Bachelor of Social work in Australia

Bachelor of Social work in Australia

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Bachelor of Social Work  in Australia(BSW) is a professional degree provided at the undergraduate level that strives to provide high-quality education in social work. The course explains an introduction to social work, social problems, disability & health issues, and research & statistics of social work.

It is also a great choice if you wish to learn about child protection, child and family welfare, administration in social work, and community development. This programme prepares a student to become a social worker in the upcoming future. And considering the extensive availability of education resources for this subject in Australia, makes it a great place to enrol in a Bachelor of Social Work course.

Why Study Bachelor of Social Work in Australia?

Australia is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations for aspiring students from different parts of the world. After the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia is the third most popular destination for overseas students in the English-speaking world. If you are still wondering, why study Bachelor of Social Work from Australia? Then here are a few reasons:

●  According to QS World University Rankings 2021, there are 36 Australian Universities offering tons of different courses and programs. However, more than half of these institutes offer degrees in Social Work.

●  Your career prospects are brighter than ever after you complete a Bachelor of Social Work from Australia. After graduating, you can apply to International Organisations, Non-government Organisations, Law Organisations, Community Services Schools, Universities, Hospitals.

●  ‘Field Placement’ is surely one of the best perks of undertaking a Bachelor of Social Work in Australia. Students are provided with in-field experience, which works to enhance their professional and personal development. Furthermore, it also makes the learners more appreciative and aware of the events around them.

●  Bachelor of Social Work degree is normally a 3 to a 4-year program that focuses on fostering the best skills in students to make them experts in the field. However, there are other institutes, like the University of Queensland, that also offer a 1-year course.

●  The courses also provide Sociological, Philosophical, and Psychological understanding along with comprehension of public legislation.

●      You can become a qualified member of the Australian Association of Social Workers after the course completion, graduation in BSW also opens the pathway to get a Masters degree in the same or relevant field.

Top Universities in Australia for Bachelor of Social Work

All students in the universities of Australia are trained to become successful social workers to give back to society. If you want to get admission in Bachelors of Social Work in an Australian university, then here are some of the top names available: 

University NameNational Ranking
University of Queensland4
James Cook University12
University of Wollongong12
Griffith University12
La Trobe University16
Curtin University16

Best Bachelor of Social Work Courses in Australia

Students studying social work learn ways to promote the well-being and quality of life of vulnerable groups such as children, teenagers, homeless people, and minorities. Social Work courses not only train you to become a social worker but also improve your skills, ability, personality development and competency to help people. In case you are ready to sign up for the program, here are a few course options that you can consider enrolling in:

✔ BA in Social Work

✔ Social & Economic policy

✔ Child, Youth & Family Practice

✔ Human Services (Hons)

✔ Social Work (Hons)

✔ BA Majoring in Human Services

✔ Social Science

✔ Criminology & Justice

✔ Counselling

Bachelors of Social Work Tuition Fees in Australia

As stated above, there are so many universities that offer Bachelors in Social Work courses to international students. Each of these, based on their ranking and specialization, differ when it comes to tuition fees. Since financing is an important factor to consider, here is the tuition fee for top universities in Australia, mentioned above:

University NameAnnual Tuition Fee
University of Queensland$33,056
James Cook University$30,080
University of Wollongong$26,592
Griffith University$28,500
La Trobe University$38,000

Bachelors of Social Work Scholarships in Australia

There are various government and university-specific bursaries, scholarships, loans, and other financial aids available to high-achieving students and those seeking to work in the country after Bachelors of Social Work. It includes complete tuition, OHSC, returns flight tickets, and a setup allowance. Many of these programmes provide a large lump sum payment, educational subsidies, or living allowances to make studying in Australia more convenient. Some of these include:

●      University of Melbourne funds Mavis Jackson Academic Potential international awards

●      Kelver Hartley French Equity Scholarship

●      Australia EAIT International Awards at University of Queensland

●      Taylors College Sydney International Awards in Australia

The government runs scholarship programmes for international students. It is recorded that they invest approximately $200 million each year in courses at universities across the country.

