Sponsorship Letter for Visa

Sponsorship Letter for Visa

Sponsorship Letter for Visa
Ashma Shrestha

A Sponsorship letter for a visa is an important document that needs to be submitted while applying for study abroad. 

It is an authentic document used as verification proof in the visa approval process. 

This letter is submitted to the embassy alongside other documents when you attend the visa interview with the Consular Officer.

Writing a sponsorship letter is not an easy task. Since it is an official letter, you might face pressure while writing it. 

Let’s discuss the sponsorship letter for visas in this article

Who is a sponsor?

A sponsor is a person who is going to finance your studies. He or she can be someone close to you, such as parents, siblings, friends, cousins, etc. 

While choosing a sponsor, you must ensure that he/ she meets the requirements of that country.

Since the sponsor is involved with your financial accountability, he or she has to convince the embassy that you have someone hundred per cent ready to sponsor you.

What is a sponsorship letter for Visa?

A sponsorship letter for a visa is an official letter that convinces the people working in the embassy to grant you a permit. This letter has to come from your sponsor. It is a critical document that must be included in a visa application. 

Instructions and required information for Sponsorship Letter

A sponsorship letter must: 

  • Be dated
  • Include the sponsor’s original signature
  • Include the full name of the individual sponsoring the student
  • Include the full name of the student being sponsored
  • Include a statement that the individual is willing to sponsor the student for a specified amount for the duration of the program.
  • Should include the student's relationship with the sponsor (i.e. daughter, son, friend, spouse, etc.)
  • This letter must be in English, or if not, it must be accompanied by a professional English translation.

Sponsorship Letter for Visa

For getting a student visa in the country abroad, a sponsorship letter should come from either your parent (s) or yourself or your relatives or your friend. 

A sponsor has to be selected based on the chosen country. Different countries have different rules regarding sponsorship. Some accept sponsorship letters from anyone mentioned, whereas some countries only accept sponsorship letters from a specified relationship.

A sponsorship letter should confirm the relationship between you and your sponsor (i.e. daughter, son, friend, spouse, etc.) and also confirm their consent to the funds available to study in that country. 

Format of Sponsorship Letter


The Immigration Officer,

<Embassy Name>


<Contact Information of Embassy>


Respected Sir/Madam

My name is _____________, currently residing in _____________, and I am a citizen of _____________. I am writing this letter to confirm my sponsorship for _____________ <Applicant’s Name>for _______ <give the reason behind the sponsorship>. He/she will be visiting ______ <country name>for ________ <duration of stay> from _____ to ______ < date>.

To prove my financial capacity to sponsor him/her, I have enclosed a list of documents and bank statements here. These funds will cover his/her expenses, including food, rent, tuition fees, clothing, transportation, etc. 

Please do not hesitate to contact me in case of any confusion.  I will gladly extend my help in the best possible manner.


<Name and Signature of Sponsor>


<Contact Details>

Sample of Sponsorship letter from mother/ father

<Sponsors address>


The Immigration Officer,

<Embassy Name>


<Contact Information of Embassy>


Dear Sir/Madam,


RE: Financial support for <student’s name>

This is to confirm that I,<parent(s) name>, am the father <mother/father> of <student’s name> and that I will financially support my daughter <son/daughter> during her <his/her> studies. 

<S/he> is studying a bachelor in Biotechnology <title of course and degree type> at the <university name>. .

I am happy to provide funding to my child in the amount of <amount in currency on bank

statement>. I can fund this amount, which is evidenced by my enclosed bank statements. I consent to the funds available to my <son/daughter> for study at the University. 

Yours faithfully,

<Sponsor’s signature>

<Sponsor’s name>


Sample for Sponsorship Letter for Schengen Visa


The Immigration officer

U.S. embassy 


Subject: Sponsorship letter for Ms. <name> with passport number 123456

Respected Sir/ Madam, 

My name is < name>, I currently reside in <address>, and I am a citizen of <country>. I am writing to confirm my sponsorship for <name> to apply for a Type D Schengen Visa to study in Denmark. She will be attending <university name>, and I will sponsor her for the complete duration of <course name>

I have enclosed the list of documents and Bank statements as proof of my financial capacity to sponsor her. These funds will cover her tuition fees and other living expenses. 




Contact number: <number>

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