Bachelor of Music in Australia

Bachelor of Music in Australia

Bachelor of Music in Australia
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Bachelor of Music is a specialized course that educates students on different aspects of music. From melody to performing, this degree is perfect for students who wish to be expert musicians, singers or instructors. 

Furthermore, the course provides interested candidates with complete theoretical and practical knowledge. Bachelor of Music in Australia is a popular course taught in many famous universities of Australia, like the University of Victoria and the University of Sydney. 

Australia is one of the most common overseas locations for aspirants from all across the world. It is home to significant towns like Sydney and Melbourne, also known for their outstanding and top-quality education facilities.

 Studying in Australia has become an increasingly popular international destination for higher studies.

Why Study Music in Australia?

Wondering- ‘Why you should study in Australia?”, then here are a few reasons why you should pick Australia as your overseas education location:

Popular and safe Destination

Australia is listed as one of the most popular study-abroad destinations. It is not only an excellent choice for applicants from English-speaking countries but also not non-English speaking nations. Additionally, it is also safe. 

The friendly and welcoming community and cultural diversity make this a suitable option.

World Recognition

The Australian Education System is known for its comprehensive practical and theoretical knowledge offering. 

Most universities here also have global recognition and are listed among the top ones worldwide. Furthermore, these institutions offer tons of different types of courses, like Bachelor of Music.

 Affordable Living

Students from other countries do not have to worry about spending hefty sums of money during their stay in Australia. It is, comparatively, a more affordable and cost-effective alternative.

 Applicants are allowed to work part-time jobs within the campus during their course. They also offer substantial scholarships and financial grants to deserving candidates.

Technological Edge

This aspect makes Australia stand out as a suitable international study or graduate course location. Offering education using the latest patterns, they also expose you to innovative technology. 

All applicants studying here can use available resources and technology to shape their skills.

Scope and future outlook

Music has always been essential to Australia's aboriginal and other regional communities. Its vibrant culture and extensive availability of resources make this country an excellent spot for studying for a Bachelor of Music

Apart from the numerous job and career opportunities, the community of this country develops the student to understand and love music.

Top Bachelors in Music Universities for Study in Australia

Approximately 30 cities in Australia have leading universities and colleges that offer study Bachelor of Music courses to international students. Some of these top institutions include:

●      University of Sydney

●      Macquarie University

●      University of New South Wales      

●      University of Western Sydney

●      Victoria University

●      University of Tasmania

●      Wesley Institute, etc.

All these universities provide extensive training to the applicants, preparing them to become an essential part of the music industry. The Bachelor of Music in Australia is taught by professional mentors and teachers who are experts in the domain. They develop students’ overall performance skills and teach composition, musical instruments, and detailed versions of Music using both practical and theoretical approaches.

Courses in Bachelor of Music for Study in Australia

Some of the top course picks among international applicants include: 

●      Classical Performance

●      Composition & Music Technology

●      Music and Sound Design

●      Contemporary Performance

●      Jazz Performance

●      Instrumental Expertise, etc.

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Bachelor of Music Tuition Fees for International Students

Choosing a country, the best course and the university is not enough to decide to study abroad. One should also consider the financial requirements and budget their expenses. The below chart explains how much Bachelor of Music Costs in Australia for international students. For the colleges mentioned above and universities, here is a glance at the total course fee in the institutions:

University/ College Name Total Course Fee
University of Sydney $41,000 to $43,000
Victoria University $51750
University of Tasmania $70620
University of New South Wales $103,332
University of Western Sydney $58125







Scholarships to Study Bachelor in Australia

The extensive scholarship options make Australia a better overseas education than any other country. If you wish to study bachelor's in Australia, then you should apply for the following scholarships:

●      Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP)

●      Destination Australia

●      Australia Awards Scholarships

●      International Postgraduate Research Scholarships (IPRS)

●      John Allwright Fellowship (JAF)

The universities and government authorities also offer additional grants to attract international students. Furthermore, most options above cover a student's travelling and living expenses. However, you must double-check the scholarship terms before applying.

All scholarships have their conditions and eligibility criteria for fee coverage durations. Similarly, full scholarships are provided based on merit and ranking allocation of the student. You must meet all requirements & criteria issued by the Australian Institutions for the Scholarships.

Admission Requirements for Bachelor of Music in Australia

The admission process and requisites differ from university to university. Therefore, the aspirants should check the official document requirements before sending an application. However, the standard documentation required includes the following:

Eligibility for Undergraduate Degree in Music

●      Passed +2 or equivalent board with minimum 55% marks

●      Scores from English Proficiency Tests- IELTS or TOEFL (as per University requirements)

●      Proof of Clearing Special Tertiary Admissions Test

●      Each student is required to attend and clear an audition, theory test, and interview.

General Requirements for Bachelor of Music in Australia

University of Sydney

●      Duration: 4 years (full-time for international applicants)

●      Requirements:

  • Grade 12 or Junior College Graduation
  • Complete Academic Transcripts (Translated copies attached if needed)
  • All Certifications stating study completion before Bachelor level
  • Copy of Passport
  • Scores from English Proficiency Test

●      Application Intake: For 1st Semester- January & 2nd Semester- June

●      Application Fee: AUD 125

Victoria University

●      Duration: 4 years

●      Requirements:

  • Completed Secondary School Certification (Australian Year 12)
  • English Proficiency Test Grades- IELTS (6.0 & TOEFL (67 overall)
  • Academic Transcripts (Translations if needed)
  • Certified Copy of all Academic Documents

●      Application Deadline: Last week of January (for September session)

●      Application Fees: AUD 75

University of Tasmania

●      Duration: 4 years (combined full-time degree)

●      Requirements:

o   Complete Academic Transcripts (Translated Copies if required)

o   Copy of Grade 12 completion

o   Statement of Purpose

o   English Language Proficiency Test Scores

o   Copy of Passport

o   Few other country-based requirements, check from official website

●      Application Intake: Applications Accepted throughout the year

●      Application Fees: No Fees

University of New South Wales

●      Duration: 4 years (full-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Accurately Filled out the Application Form

o   Certification of Grade 12 Graduation

o   Scores of English Proficiency Test

o   Copy of Passport

o   Copy of Visa Certificate

●      Application Intake: August-September & January-February

●      Application Fees: AUD 200 (UAC) & AUD 125 (UNSW)

University of Western Sydney

●      Duration: 3 years (full-time) or 6 years (part-time)

●      Requirements:

o   Direct Application Submission to the International Office of the Institute

o   Qualifying Result of English Proficiency Test

o   Compliance with ATAR or equivalent requirements

o   Other documentation is specified on their website

●      Application Intake: November (Autumn Session) & May (Spring Session)

●      Application Fees: No Fees

Work permit in Australia and Job opportunities in Music

If you want to stay and work in Australia after completing your studies, you must apply for a post-study work visa. In Australia, a post-study work visa permits international students to stay and work for 2 to 4 years, depending on the completion of the course.

During college days while studying, students can work up to 40 hours for 2 weeks and full-time in summer holidays. The work opportunities provide extra financial support to the students. 

After completing the Bachelor of Music in Australia, international students will get work permits for 2 years, and students can extend their work permits for 2 years.

Job Opportunities for Bachelor of Music Graduates in Australia

There are various possible opportunities that you can get after completing your degree in bachelors of music like:

●      Singer ($43,020)

●      Music Director ($29,844)

●      Musician ($46,657)

●      Performance Artist ($71,051)

●      Composer ($51,732)

●      Performer ($85,013)

●      Entertainer ($179,500)

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