Master of Digital Marketing in Australia

Master of Digital Marketing in Australia

Master of Digital Marketing in Australia
Rosmit Gyawali

Master of Digital Marketing is one of the highly sought-after courses for students seeking to study in Australia. There is a diploma in digital marketing, certificates for digital marketing, and a master’s degree in digital marketing, which generally takes 18 months to two years.

Interested students seeking for Masters in Digital Marketing are suggested to get basic knowledge of marketing management, SEO, use of digital media tools. 

Once students graduate from Australian universities, there is a huge possibility of gaining a higher return on investment. Even a fresher seeking entry-level positions in digital marketing get a salary from $47000 to $80000 per annum, approximately. 

Students after graduation can apply for a skilled independent visa or temporary residence and later opt for permanent residency depending upon their independent visa points.

Some consider pursuing digital marketing to be better than an MBA program, due to the undeniable fact that it’s a scalable profession. 

With easy access to the web and an increasing number of netizens, the use of social media and digital marketing channels has increased exponentially throughout the last decade. 

With more than 3 billion active users on social media, there is a huge demand for digital marketers in Australia to help companies maintain their digital presence across various digital marketing channels.

What do we study in Digital Marketing?

The masters in digital marketing program in Australia is developed specifically for prospective students having their background experience and academic qualifications in marketing management. There are several key topics that are covered in the Digital marketing program in Australia, which are highlighted in the following points.

  •   Industry research/ Digital trend research
  •   Consumer behaviour
  •   Marketing management
  •   Development of digital marketing strategies
  •   SEO & SEM
  •   Email marketing
  •   Online Public Relations
  •   Artificial intelligence
  •   Social media influencers
  •   Big data and online analytics. 

Why study Digital Marketing in Australia?

Besides a high standard of living, clean and healthy environment, Australia has been securing a top position as an excellent educational destination. Some of the most significant reasons for choosing Australia for master’s program are highlighted in the following points:

  •   With more than 37 top universities as ranked by Times Higher Education, Australian universities have proven to produce skilled industry-ready graduates, offer updated curriculum, state-of-the-art infrastructures, and industry experts faculty.
  •   Australian Bureau statistics have revealed huge career prospects in digital marketing as one-third of their population preferred online shopping during the pandemic.
  •   Huge investment and interest in scientific and technological research, making the country the forefront of advanced technology and innovations.
  •   No requirement of GRE/GMAT for master’s program in Australia.
  •   As per Australian Bureau statistics, the average salary of graduates after masters in digital marketing is $1737 AUD, per week.
  •   More than $200,000,000 AUD for international scholarships in Australia.  
  •   Huge job opportunities for international students, as the number of workers in digital marketing, grew from 46000 to 81000 within 5 years. It is expected to reach 99000 by the end of 2024 as per Australian Government Job Outlook.

Top Universities for Digital Marketing in Australia



Tuition Fees (Amount in AUD)

University of Technology Sydney

MS of Marketing (Extension)- Digital and Social Media

$891 per credit

La Trobe University

MS in Digital Marketing Communications

$38 200 per annum

Curtin University

MS in Digital and Social Media


RMIT University

MS in Digital Marketing


University of Canberra

MS in Digital Marketing Management


University of Newcastle

MS in Digital Marketing


University of Tasmania

MS in Marketing Management- Digital Marketing


Macquarie University

MS in Marketing- Digital and Communication


Swinburne University of Technology

MS in Digital Marketing


University of South Australia

MS in Advertising and Brand Management- Digital Marketing


Victoria University

MS in Digital Media


Duration of Digital Marketing in Australia- How many years does it take to study Digital Marketing in Australia?

The two years of the Master’s program in Digital marketing will not just give an academic degree but offers students to gain in-depth analysis in terms of various marketing approaches.

The degree in digital marketing will enable students to implement hands-on approaches to come up with effective digital marketing strategies, build networks with industry experts and become industry-ready. 