General Requirements for Bachelor of Social Work in Australia

Some general requirements to admission in Bachelors of Social Work in Australia in a top university.

  1. University of Canberra

●      Duration: 3 years, full-time

●      Requirements:   

✔ Completion of Academic Records and qualifications such as XII or diploma.

✔ Work Experience

✔ CV

✔ Letter of Recommendation or SOP

✔ Students Visa

✔ Passport

✔ English Proficiency Test: IELTS, Score over 7.0+, TOEFL iBT score 60

✔ Financial Statement

●      Application Intake: January

●      Application Fees: No fee charged

  1. University of Melbourne

●      Duration: 3 years, full-time

●      Requirements:   

✔ Completion of Academic Records

✔ Completed transcripts qualification with above 80%

✔ CV

✔ At least 2 Letter of Recommendation

✔ Students Visa

✔ English Proficiency Test: IELTS, Score over 7.0+, TOEFL: 79

✔ Financial Statement

●      Application Intake: June & November

●      Application Fees: AUD$100

  1. University of Sydney

●      Duration: 4 years, full-time

●      Requirements:   

✔ Completed transcripts qualification with above 75%

✔ CV


✔ Students Visa

✔ Passport copy

✔ English Proficiency Test: IELTS, Score over 6.0+

●      Application Intake: August & January

●      Application Fees: AUD$125

  1. University of Queensland

●      Duration: 12 months, full-time

●      Requirements:   

✔ Applicant must qualify XII or an equivalent degree with 70%

✔ CV

✔ At least 2 Letter of Recommendation

✔ Students Visa

✔ English Proficiency Test: IELTS, Score over 6.5+, TOEFL: 87

✔ Financial Statement

●      Application Intake: August

●      Application Fees: AUD$100

  1. University of New South Wales

●      Duration: 4 years, full-time

●      Requirements:   

✔ Completed transcripts qualification with above 75%

✔ English Proficiency Test: IELTS, Score over 7.0+, TOEFL: 94, PTE: 65

✔ Work Experience certificate

✔ CV

✔ Copy of Students Visa & Passport

●      Application Intake: March & November

●      Application Fees: AUD$125

Need of IELTS for International Students

IELTS is one of the world's most popular English language assessments. IELTS evaluates your English proficiency in four areas: listening, reading, writing, and speaking. This exam helps you to get admission to top universities of Australia for an undergraduate program. An International Student, from any of the non-English speaking nations, has to provide their score in this test to complete their application. Particular scores required are listed above with the respective universities. It is also important documentation to apply for a Visa.

Job Opportunities in Australia after Bachelors in Social work

Social workers can operate in a variety of sectors and fields both locally and internationally once they obtain an Undergraduate Degree in Social Work. Specialists have to work with individuals, families and non-government entities, such as hospitals, clinics, jails, nursing homes, schools, institutions,  charity welfare and organisations advocacy bodies, and social health services provide job opportunities. The professionals can apply for the following after completing Bachelors of Social Work:

✔ Community Worker ($60411)

✔ Family Support Worker ($69,509)

✔ Criminology Specialists ($89,430)

✔ Welfare Centre Manager ($133,355 to $158,567)

✔ Welfare Worker ($97,326)

PR Opportunities for Students in Australia

In Australia, social work has become one of the fastest-growing sectors in the world. Since the occupation is on the Medium and Long-Term Strategic Skills List (MLTSSL), you can apply for Permanent Residence in Australia after completing your Bachelors of Social Work. The Global Talent Independent programme is the only way to gain permanent residency in Australia after completion of a degree.

The Australian government department of Home Affairs provides permanent residence on the basis of eligibility criteria. It includes requisites like academic records, qualification, character certification and job experience are all taken into account when granting skilled migration. It may take a maximum of 2 months to process an application.


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