Best courses for international students in Australia

Best courses for international students in Australia

Best courses for international students in Australia
Karuna KarkiWed Apr 07 2021

Australia offers plenty of alluring courses to make your future. If you are a beginner considering further studies in Australia, the question “What is the best course to study in Australia?” could pop into your mind at one time or another. 

The thing is countless diplomas, graduation certificates, and disciplines can get overwhelming for an International student who is exploring his or her options. 

For international students, tuition fees, location, post-study work opportunities, scholarships, and PR probability are some of the major factors to consider before going to Australia.

Given Australia offers globally acclaimed degrees and excellent educational value, almost every course in Australia is popular. However, there are certain courses that have proved themselves more valuable given the job demand, payment, and PR prospects. 

8 Top courses to study in Australia


Nursing is one of the most sought-after occupations in Australia. Other than that, a nursing degree obtained from Australia is revered all over the world. There are ample job opportunities in Australia for both fresh nurse graduates and seasoned nurses like registered nurses, nurse practitioners, nurse supervisors, nurses (surgical/ mental health, medical health, paediatrics), and so on.  All of these job positions pay well and inspire high respect. 

Australian universities and colleges have an utterly comprehensive nursing curriculum with both theoretical and practical courses. The well-rounded syllabus and excellent teaching team of nursing in Australia make up for globally recognized degrees thus making it irresistible for international students. 

Nurse in Australia
Nurse in Australia

 Students who have a passion for medicines and serving people will find Australia the best destination because of its well-developed health care industry.

Other than all these benefits, nursing also offers an easy and assured PR pathway in Australia.  As a result, nursing is one of the best courses for International students in Australia. 

The bachelor’s nursing degree costs anywhere from AUD 20,000 to AUD 35,000 yearly depending upon the university. The masters of nursing costs from AUD 25,000 to AUD 50,000 yearly.  

The average starting salary of registered nurses in Australia is AUD 55, 000 per annum. With increased experience and expertise, registered nurses earn more than AUD 120,000 per year.  


Being the technically sound and infrastructurally competent country that it is, Australia has a lot of opportunities for engineering graduates. The engineering courses available in Australia are extensive and encompass fields such as Mechanical engineering, Structural engineering, Electronics engineering. Aeronautical engineering, Agriculture engineering, Environmental engineering, Structural engineering, and Software engineering. 

Other than these, universities in Australia also offer engineering management courses plus project management courses to sharpen students in both engineering and management discipline. 

These courses prepare students for Engineering management career pathways like project manager, cost system analysts, industrial and construction management engineer etcetera. 

For students who don’t have the budget and time to go through with a bachelor’s degree, there are several short diplomas and graduation engineering-related courses in Australia. The vocational courses and training prepare students for positions like engineering associate and engineering technologist. 

Engineering degrees in Australia cost from AUD 25,000 to AUD 50,000 per year. There is abundant job scope for all the engineering disciplines in Australia. Australian cities like Victoria, Western Australia, Queensland announce significant engineering vacancies. 

Engineers earn the best salaries starting from AUD 50,000 per year on average. Depending upon their finesse and company,  seasoned engineers earn more than AUD 100,000 per year. 

Engineering also marks the best chances of Permanent Residency in Australia for international students. If you want to experiment with your career in America, 

Canada, Japan, or Europe after studying engineering in Australia, that’s also a great option since the Australian Engineering degree is accredited overseas as well. 

Health and Medicine

The health industry of Australia is known for high-quality services, talented professionals, and a wide range of specializations. To fulfill the need of health care professionals, the universities and colleges of Australia offer courses in the field of pharmacy, dentistry, psychology, oncology, dermatology, neurosurgery, physiotherapy, and general medicines. 

These curricula have subdivisions amongst themselves. Pursuing a degree in medicinal fields in Australia can be expensive, but given its job demand, social and monetary value, overseas opportunity, and PR prospects, it is completely worth it. 

Health care professionals make around AUD 50,000 during the starting of their health career. This pay easily goes up to AUD 100,000 and more. 

You can also pick any city you prefer since the health profession relates degree and vacancies are quite common in any Australian premise. 

Because of these reasons, medical sciences is one of the best courses to study in  Australia.      

Popular medical professions in AustraliaGeneral salary per annum in (AUD)
General Practitioner$125,000
Registered Nurse$100,000
Physiotherapist $ 74,034
Operations Consultant$64,747

Australian health and medicine sector pay Structure (Source: Indeed)

Computing and Information Technology

The thriving economy of Australia grants a plethora of opportunities for capable IT professionals. Additionally, there are universities and colleges dedicated to providing quality education with training, thesis, and course-based framework to produce that skilled manpower. 

