Om Sterling Global University

    Om Sterling Global University
    Established on: 2019

    The Om Sterling Global University was founded in March of this year. The university has a 30-acre campus that is entirely constructed with a modern infrastructure and an excellent academic environment. The campus has been created with an excellent aesthetic sensibility to give an eco-friendly atmosphere and ambiance to promote comfort and zest for studying, inspired by its vision and goal. As a temple of learning, the university strives to produce academics, researchers, and leaders of the highest caliber in various subjects by instilling in its students a strong sense of moral obligation, a dedication to quality, and a passion for lifelong learning.


    The vision of Om Sterling Global University is to establish a distinctive identity in the field of health sciences with an emphasis on raising standards of living. To become one of the top private, self-supporting, multi-faculty institutions, totally dedicated to generating globally competitive human capital via academic practices that meet international standards and practical research that draws on the ethos and values of ancient India.


    • To build cutting-edge infrastructure, particularly well-equipped labs, to guarantee skill-oriented learning in a pleasant setting.
    • To employ instructors who are competent, knowledgeable in the field, and capable of inspiring young, inspired brains while adapting to the demands of the moment.
    • To create curriculums matched with the workplace regarding knowledge, skills, attitude, and conduct.
    • To produce and distribute information that will lead to the transfer of technology for the good of society.
    • For sustainable development, establish a vibrant network with businesses, academia, society, and the government.
    • To significantly promote entrepreneurship through programs like Make in India, Startup India, Digital India, etc., to contribute to job creation effectively.

    Why Om Sterling Global University?

    • The university's site incorporates distinctive topological characteristics, various departmental buildings, and administrative structures to create an amazing harmony of architectural and natural beauty. The campus's beautiful green setting offers the ideal mood and study environment.
    • Reputable, competent, and orderly workplace atmosphere for high-quality education. The faculty is skilled at giving students and their growth priority.
    • Extracurricular material for studying current technology developments. Students who possess up-to-date technological knowledge are better equipped to adapt to a rapidly expanding world.
    • Process of effective teaching and learning. In addition to education, students can educate other aspirants by imparting their knowledge.
    • A digital library with a dedicated server with NPTEL VODs and enough e-study materials is available. The pupils will access considerably more in-depth information about the area than just textbooks.
    • Student assessment is ongoing, regular teacher-guardian interaction, and career counseling is provided. Progress is monitored, and students are urged to improve in any areas where they fall short.
    • Excellent academic results and student merit positions. Great outcomes by the alumni have a history, and the current batches prosper as a result.
    • Scholarships and Rewards for Deserving Students Financial assistance for needy pupils and special consideration for weak students. Every kid receives the necessary attention, allowing them to develop in every manner imaginable without anyone being left out.
    • For the National Mission on Education via ICT to empower students, the OSGU campus has a remote IIT Mumbai center. The OSGU faculty frequently travels to other IITs to receive training on the newest technology developments.
    • Several Industries-Academia Programs of reputable firms use OSGU as a partner. For students, skill development programs are set up to improve employability.
    • Seminars, seminars, and expert guest lectures for the proper development of students' aptitudes. Both a person's personal and professional talents are crucial.
    • Student professional society activities and entrepreneurship development programs help them prepare for the workplace.
    • Student personality development programs and campus-based recruitment training. The students have access to resources that can assist them in launching their careers.
    • For students with internet access, there is a computing center with roughly 1000 machines also utilized for online exams. Both the campus and the dorm provide wireless internet access.
    • Modern multimedia technologies are used in the auditorium and seminar rooms, including extracurricular activities and leisure pursuits.
    • 400-student capacity on-campus air-cooled boys' and girls' hostel with amenities like a state-of-the-art gym, library, and constant power backup.

    University Highlights

    University Type


    Established Year


    Number of Courses


    Tuition Fees

    40K - 90K per year for Indians



    Main Intakes

    The main intakes are in August/September.

    Application Process

    Applicants can apply for admission to the college in two ways: online through the college website or by an education agent. 

    Documents required for Admission

    Academic Documents

    • Transcript of 12th-grade
    • Individual Mark sheet of 12th grade
    • Character Certificate of 12th grade
    • Provisional Certificate of 12th grade
    • Migration Certificate of 12th grade

    For Masters, include the following:

    • Transcript of Bachelor's Degree 
    • Individual Mark sheets of Bachelor's Degrees 
    • Character Certificate of Bachelor Degree
    • Provisional Certificate of Bachelor Degree 
    • Migration Certificate of Bachelor Degree 

    Work Experience (if any)

    Statement of Purpose (SOP)

    Qualifications Required

    • B.Tech: Candidates must have passed the second PUC/twelfth grade or an equivalent test with English as one of the languages and have earned a cumulative grade point average of 45% in physics, mathematics, chemistry, biotechnology, computer science, electronics, and biology.


    What are the fees to study at Om Sterling Global University?

    The costs depend upon the courses you apply for. The cost ranges from 40K - 90K per year for Indian students.

    Are all the courses offered at each OSGU school adequately approved by the appropriate authorities?

    Yes, every course offered by an OSGU school has been given the go-ahead by the relevant regulatory body and head.



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