Top Geography University in Australia

Top Geography University in Australia

Top Geography University in Australia
Rosmit GyawaliWed Feb 16 2022

Geography studies involve studying different characteristics of places and their relation with human beings. Both the physical aspects and the social science aspects are included in it. Programs are available from the undergraduate level to the doctoral level. A degree in geography makes one eligible to work for several studies including mining, oil explorations, construction, urban planning, etc. Companies such as consulting firms, oil and mining companies, not-for-profit companies, and government offices hire graduates of geographical studies. The average salary with an undergraduate degree is A$79,000 per year and that with a graduate degree is A$94,000 per year.

Top Geography University in Australia

  • The University of Melbourne
  • The University of New South Wales
  • University of Tasmania
  • Curtin University
  • The University of Western Australia
  • Flinders University
  • University of Adelaide
  • University of Wollongong
  • University of Queensland

Top Geography University in Australia: Bachelor in Geography

Universities in Australia offer three years bachelor's degree programs in geography. Most of the programs are offered as a major for Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts program. The tuition fee for the program ranges from A$24,000 to A$45,000 per year. Bachelor of philosophy is offered by a few universities which is a research-based undergraduate program with a course duration of 4 years. 



Tuition fee per year

The University of Melbourne

Bachelor of Science in Geography


Bachelor of Arts in Geography


The University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Arts in Geography


University of Tasmania

Bachelor of Science in Geography and Environment


Curtin University

Bachelor of Science in  Geographic Information Science 


Bachelor of Arts in Geography


The University of Western Australia

Bachelor of Science in Human Geography and Planning


Flinders University

Bachelor in Applied Geographical Information Systems


University of Adelaide

Bachelor of Arts in Geography, Environment, and Population


University of Wollongong

Bachelor of Science in Human Geography



Bachelor of Science in Physical Geography


University of Queensland

Bachelors in Geographical Science


Academic Requirement:

Commonly a high school degree comparable to Australia year 12 with an ATAR of 80. For applicants from Nepal, a higher education board certificate with a score of 75% or higher is required. For applicants from India, a score of 75% or higher in CBSE or CISE is required.

Alternative qualification:

In the case where the higher education obtained is not recognized by the university the following test scores may be used to supplement the academic qualification.

  • SAT score of 1100 to 1300
  • ACT score of 22 to 28

Proof of English language proficiency:

International students are required to demonstrate English language proficiency who are applying from countries where the native language is not English. The following test scores are sufficient.

  • IELTS score of 6.5 with at least 6.0 in each band
  • TOEFL score of 78 to 90 overall and 13 – 22 in reading, 13 – 22 in listening, 18 – 22 in speaking, and 20 to 23 in writing.
  • PTE score of 55 to 64 overall with a sectional score of 55 to 60.

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Geography

Undergraduate programs in geography are often offered as a major for Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs. Although there is a huge overlap between the two streams of studies, there are also significant differences between the two. A Bachelor of Arts program focuses on the social science aspect of geography and such as the interaction of people and geography whereas a bachelor of science focuses on physical aspects of geography, techniques, and tools to study it.

Top Geography University in Australia: Master in Geography

A graduate degree in geography provides specialization in different aspects of geographic studies. Course-based masters programs have a typical duration of 1.5 years whereas research-based master's programs have a course duration of 2 years and are generally sought after by students who intend to continue their education through doctoral programs. The tuition fee for the first year of the master's program ranges from A$25,000 to A$50,000.



Tuition fee per year

The University of Melbourne

Master of Geography


Curtin University

Master of Philosophy (Geographic Information Science)


Graduate Certificate in Geospatial Intelligence


Master of Science in Geology


Flinders University

Master of Geospatial Information Science


University of Wollongong

Master of Philosophy in Geography and Sustainable Communities


The University of Western Australia

Master of Science in Geoscience


University of Queensland

Master of Geographic Information Science


Academic Requirement:

A bachelor's degree in geology, geographic science, or geographic information science from a recognized university is required. Some universities such as Flinders University require a post-graduate diploma or post-graduate certificate in the same field as the intended master's field in which the applicant has done a bachelor's from a tertiary institution.

