Career Objectives in Freshers Resume: Examples & Writing Guide

Career Objectives in Freshers Resume: Examples & Writing Guide

Career Objectives in Freshers Resume: Examples & Writing Guide
Study Info CentreMon Feb 28 2022

Career Objective is a heading statement that describes your career goal. It is a part of your resume that is just two to three sentences long. There are two types of Career Objectives they are-

  1. General Career Objective 
  2. Specific Career Objective 

A General Career Objective is a statement that describes your career goal as a whole. This statement is written while applying for a job that doesn't need specialisations. 

A Specific Career Objective is written in your resume while applying for a job that demands specific skills and knowledge that you possess. 

Career objective is an essential part of your resume that plays a vital role in a hiring decision. Employers look for someone smart enough to know what they want. 

Writing a career objective for a Fresher might be a tough job as they still might not be sure about what career they want to pursue. Therefore, in this article, we will give some guidance to write career objectives with some examples.

Career Objective for a Fresher: Writing Tips 

Being a fresher, you might be confused about what you should include in a career objective. If so, follow the tips below:

  • Describe your most robust quality first
  • Be honest about your goal.
  • Mention the objective straightforwardly
  • Choose simple words 
  • Keep the situation in mind and write something relevant
  • Try to keep it short 
  • Keep your achievement and skills in focus  

Career Objective for a Fresher: Writing Guide 

Follow the steps below to write an impactful Career Objective as a Fresher.

Read the Job Description Carefully

Before writing your career objective, go through the job description carefully. Find out your experience as a student that would be relevant.  Employers are already assuming that a fresher need to be trained. Therefore find something that you are excited to perform as an employee to consider introducing you.  

Find out the qualities in you.

As a student, you might have participated in a leadership role, extracurricular activities, volunteering, etc. Try to match your skills with the required personal qualities mentioned in the vacancy announcement. Below are some everyday activities you must have done as a student and their unique attributes.

  • If you have done volunteering, you must be empathetic, proactive and organized. 
  • If you have joined the student's organisation, you must possess leadership qualities.
  • If you were in Sports, you must be dedicated, energetic and disciplined. 

Find your academic skills.

As a student, you might have done specialisation in a particular subject, these subjects themselves need some skills, and you must have polished those skills while studying. Try to match those skills with the professional skills required for the job you are applying for. For example 

  • Analytical Skills: If you were a philosophy or finance student, you must have developed your analytical skill. 
  • Problem-solving Skills: Maths is all about solving the problem; hence if you were good at maths, you must have developed Problem-solving skills.  
  • Creative Skills: If you are from art, music or writing background, you must possess creative skills. Employers often appreciate an employee with creative skills.
  • Technical Skills: Students from technical studies must have developed specialised skills like coding, if the job requires those skills then it's perfect
  • Interpersonal Skills: You must have interviewed people while doing your project work, or your academic studies might have demanded you to have interpersonal skills. Some job requires interpersonal skills. 

List out your experience. 

You must have participated in College functions while studying, or you might have done specific tasks as a part of your academic studies. List out such experiences. Examples of such activities are:

  • Abroad Study 
  • Research
  • Internship
  • On-campus job etc 

Identify your goal

Try to find your career goal. If you couldn’t decide the plan, look at the job vacancy and determine the purpose of that job. Employers usually look for candidates who are knowledgeable about the company’s goals. 

Define your resume objective 

After analysing your academic skills, goal,  personal skills and knowledge, start drafting your career objective. Write two to three sentences using impressive and straightforward words—draft as many as you can to choose the best one. 

Proofread the statement   

Read the statement aloud. Re-read it. Use web applications to find out grammatical errors and correct them. 

Things to consider while writing a Career Objective  

  • Try to write different career objectives while applying for other jobs 
  • Focus on your real Strength 
  • Demonstrate your value 
  • Be sure you incorporate the keywords 
  • Don't write too short 

Examples of  Career Objectives for Freshers

Now let’s look at some of the examples of Career Objectives for Freshers. 

  1. A social media enthusiast is seeking a creative job to utilise the skills and knowledge in a well-established media agency.
  2. A self-motivated accounting graduate with excellent quantitative and analytical skills, looking for a secured and challenging job in the accounting sector.
  3. Graduate of MBA in Marketing from [College Name] with an internship in [Company’s Name]  looking to develop and improve the capabilities.
  4. To expand my knowledge and skills by working in the entry-level position in digital marketing for the overall growth of an organisation.
  5. To gain work experience in human resources. Internship experience in the recruitment process for four months.
  6. A Highly creative and self-motivated individual with excellent academic background and proficient English language skills, looking for a  position as a school teacher.
  7. I am looking for a position requiring strong analytical and technical skills that offers security and personal growth.
  8. To pursue a career in the construction industry as an electrical engineer.  Fresher with a six-month internship with [company name]
  9. B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering graduate from [University Name] seeking an entry-level role in Automation Engineering. Possess advanced-level knowledge of engineering tools, data science, programming, and computer science to kickstart my career.
  10. BBA in Marketing graduate, seeking a role at an organisation where I can put my advanced-level negotiation and communication skills to expand the company's reach. I am interested in customer management and team leadership.
  11. A Sales and Marketing graduate looking for a challenging role at an established organisation. To drive revenue and leads and facilitate effective client relationships and collaborations utilising my skills and competencies. 
  12. Result-driven individual with solid communication skills seeking a sales and business development job.  

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