.

Maintain Your Health

Taking care of your health is an important aspect of being an international student in Canada. It's crucial to have comprehensive health insurance that covers medical and hospital charges, given the high cost of healthcare in Canada without insurance.

A balanced diet, frequent exercise, and seeking assistance when necessary are other aspects of putting your physical and emotional health first. You should also open an account with a local doctor to get primary healthcare services. It may be easier for you to handle any health-related issues that may come up while you're there if you're familiar with the Australian healthcare system and emergency services.

By taking these steps, you may easily adjust to your new life as an international student in Canada.

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