English language requirement:

  • IELTS score of 6.0 to 6.5 overall with at least 6.0 in each band 
  • TOEFL score of 72 to 90 overall with at least 13 to 18 in reading and listening, 18 to 22 in speaking and writing.
  • PTE score of 50 to 64 overall with at least 50 to 54 in each section.

Postgraduate diploma and post-graduate certificate:

PG-diploma and PG-certificate provide a great alternative to a master's degree that is more affordable, requires less time to complete, and is less demanding in terms of entry requirements. In the case where there are restrictions for entry into a master's program for international students, these programs provide a pathway as well.

Work experience and research experience requirement:

Some of the research-based master's programs and master of philosophy programs require applicants to have relevant work experience or demonstrable research experience for entry.

Top Geography University in Australia: PhD in Geography

Doctoral programs in geography are also available for students who wish to expand their research. These are offered by a few universities and the admission into the program depends upon the research experience during their bachelor's and master's studies and professional experience. The relevancy of the research experience to the intended field of study is also greatly considered.



University of Wollongong

Doctor of Philosophy (Geography and Sustainable Communities)

The University of Melbourne

Doctor of Philosophy in Geography, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

University of Queensland

Doctor of Philosophy in Geographic Information Science

Flinders University

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Social Sciences

The range of tuition fee for a doctoral program in Australia ranges from A$30,000 to A$45,000 per year. However, a major portion of the cost is supplemented through research grants and scholarships. 

Academic Requirement:

  • A master of philosophy degree in the area of the intended research for a doctorate or,
  • A master of research degree or,
  • A master  by coursework degree and significant research or professional experience
  • A bachelor degree in a relevant field with more than 2 years of research experience

English Language Requirement:

Doctoral programs’ requirement of English language is similar to the master program.

  • An IELTS score of 6.5 with at least 6.0 in each band 
  • A TOEFL score of 80 to 90 overall and 18 to 21 in writing, 18 to 20 in reading, speaking, and listening.

Top Geography University in Australia: Scholarships

High achieving international students are offered a generous amount of scholarships for bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs. The amount of scholarship varies and can be up to full tuition waiver topped up with stipend. 




The University of Melbourne

Melbourne International Undergraduate Scholarship

50 – 100% tuition fee remission or A$10,000 reduction in tuition fee

Graduate Research Scholarships

100% tuition fee remission

The University of New South Wales

UNSW Scholarships for International Students Commencing Term 2, 2022

A$5000 per year

University of Tasmania

Dean of Sciences and Engineering Merit Scholarship

50% of tuition fee

Tasmanian International Scholarship

25% of the tuition fee

The University of Western Australia

Richard G. Barnes Bursary in Hydrogeology


University of Adelaide

Global Academic Excellence Scholarship (International)

50% reduction of tuition fee

University of Wollongong

University Excellence Scholarships

30% reduction in tuition fee

University Excellence Scholarships

30% reduction in tuition fee

University of Queensland

Science International Scholarship



Graduate School Scholarships (UQGSS) – includes Research Training Program (RTP)


Scope of Geography in Australia

With an undergraduate or a graduate degree in geography one can find a job in fields such as mining, oil extraction, urban and regional planning, etc. Different environmental consulting firms and not-for-profit organizations also hire geologists for surveying, planning, and explorations. The average salary with a bachelor's degree in geography is A$79,000 per year and that with a master’s degree in geography is A$94,000 per year. 


Range of Salary

Average Salary

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst

A$49,000 – A$70,000


Project Geologist

A$81,000 – A$129,000


Senior Hydrogeologist

A$80,000 – A$129,000


Mine Geologist

A$94,000 – A$119,000


GIS Data Coordinator

A$80,683 – A$118,794


Land Resource Information Officer

A$74,428 – 114,485



A$65,000 – A$104,000


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