Ways to Overcome Homesickness Abroad

Ways to Overcome Homesickness Abroad

Aditee NeupaneWed Feb 03 2021

Ways to Overcome Homesickness Abroad

Whether people want to admit it or not, at some stage in their life, homesickness is something that nearly everyone struggles with while staying overseas on their own. 

Nevertheless, studying abroad will be one of your most thrilling and memorable life experiences and the struggles will help you grow individually and socially, in the long run, building up self-confidence and competence.

Here are some tips on how you can settle yourself in a new place and feel a little less homesick. 

Don’t hesitate to share

Sharing your feelings with someone you trust can bring great comfort. No matter how you feel, do not hesitate to share it with them because keeping things to yourself while away from home might make matters worse. Your loved ones can be of great help to cope with difficult situations and always give you the best advice.

Ask for help

When needed, ask people around you for help, your roommates, college friends, colleagues or whoever you can reach out to. Don’t try to deal with everything on your own, or you might end up exhausting yourself. Your school is most likely to organize counselling and student support services, so make sure you attend those since it helps international students a lot. You can also contact student support staff to seek help regarding studies or regarding any personal problems.

Go out and treat yourself

During weekends, you can plan getaways with your friends to relax and start afresh with a positive mindset. Search for beautiful destinations online, book your tickets, witness nature’s beauty and try all kinds of cuisines. Attend concerts, festivals, and events happening around you and make sure you experience it all while you can. Don’t spend your weekends or free time in your room or staying online, step out and make memories. 

Keep in touch!

Someday you might miss your friends and family a little too much and feel lonely thinking about home, the streets, your favourite food and the fun you used to have back home. When you’re free, spare some time to video call them and try to keep in touch as much as you can, video calling works best against homesickness. But it is also advised to not spend too much time on social media since you might miss them even more and feel lonely. Spend time and interact with your college friends, roommates and make a lot of friends. 

Make your new space a ‘cosy home’

Being away from home can make you feel a little lonely, but you have to settle yourself in your new place and make it feel like ‘home’. Decorate your new place to bring out the homely vibes, bring your favourite things from home as pieces of memories. If you put some effort into revamping your new place, it will definitely feel cosy and put-together, where you can relax during days off. 

Have faith in yourself

Adjusting to a new culture isn’t easy, but you need to have faith in yourself to face challenges head-on. Depend on yourself for taking care of your mind, body and health. Give yourself some time to understand and accept cultural differences and most importantly have patience and trust the process as they say difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. 

Make new friends

Cut down your screen time and interact more with people around you. Get off social media, go out and make new friends. Attend and participate in social activities and events happening at your university. Join social clubs, take pictures with your friends, attend parties and gatherings and make the most out of your free time.

Keep exploring

There’s more than what meets the eye. You never know what all you can find in a foreign land, so never stop exploring. You can learn and experience so much in a new culture. Visit museums, attend workshops, learn about their history, travel, meet new people and make a lot of memories. 

Most importantly, you shouldn’t rush yourself. Settling in a new place is a big deal and depends entirely on an individual, it might take weeks or even months. Give yourself some time to sort things out and don’t stress yourself trying to fit in. Remember that there’s always someone to lend you their support and assistance if you’re stuck. 

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