Things to pack before moving to Canada

Things to pack before moving to Canada

Things to pack before moving to Canada
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After all the hard work you put into getting your Canada student visa comes the time to pack to prepare for departure. Packing should be done systematically to take all the necessary stuff without missing anything. You should prepare your list in advance and start packing little by little so that you are not burdened on the final day of departure.

It is essential to select your luggage because there are stringent rules about the weight you can carry in your luggage. Remember, when packing for Canada, do not carry everything with you; include the essential items within your list. Here are some packing tips that could help you with your packing:


First, pack all the necessary documents, which include your educational certificates, student visa, college admission papers, passport, plane tickets, and more. Take photocopies of all the documents with you as well to be on the safe side. 

Appropriate clothing

As Canada is a cold country, pack enough clothes to keep you warm. Pack your jackets, gloves, cap, socks, scarf, etc. As clothes in Canada are pretty expensive, make sure to pack all the necessary items. Carry your swimming suit if you like swimming or intend to swim there.


Make sure to pack a good number of shoes. All varieties of shoes, such as sneakers, formal shoes, and flip-flops, are recommended. Carrying different styles of shoes will help you with your everyday look, party look, travelling and more. 


Keeping some cash (Canadian currency) with you will help you for the first few days until you get familiar with the place and find a suitable banking option. You should have at least $100 in cash with you. 

Power adapters

Take all the necessary devices, from mobile chargers to laptop chargers and USB cords. Carry adapters and converters with you as well. Make sure that all your electronic gadgets are placed safely in your bag. Also, carry an extra backup cell phone as many phones may not work in a new country.


Ensure you pack your watch, sunglasses, books, etc. Carry stuff that can be dried naturally and need not be ironed. Opt for clothes that can be mixed and matched. If you wear glasses or contact lenses, carry an extra pair with you. Last, take prescription drugs if you fall sick or catch a cold. 

Along with that pack, all the toiletries like soap, nail cutters, toothpaste, shampoo, etc. and all your stuff with you as these items are expensive in Canada. Before you start packing, be aware of the restricted items to avoid any problems in the airport during your departure. 

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