Master of Professional Accounting in Australia

Master of Professional Accounting in Australia

Master of Professional Accounting in Australia
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Master of Professional Accounting in Australia also known as MPA in Australia is a postgraduate course well fitted for aspirants passionate about practical approaches of accounting. 

Be it Sydney or Queensland or Adelaide, many top universities are offering MPA programs in Australia. Students might have a dilemma, Master of Accounting in Australia or Master of Professional Accounting in Australia. The former course is more theoretical and the latter is a more practical course. 

Master of Professional Accounting helps you build a lucrative career in Australia as you will earn from AUD 60,000 to AUD 200,000 annually. The course can cost up to AUD 60,000. Nevertheless, you can do thorough research and find the cheapest Master of Accounting University in Australia which will cost you around AUD 25,000 per year.  

Takeaways of Master of Professional Accounting in Australia

From this blog, you will get information on the following queries related to MPA in Australia and more. 

  1. What is MPA in Australia?
  2. How much does Masters of Professional Accounting cost in Australia?
  3. What are the career opportunities after Master of Professional Accounting in Australia?
  4. Does MPA help in getting PR in Australia?
  5. Why MPA in Australia?
  6. MPA Universities in Australia
  7. Master of Professional Accounting salary in Australia and so on.

Why study Master of Professional Accounting in Australia?

Australia is one of the favourite study destinations for international students. One of the reasons behind this is the availability of interesting programs like MPA.  Here are some reasons on students should consider a master of professional Accounting in Australia. 

  • Most Australian Universities offering MPA are approved by CPA Australia.
  • The curriculum comprehends practical knowledge and prepares students for real-world problems.
  • The finance and accounting field get whooping payment in Australia.
  • Over 10 Top universities of the world in the professional Accounting Programs are located in Australia.
  • Good job outlook. Furthermore, the expert’s and statisticians have estimated that there will be more account related jobs.
  • It’s comparatively easier to get an Australian Student Visa.
  • You will get 2-3 years of a work permit upon completion of MPA.
  • MPA is one of the leading courses with bright prospects for PR in Australia.

Eligibility for Masters in Professional Accounting in Australia. 

The admission requirement of MPA in Australian Universities for international students is more martinet than the others. Some of the best MPA universities demand students to give the GMAT and have some work experience as eligibility requirements. 

The basic eligibility criteria for masters in Professional Accounting in Australia are: 

  • The basic English proficiency test result is TOEFL 82 and IELTS 6.5. Depending upon the program’s popularity, the TOEFL score can be up to 100 and IELTS up to 7.
  • On the academic front, most universities demand students to score at least 60% in an undergraduate degree. For some universities like the University of Queensland, the undergraduate must be in a relevant field. Luckily, for others, the academic background doesn’t matter.

60% is a basic academic requirement for Masters of Professional Accounting in Australia. This can go up to 70%. 

Masters of Professional Accounting in Australia Fees

If you research well, you will find Australian Universities within the economical range as well as the expensive range to study MPA. The cost of studying MPA in Australia falls in the range of AUD 23,000 annually to AUD 55,000 annually. More on this later. 

MPA Scholarships in Australia

There are several Australian governments and university scholarships to help domestic and international students with the tuition fees of Master of Professional Accounting. 

  • International Student Support Scholarships in Australia
  • University of Canberra International Merit Scholarships in Australia
  • VU International Excellence Scholarship
  • Australian Merit-based scholarships for Nepalese Students in Australia
  • Destination Australia Scholarship
  • Global Citizens Scholarship
  • UNSW International Scholarships
  • International Tuition Fee Scholarship
  • Melbourne Graduate Scholarships
  • Dean’s International Scholarship
  • Deakin Scholarship for international students
  • International Student Merit Stipend

Depending upon the types of scholarships, some scholarship programs offer full tuition waivers while some offer waivers up to 60,000.

What do you need to apply for MPA?

To get admission from Australian Universities in MPA program, international students need to demonstrate the following. 

  • Academic documents (transcripts) up to bachelor.
  • Character certificate up to bachelors
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Recommendations if asked
  • English Proficiency tests: Could be IELTS or TOEFL
  • Scholarship proof if any.

Check out the universities website for additional information

Australian universities for Masters of Professional Accounting

The master of Professional Accounting in Australia provided by these universities is a 1.5 year (in rare cases) to 2-year course. They are accredited by CPA Australia and Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand. 

Here are some of the topmost renowned Masters of Professional Accounting universities in Australia:

MPA Universities in Australia Course Intake MPA Course Duration MPA Course General Fees annually (in Australian Dollars)
University of Sydney March, July 2 years $49,000
Australian National University February, July 1.5 years $47,800
Monash University March, July 2 years $45,800
University of Queensland February, July 2 years $44,272
University of Adelaide February, July 1.5 years $44,000

Affordable Universities in Australia for Master of Professional Accounting

In the table below, Australian Universities which offer MPA program in comparatively lower fees are listed: 

MPA Universities in Australia Course Intake  MPA Course Duration MPA Course General Fees annually (in Australian Dollars)
University of Southern Queensland February, July, November 2 years $23,000
Australian Catholic University February, July 2 years $28,000
University of Canberra February, August 2 years $33,000
Torrens University February, May, September 2 years $26,900
Charles Sturt University  February, July November 2 years


*12 subject course

Master of Professional Accounting Subjects in Australia

MPA in Australia is a full-time 2-year course (some universities provide 1.5 years full time as well) in general where students will learn 12 MPA subjects. The courses are designed to help students build a solid foundation in management, finance, auditing etc. 

The MPA core subjects that students will study are: 

  1. Management Accounting for Costs and Control
  2. Financial Accounting
  3. Accounting and Finance
  4. Currents Developments in Accounting Thought
  5. Accounting Information Systems
  6. Decision Support Tools
  7. Accounting System and Processes
  8. Financial Accounting 2
  9. Auditing
  10. Economics for Business
  11. Business and Corporations Law
  12. Taxation Law

Other Masters of Accounting Courses in Australia

Mentioned below are some of the programs available at the masters level in Australia. 

  • Masters of Accountancy
  • Master of Applied Accounting
  • Master of Accounting
  • Master of Business (Accounting)

Scope of Masters in Professional Accounting in Australia

Master of Professional Accounting jobs in Australia is one of the highest motivators for students to pursue an MPA in Australia. To be honest with you it should, such as the MPA scope in Australia. Job opportunities after the MPA program in Australia are simply spectacular. 

MPA graduates can grow their career as any of the following depending upon their interests and specializations. 

  • Commercial Finance Analyst
  • Senior Tax Accountant
  • Financial Accountant
  • Accounts officer
  • Private Tax Director
  • Public accountant
  • Management Consultant
  • Accounting professors and lecturers
  • Financial professionals

The Job outlook of MPA in Australia is growing with time. With a few years of experience, the Masters in Professional Accounting degree can earn you AUD 70,000 and beyond. You can make use of your 2-3 year work permit and make your way to PR in Australia. 

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