Admission Process and University requirement for Digital Marketing in Australia

The admission requirements and eligibility depend highly in terms of universities, prospective students’ academic background and their purpose for studying digital marketing in Australia.



Admission Requirements for Digital Marketing in Australia


1.     IELTS/TOEFL or any other proof of English Proficiency.

Minimum scores:

TOEFL: 72-83

IELTS: 6.5 Overall

PTE: 56

2.     Bachelor’s degree in any field, most preferably in marketing.

3.     GPA 3.0 and above at the undergraduate level.



Documents required

1.     Official Transcripts of previous academics.

2.     2-3 Letters of recommendations.

3.     A clear Statement of Purpose.

4.     Resume.

5.     English version of native-language Transcripts.


Visa Requirements for International Students in Australia

1.     Offer letter from the chosen university

2.     Australian Student Visa

3.     OSHC health insurance

4.     Passport

5.     Bank Statement

6.     Relationship certificate (Not Mandatory)

7.     Official bank statement (Amount depending upon total living cost and university tuition fees)

Scholarships for Digital Marketing in Australia

Scholarships in Australia is one of the best reasons to study for aspiring students as there are numerous internal as well as external scholarship opportunities. The major scholarships in Australia for international students are presented in the following table: 




University of Technology Sydney

UTS Postgraduate Academic Excellence Scholarship

5,000 AUD; Based on merit and academic excellence

La Trobe University

La Trobe International Scholarships

25% tuition waiver based on academic excellence

Curtin University

Starter Support Scholarship; Merit Scholarship

AUD$5000; 25% tuition waiver based on academic excellence

RMIT University

RMIT Research Stipend Scholarship

31,000 AUD as tuition fee waiver for masters and PhD programs

University of Canberra

            International course merit scholarship

25% tuition waiver based on academic excellence

University of Tasmania

Dean’s Merit Scholarships

50% of registered tuition fees based on academic excellence

Macquarie University

Macquarie University $5,000 Regional Scholarship; South Asia $10,000 Early Acceptance Scholarship; Vice-Chancellor's International Scholarship

AUD $5,000 per year; AUD $10,000 per year; Up to AUD $10,000

Swinburne University of Technology

Swinburne International Excellence Pathway Scholarship

A$2500 to A$5000

University of South Australia

Vice Chancellor's International Excellence Scholarship

50% tuition fee reduction based on academic excellence

Victoria University

VU Global Leaders Scholarship

20% tuition fee reduction

Besides these universities based scholarships, there is an Australian International scholarship which covers full tuition fees, air tickets, monthly stipend and more. Interested students from Asia, Africa, middle east are encouraged to apply.

Scope of Digital Marketing in Australia

With a course in digital marketing, an individual can become an all-rounder in content marketing, search engine optimization(SEO), search engine marketing(SEM), social media marketing, and digital analysis.

With the increasing effort of every company towards digital media, digital marketing has become one of the integral components of every business. 

There are obviously pros and cons in both traditional marketing and digital marketing, however, the pros in digital marketing weigh way more to take over as one of the mainstream channels for advertisement.

According to, the average salary for different positions in digital marketing are as follows:


Average Salary (Per annum)

Digital Marketing Manager


Marketing Analyst


Head of Marketing


Marketing Coordinator


Marketing Assistant


Marketing Executive


Social Media Specialist


Digital Marketer


Digital Content Manager


Market Development Manager


Marketing Advisor


Email Marketing manager


 Digital marketing is a huge industry receiving a huge amount of investments across the world. Many companies outsource their digital marketing campaigns to various digital ad agencies.

Even during the pandemic, there has been a massive revolution in the use of eCommerce platforms and a huge surge in online consumption behaviour. By taking over the traditional advertisement, digital marketing has become one of the most sought-after degrees along with huge industry demand.

 With more than 20 million active internet users, Australia is known to offer promising careers for international students and has become one of the booming markets for digital marketing.

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