How to write a Resume for UG Applications Abroad

How to write a Resume for UG Applications Abroad

How to write a Resume for UG Applications Abroad
Sahil Dahal

Crafting a compelling resume is a pivotal step for prospective undergraduate students seeking admission to international institutions. This article serves as a comprehensive guide, offering valuable insights to ensure that applicants can create resumes that stand out positively during the competitive admission process.

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Keep it Concise and Specific

The importance of brevity cannot be overstated when preparing a resume for undergraduate applications abroad. The article emphasizes the need to avoid cluttering the document with irrelevant information. Instead, the focus should be on presenting significant details while excluding unnecessary elements from the applicant's professional journey.

Utilize Bullets and Numbers for Clarity

Enhancing readability is crucial in creating an effective resume. The article suggests using bullets and numbers to emphasize key points, advocating for a simple yet bold format that guides the reader's attention. Clear formatting is highlighted as essential for a compelling curriculum vitae.

Showcase Curricular and Co-curricular Activities

Given the limited practical work experiences of undergraduate applicants, the article recommends highlighting involvement in extracurricular activities. This includes participation in inter-college competitions, sports, and academic achievements. Such details are viewed as ways to connect with admission committees and contribute positively to the candidate's profile.

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Highlight Project Work and Training Programs

Detailed information about relevant project work or training programs is encouraged. The article suggests including specifics such as the project's name, the involved organization, the city, and the nature of the project. Emphasizing responsibilities, implications, and learnings is stressed, as a well-structured project section can significantly impact the reader's perception.

Emphasize Achievements and Special Re1sponsibilities

Incorporating achievements and special responsibilities undertaken during school years is recommended. Whether serving as a head girl/boy, class monitor, or representing the institute in various events, these accolades are seen as enhancing the applicant's profile. Mentioning any prizes or awards received is also suggested as a testament to recognition.

Highlight Technical Skills

If the applicant possesses technical skills, the article advises including them in the resume. Utilizing bullet points to draw attention to these proficiencies is suggested, as technical skills contribute to showcasing versatility and competence.

Thoroughly Recheck and Redraft

To leave a lasting impression, the article recommends limiting the resume to one to two pages. After drafting, thorough review and redrafting are encouraged. Seeking guidance from an expert to ensure proper format and grammatical structuring, and eliminating any ambiguous mistakes is emphasized. A well-polished resume is seen as significantly enhancing chances during the admission process for undergraduate courses abroad.

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John Doe

Contact Information:


Phone: (555) 123-4567



Aspiring undergraduate student seeking admission to Stanford University to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science. A dedicated and motivated individual with a passion for technology and programming, aiming to contribute actively to the academic community.


City High School, City, Country

Graduation Date: June 2022

High School Diploma with Honors

Relevant Courses: Advanced Mathematics, Computer Science, Physics

Academic Achievements:

Recipient of the Excellence in Science Award

Ranked in the top 5% of the graduating class

Extracurricular Activities:

Participant in Inter-College Coding Challenge, securing 2nd place

Member of the Robotics Club, contributing to the development of a prize-winning robot

Varsity Soccer Team member, receiving the Most Valuable Player (MVP) award

Project Work:

"AI-Assisted Healthcare System," XYZ Hospital, City, Country

Duration: August 2021 - May 2022

Led a team of three in developing an AI-based system to assist healthcare professionals

Implemented machine learning algorithms for early detection of diseases

Presented the project at the National Science Fair, receiving honorable mention

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Training Programs:

Data Science Certification, Tech Institute, City, Country

Duration: January 2022 - April 2022

Acquired skills in data analysis, machine learning, and statistical modeling

Developed proficiency in Python programming and data visualization6

Leadership and Special Responsibilities:

Class Monitor for the academic year 2021-2022

Representative of XYZ High School in the Regional Science Olympiad

Technical Skills:

Proficient in Python, Java, and C++

Certified in Data Science and Machine Learning


Recipient of the President's Award for Educational Excellence

Recognition for Outstanding Contribution to the Robotics Club

Volunteer Experience:

Volunteer Tutor at XYZ Community Center, providing academic assistance to underprivileged students

Contributed to the local environmental cleanup campaign, organizing community events


English (Fluent), Spanish (Intermediate)


Available upon request.


Why is brevity important in an undergraduate application resume?

Keeping the resume concise ensures that only relevant information is included, making it easier for admission committees to grasp your achievements and qualifications quickly.

How can I effectively showcase extracurricular activities in my resume?

Include details about your participation in inter-college competitions, sports, and academic achievements, emphasizing your involvement and excellence in various activities.

Is it necessary to include project work in my resume, even if it's related to the course I want to pursue?

Yes, including project work is crucial as it provides insight into your practical experiences, responsibilities, and the skills you gained during your academic journey.

Should technical skills be highlighted in an undergraduate application resume?

Yes, mentioning technical skills adds a layer of versatility and competence to your profile, showcasing your ability to adapt to different challenges.

Why is it essential to recheck and redraft the resume before submission?

Thoroughly reviewing and redrafting the resume ensures clarity, correct formatting, and eliminates any grammatical errors, presenting a polished document during the application process.

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