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Welcome to MPhil/PhD Zoology

The study of zoology is an exploration of how animals have evolved, how they function, and the ways in which they interact with their environment. The subject integrates anatomy, physiology, behaviour, ecology, evolution, and conservation to provide a comprehensive understanding of species structure and diversity. Humans have created a rapidly-changing world to which animals have had to adapt. Understanding the amazing diversity of animals that share our planet helps us to understand our origins, as well as predict future evolution.

Our MPhil/PhD is designed to enable students to develop their research skills by focusing on a specialist set of research questions. Zoology at Lincoln is led by research-active staff who specialise in a wide range of disciplines and encompasses the study of key aspects of modern zoology in a diverse range of invertebrates and vertebrates.

Students can benefit from training courses provided by the University to develop key skills in research. Under the guidance and advice of their PhD supervisors, students will be encouraged to present talks and seminars on their work both at the University of Lincoln as well at national and international meetings and conferences. Under the guidance of your PhD supervisors students will also be expected to produce progress reports, develop their ability to write up work for publication in peer-reviewed journals, and ultimately to effectively communicate their research and thesis.

Beyond learning how to conduct research and the specialist skills that students are expected to develop within their subject discipline (e.g. how to work in a molecular laboratory or conduct animal cognition experiments), the process of studying for a research degree can provide transferable skills in problem-solving, time management, independent and team work, and communication.

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Study Load: Full Time,Part Time
Course Category: Agriculture & Environmental Studies
Degree Level: Doctor/Doctorate
Brayford Wharf N, Lincoln, England, LN6 7TS, uk.

Research Areas and Topics

Research within the School of Life Sciences is conducted within five research groups.

The Animal Behaviour, Cognition, and Welfare Research Group comprises a unique team of internationally-renowned researchers working at the forefront of, and interface between, animal behaviour, cognition, health, and welfare. The Evolution and Ecology Group works to understand the evolution and ecology of populations, species, and communities across all levels of biological organisation, from genes through to ecosystems.

Research in the Cancer and Ageing Research Group follows a multi-disciplinary and highly collaborative approach to increase understanding of disease characteristically associated with ageing at the molecular level, to improve prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, while the the Diabetes, Metabolism and Inflammation Group is focused on innovative research in the area of diabetes and related cardio metabolic and associated inflammatory disorders. The Microbiology and Biotechnology Group is working to answer fundamental questions relating to the characterisation, evaluation and testing of microorganisms and viruses.

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£16,100 /Year 
International 2021
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