Goethe University Frankfurt

    Goethe University Frankfurt
    World Rank: 236th by Best Global Universities
    Established on: 1914

    Goethe University Frankfurt is a public university located in Frankfurt, a major German city. It was founded in 1914 as Universität Frankfurt am Main by the city's powerful and wealthy liberal citizens. Its name was changed in 1932 to honor the famous writer and philosopher Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, born in Frankfurt. The university is now a leading research, learning, and teaching university. It is affiliated with the EUA and the GATE-Germany consortium.

    Goethe University Frankfurt operates four campuses in Westend, Bockenheim, Riedberg, and Niederrad. Westend is home to the main campus. History, law, social sciences, psychology, business administration, economics, archaeology, philosophy, theology, pedagogy, philology, and human geography are all available on campus. This campus also has a beer garden and several restaurants and cafes.

    The university library, sports complex, academic buildings, and laboratories of mathematics, art history, computer science, and fine arts are all located on the Bockenheim campus. The Riedberg campus is home to the faculty of natural sciences and the Otto Stern Centre, which serves as a lecture hall and a student-faculty gathering place. The university hospital and medical faculty are located on the Niederrad campus. Each of these campuses is conveniently located and features cutting-edge facilities.

    Johann Christian Senckenberg University Library is Goethe University (GU) Frankfurt's central library, with extensive housing research, learning, and teaching resources. The university has specialized libraries, including the Liberal arts and Education Library, the Law and Economics Library, the Library Centre for the Humanities, the Library Centre for Natural Sciences, the Medical Library, and the Art Library. In Frankfurt, 17 dorms with nearly 1850 rooms provide on-campus housing for students from GU and two other universities.

    Goethe University has 16 faculties that offer over 200 undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs. There are 45,300 students enrolled in various degree programs at the university, including nearly 8,000 international students from 150 countries. The university has 1,491 academic staff members. The university works with over 700 educational institutions in almost 80 countries, resulting in student exchanges.

    Furthermore, the university provides students and faculty members with many educational opportunities, events, and sports activities. Basketball, badminton, tennis, volleyball, judo, swimming, gymnastics, and karate are among the sports available at GU.

    Many distinguished alumni are pioneers, leaders, and award winners in their respective fields. Rolf van Dick (Social Psychologist), Paul Ehrlich (Nobel Prize Winning Physician and Scientist), Walter Hallstein (First President of the European Commission), Walter Gerlach (Theoretical Physicist), Hans Bethe (Nobel Prize-Winning Theoretical Physicist), Alfred Schmidt (Translator and Philosopher), Klaus Bringmann (German Author and Historian), and Boudewijn Sirks are among the university's alumni (Professor).

    University Highlights 

    University Type

    Public Institution

    Established Year

    1914 AD



    Number of Courses

    16 faculties

    Tuition Fees

    No tuition fee but a 700€ administrative fee per year


    October and April 

    Main Intakes

    The main intake at the Goethe University Frankfurt occurs in October as a winter semester and in April as a summer semester intake.


    The Goethe University Frankfurt merit scholarship program assists exceptional foreign students and doctoral researchers in all fields of study and degree levels.

    The scholarships listed below are a few samples of what scholarship schemes are available.

    • Scholarships offered by Goethe University to international students
    • Goethe University Deutschlandstipendium
    • Graduation Scholarship
    • Scholarship explicitly provided for international students in Germany
    • Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst (DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service)
    • Otto Benecke Foundation
    • Katholischer Akademischer Ausländerdienst (KAAD – Catholic Academic Service for Foreigners)
    • Brot für die Welt (Bread for the World) Protestant Development Service
    • Talent programs and other scholarship foundations
    • Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes (German National Academic Foundation)
    • Political foundations
    • Faith-based scholarship providers
    • Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft (Foundation of the German Industry)
    • Further talent programs and subject-specific scholarships

    Application Process

    Eligibility for Masters or Ph.D. Courses

    Admission to a master's or Ph.D. program requires completing a bachelor's degree or equivalent. A separate list for each degree program is offered internationally and in English.

    Students will then be required to submit thorough summaries of their application and prior academic performance. The faculty will choose which semester you can continue your studies and whether to recognize your accomplishments.

    Eligibility for Bachelor's degrees

    Candidates may apply to study at the Humboldt University of Berlin if the students have completed secondary education. In the case of foreign applicants, they should be successful in their country's examination.

    Documents required:

    • Official or Citified copies of High School Transcripts
    • Educational History Form 
    • Scholastic Aptitude Tests (SAT/ACT) are accepted.
    • English Language proficiency test score
    • Motivation Statement
    • Recommendation letter (optional/upon request)


    What are the different intakes at Goethe University Frankfurt?

    Goethe University Frankfurt's main intake occurs in October as a winter semester and in April as a summer semester.

    Where is the Goethe University Frankfurt?

    The Goethe University Frankfurt is located in Frankfurt, Germany.

    Does Goethe University Frankfurt offer any accommodation?

    Students, researchers, and Ph.D. candidates can rent furnished rooms and apartments at the Goethe University Frankfurt. The services offered are accomplished by a learning lounge, a gym, club rooms, and a nursery. Bed linens, towels, and weekly cleaning are included in the approximate 480 euro price (including electricity and Internet).



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