The top courses in Australia in the field of computing and information technology include web and app development, computer network, ICT business, system analysis,  software development, cybersecurity, and so on. 

The best part is the universities and colleges provide bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees, diplomas, and graduation which can fit in the plans of students. 

This degree costs from AUD 12,000 to AUD 50,000 per year in Australia. 

The computer and Information Technology professional earn from a basic of AUD 50,000 to AUD 120,000 in Australia. 

Besides the excellent coursework and job scope, taking this course also makes you more eligible for PR in Australia. 

Tourism and Hospitality

The hospitality course in Australia encompasses the globally popular commercial cookery, hotel management and so much more. Tourism and Hospitality have a lot of potential in Australia.

Realizing this, the universities and colleges in Australia offer bachelor’s degrees, master’s degrees in the related course. Tentatively, these educational institutes also provide cheaper and shorter diploma courses and graduation certificates. 

You should go for tourism and hospitality-related courses in Australia if you love travelling, exploring new places, and a social being who loves hosting people. 

The jobs awaiting you in this field are event manager, professional cook, Casino director, travel manager etcetera. 

The average salary in this field ranges from AUD 35,000  per year to 150,000 per year. 

The tourism and hospitality-related courses are golden from a PR point of view as well. 

Business management and Business analytics

There are plenty of specializations in the business management field in Australia. The Business Management course in Australia comes in several levels like bachelor’s, master’s, diploma, and post-graduation. Where the bachelors and masters courses are quite expensive going up to AUD 60,000, the diplomas and vocation courses are quite affordable and also provide you adequate knowledge to get a job. 

Furthermore, you can pick subjects of your interest like finance, leadership, marketing and so on. Business analytics also referred to as data analytics combines the business with technical knowledge. This is another leading subject in Australia with wonderful opportunities all over the world. 

As of lately, Master’s in Professional Accounting (MPA) has become a famous subject due to its exceptional career prospects. 

Having a degree in business management or business analytics field will open the career prospects like a general accountant, taxation accountant, corporate treasurer, external editor, senior accountant, manager, finance specialist, data analyst, business analyst etcetera. 

The professionals in this field earn an average salary of 75,000 AUD per year. 

The management and business analyst-related coursework also provides PR prospects. However, it can be quite competitive and take a longer time than nursing and medical degrees. 

ProgramsUndergrad costs (AUD)Postgrad fees (AUD)
Arts (history, languages, politics, international relation)$22,000$25,000
Education and Science$25,000$25,000
Commerce (marketing, finance, management)$30,000$35,000

General tuition fees structure in Australia


The education degrees in Australia are quite affordable compared to other degrees. Because of the high-quality education system of Australia, a course on education prepares you for a career in education. 

A degree in education opens job doors like a secondary teacher, English teacher, University lecturer, and so on. This course provides you a wondrous opportunity to influence young minds and contribute to making the world a better place. 

Additionally, you can also indulge in government agencies and research firms. 

With this course, you would have a flexible routine, convenient job and a way to earn PR. 

The courses revolving around the education field are- bachelor’s or master’s in study areas like early childhood education, special needs, primary School Education Secondary School Education, Special needs, or Disability courses. 

The educational courses cost in the range of AUD 15,000 to AUD 30,000 per year in Australia. 

Social Work

Social work degrees in Australia have become quite popular due to the promising job outlook and comprehensive curriculum. 

The undergraduate and postgraduate social work courses in Australia prepare you for eclectic career opportunities while also providing you with a chance to help the vulnerable and needy people in society. 

You will be helping people and making a living as a social worker. The universities and colleges that provide subjects related to this send the students for surveys, host placement programs, conduct social work programs, and ready the students. Additionally, this degree is affordable for international students. 

Australia’s Medium and Long Term Strategic Skills List (MTSLL) has featured social work. According to the department of employment in Australia, there is supposed to be 22.5% raise in social workers’ positions in 2022 than 2020 and the statistics are predicted to increase in the future as well. 

The salary of social workers starts from AUD 40,000 and goes up to $150,000 per annum as your experience and expertise increase. 

Social work graduates can find job opportunities in sectors such as child protection. Indigenous community rights, human rights, mental health support, substance abuse, women empowerment, and so on. 

Rather than demanding you to sit on a chair and following the same routine every day, the jobs that social work pass-outs are lively. Furthermore, you get to make a difference in the lives of people. 

Since Social Work-related careers fall under the Skill Occupation List (SOL), this degree also paves a PR pathway for global students. 

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