Things to know before moving to Australia

Things to know before moving to Australia

Things to know before moving to Australia
Bishal Thapa

We understand your excitement and nervousness about travelling to a new country with a completely different environment than you’re used to, especially as an international student. 

So in this guide, we shall guide things to know before moving to Australia.  These essential things save you from all the confusion during your stay in Australia.

Australia is the most culturally diverse country. Some people might feel uneasy when it comes to adapting to a new culture and new ways of life. But don’t worry! All you need to do is give yourself time, and you will gradually understand the language and the culture of the Aussie land. Here are some essential things to take note of before coming to Australia.

Get your facts right about the Weather

The weather in some parts of Australia can get pretty crazy; it’s never quite sure what the weather will be like at night, even on a perfectly sunny day. So, to save yourself from the trouble, get all the weather updates about the place you’re travelling to and don’t go with the general perception that Australia gets pretty warm all year round because that’s not the case. Pack adequate clothing items like tank tops, tees, windcheater jackets, cardigans etc. Wear a proper amount of sunblock and be prepared for the changing weather.

Public transport is affordable and reliable

You don't need to worry about transportation in major Australian cities because they have a very reliable and affordable public transport system, including buses and trains. So it’s pretty easy getting around Australia with fares as low as $2 to $5 depending on the distance and the form of public transport you choose to travel. 

Daylight Saving

Daylight Saving Time is the system of changing our clocks during the summer months by advancing an hour in the clock, and it is practised in most states in Australia. The core purpose of this saving is to make better use of daylight and minimize artificial lighting. The end of daylight savings gives an extra hour of the morning sun, but workers aren’t paid for their extra work hours. 

Stay on the left

Remember that Australian traffic rules say you should always stay on the left lane while driving, whether on a freeway or highway. So learn to keep left if you want to avoid getting in trouble, even when you’re walking. It’s not prohibited to walk on the right side, but people will judge you for it, and since it’s a sensible act to keep left, why not play by the rules? 

Continuously swim between the flags

It’s always exciting to travel and face nature, but not as exciting to face sharks underwater, right? So you should always check out the flags since they indicate how safe an area is for swimming. Remember to swim between the flags to prevent water hazards continuously. Also, don’t go for a swim alone, adventures are great, but safety always comes first!

Call 000 in an emergency

Every country has its helpline number; in Australia, it’s triple zero (000). You should call 000 only if you need urgent help. Your call will be redirected to the police, ambulance or fire, depending on the nature of your emergency. 

Rentals are listed in AUD per week, not month

You might be used to paying rentals monthly in your hometown, but that’s not the case in Australia. Don’t get confused regarding the rental prices since they are listed in Australian dollars per week and not monthly. That being said, it's understandable that many people find renting very expensive in Australia. You might also need to pay an advance and a security deposit before moving into the place. 

Learn the Slangs

Learning Australian slang words will help you heap when communicating with Australians. Aussies tend to abbreviate every word, which has become an iconic way of speaking. A cup of tea becomes ‘cuppa’, a barbecue is a ‘Barbie’, an afternoon becomes ‘arvo’, ‘Lappy’ is a laptop, ‘Maccas’ is McDonald’s. By now, we hope you have an idea of how this works. 

It’s a land with unique laws, culture and values, so prepare for a lifetime experience! And if you happen to join a ‘Barbie’, a barbeque in Australia, never turn up to the party empty-handed. 

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