Sample Work Experience Letter

Sample Work Experience Letter

Sample Work Experience Letter
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A Work Experience Letter is a formal letter issued by an employer stating the duration of employment of an employee in the company. This letter confirms the leading roles, performance, and skills learnt by that employee during their stay in that company. 

The Human Resource Department collects information about the employee from their reporting manager and drafts the letter based on that. This letter aims to validate the data written by the employee in the CV about their work experience in the company. 

Someone writing an experience letter should be informed about the following:

  • The work experience and skill of the employee 
  • The positive feedback that can be added about the employee 

The length of a work experience letter should be just a paragraph, not a whole page like a recommendation letter. This letter is the crucial document to bridge your education GAP and secure you a job. 

Contents to be included in Work Experience Letter 

a practical work experience letter should contain the following:

  • Employee’s job role 
  • Employee’s joining date 
  • Employee’s conduct
  • Knowledge and Skills gained by the employee 
  • Resignation date 
  • Letter issue date

Essential Components of Work Experience Letter

  • The name and contact details of the company should be written at the very start
  • Write the date of issuance at the top right or left corner of the letter
  • The information on the employee has to be clear and complete. This includes the full name of an employee, designation and duration.
  • Mention the roles and responsibilities of the employee and the skills demonstrated to fulfil that role.
  • This letter has to be signed by the head of the concerned department or HR Manager.

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Tips for Writing an Impactful Work Experience Letter 

We already discussed the vital information to be included in a work experience letter. Now let’s go through the tips to make the letter more impactful. 

  • Write the experience letter on the company’s letterhead
  • Be detailed while writing about the employee’s roles and responsibilities
  • Keep the letter simple and concise
  • End the letter with a positive statement 

Template: Work Experience Letter 

Your address

Date of issuance

Subject: Job Experience Letter of [Employee’s name]

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that [Employee’s name] worked as [job designation] with us at [name of organisation]  during the period from [Date of joining] to [ last date of employment]

We confirm his duties, services and dedication towards the organisation during his time here with us have been satisfactory. 

The assigned roles and responsibilities to him at [name of organisation] included [list out the duties and responsibilities] 

[Employee’s name] solely decided to leave [name of organisation]; we wish him a bright and prosperous future.


Your name

Your designation

Name of your organisation.

Samples: Work Experience LetterSample 1: Experience Letter for IT Sector 


Date of issuance: [DD/MM/Year] 

Subject: Job experience letter of [ employee’s Name] 

To whom it may concern,

This is to certify that [employee’s Name] worked with us at [Company’s Name] as a software engineer from [Date of Joining] to [Date of Leaving] 

To improve the Company’s information system, conduct system analysis and handle maintenance support, [employee’s name] was assigned the designing, develop, and install software solutions. 

He has always been energetic and dedicated to his duties and responsibilities. He never had any issues with his team, as he maintained a good working relationship with his team members and supervisors. 

We wish him success in his future endeavours.





[Company’s Name] 

Sample 2: Professional Experience Letter



Contact Number 



To whom it may concern, 

It’s our pleasure to inform you that [Employee’s Name], has contributed his skills during his tenure with us at [Company’s Name] as a [degignation] from [Joining Date] to [Date of leave] 

Mr [Employee Name] was very much determined and hardworking. Some of his duties and responsibilities in [company’s Name] are:...................................

We wish him luck in his future endeavours due to his decision to discontinue working with [Company’s name]. 




[Name and address of company]

Sample 3: Work Experience Letter for Tourism Industry 


Date of Issuance 


To whom it may concern, 


This is a confirmation that [ Employee Name]  worked with [Company’s Name] as a [job title] from ……….to ………….

During the time she was here, she performed very well. As a [Job Title] she welcomed clients so positively. She was extremely good at handling queries, setting tables, recording customer details etc. 

I respect her decision to leave [Company’s Name] and wish her all the best. 

Yours Sincerely, 



[ Company’s Name] 

Sample 4: Retail Sales Experience Letter


Date of issuance: [date]

Subject: Job experience letter of [ Employee’s Name]


To whom it may concern,

I am writing to certify that  [ Employee’s Name] worked as a Store Supervisor at [Company’s Name] from August  2, 2019, to March 20, 2021.

During this period, she performed her duties excellently, and her dedication to the company was admirable.

She got promoted within two years of joining because of her positive attitude towards her work. 

Her roles and responsibilities include-

  • Hiring staff
  • Maintaining financial records
  • Handling budgets 
  • Complaints handling 
  • Supervising stocks etc

We wish her a bright future. 

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 


Name of Employer


Name of the company 

Sample 5: Work Experience Letter in Education Field 


Date of Issuance 

Subject: Job Experience Letter of [ Employee’s Name] 

To whom it may concern, 

This is to certify that Ms [Employee’s Name] has been working with us at [School’s Name] as an English Teacher for classes 8,9,10 from [Joining Date] to [Resigned Date]

She has been one of the most graceful teachers in our school. Her way of teaching has always engaged the students. 

Her roles included analysing the curriculum, planning the lessons, motivating students for extracurricular activities, attending teacher's meetings etc. 

We wish her all the best in her future.


Principal’s Name 

Name of the School 


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