Affidavit of Support for a Student Visa

Affidavit of Support for a Student Visa

Affidavit of Support for a Student Visa
Saru Niraula

If anyone is a student in your family who plans to study abroad, you might be required to submit an affidavit of support with their application.

What exactly is an affidavit of support, and for what purpose is it used? This article will provide you with answers as well as examples of how to draft the letter. Continue reading this article to learn more about the affidavit of support for a student visa.

What is an Affidavit of Support?

An affidavit is a written commitment. It is an official document in which the sponsor (an affiant) declares facts and swears to their truthfulness. An affidavit of support is a legal declaration that the student has a certain sum of money in the bank and is ready to utilize it for educational purposes. It is one of the crucial documents, and the date must be expressly stated. It is frequently signed under oath and witnessed by an authority, such as a notary public.

Foreign immigration officials want to ensure that students coming to study there have the resources to sustain themselves while there. Parents and family members provide financial support for these students because they frequently haven't started their businesses or established independent sources of income. Sponsors are often the parents, husbands, or other family members who lend financial assistance to the student.

So, to verify that the student would get financial assistance from their family during the program they seek, a student visa application may ask for an affidavit of support. A letter on institutional letterhead or a form must be used to submit the affidavit of support. Parents or other family members will often need to produce documentation of the applicant's relationship and the declaration of support. Among other acceptable papers, a birth certificate or a marriage certificate might illustrate this in the case of a spouse.

Typically, the sponsor must be a single member of the family, not a group of relatives. You can name a single family member to serve as the applicant's sponsor or two persons, such as employed parents. The tiny print on student applications should be carefully studied, as some immigration authorities may specify that the sponsor must be a parent or spouse, and an aunt or an uncle does not satisfy this criterion. A sponsor must also demonstrate that they meet the minimal financial requirements for the student to acquire a visa, along with the evidence of the relationship and the affidavit. Each nation has its minimum standards for students from India, along with particular papers needed to demonstrate compliance. Many nations like to see bank statements from a sponsor or even an ITR-V to ensure the student has the money to live there.

Does the F1 visa interview need an affidavit of support?

An affidavit of support must be submitted with the application if a sponsor is required for the student to meet the financial requirements. To issue the Form I-20 to the student and educational institution, it is also necessary to meet the financial requirements adequately. An F1 visa is given to overseas students who wish to study at a college, university, high school, or vocational institute in the United States. Those who apply for an F1 visa will be contacted for an interview to confirm their information and determine whether they truly want to study in the US and return to India. Most significantly, they'll want to determine whether providing financial assistance for the student while studying in the US is feasible.

During the interview, the student will be questioned on how they will pay for their tuition and living costs in the US. The student should fully understand the facts in the support letter affidavit and the funds' source. If you live in the US and are applying to sponsor an overseas student, you must complete Form I-134.

What is the minimum income requirement for an affidavit of support?

Depending on the nation the student is applying to, different amounts of money are required for an affidavit of support. Each nation has its requirements, which may change based on how long the student is anticipated to remain. It may also vary between campuses in rural and urban areas within the same nation.

What should an Affidavit of Support Letter include?

Affidavits of support must be written on your own if a form isn't given to you to fill out. Ideally, a professional letter on personal letterhead that has been typed should be used for this. An affidavit of support letter includes the following:

  • Address and name of a sponsor
  • Name and address of the student receiving the funds
  • Relationship between the student and the sponsor
  • An explanation of the sponsorship's budget, duration, and objectives
  • Signature of the sponsor

Please note that you must provide financial supporting documentation, such as bank deposits, sources of income, etc. The documentation must preferably be notarized since this is the finest choice.

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Affidavit of support for a student visa: Samples

The following are a few examples of affidavits of support. The sponsor should write affidavits of support, not the student, keep in mind. While these serve as a reference, creating your unique letter is preferable to demonstrate your sincere support for the student.

Sample 1

Below is a sample of an Affidavit of support for a student visa application:


[Your Full Name]


[Contact information]


The relevant embassy or consulate


To Whom It May Concern,

My name is [enter your name]. This letter confirms financial support for the student visa application for [enter student's full name] [passport number or application number]. The applicant has been approved to enrol full-time at [name of school]. I will pay for the students' living and educational costs while they are abroad as they form family bonds. I have a copy of the birth certificate, marriage certificate, or other document proving our familial links as proof of our relationship.

I promise to comprehensively cover all costs incurred by the student throughout the program in [applying country]. The costs for the student's stay include tuition, lodging, food, living expenses, study expenses, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The bank statements [and other papers, if required] that demonstrate compliance with the financial criteria for a student visa are attached to this letter. I guarantee that the student applicant will have total access to this account for the duration he or she studies abroad full-time. I have also included a copy of my government-issued ID to confirm my identity.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any queries or want further details.



[Full name]

Sample 2

Below is another sample of an Affidavit of support for a student visa application:

[Your Full Name]


[Contact information]


The relevant embassy or consulate


Subject: [Enter student’s name} - [Passport or application number]

Dear Sir or Madam,

This letter guarantees that for the duration of the student's program at [insert the name and location of the educational institution], I will cover all costs for the applicant student, [Enter student's complete name and passport/application number].

To prove my link to the student applicant, I thus certify that I am the [insert family relation here]. I have attached the [birth certificate/marriage certificate/family relation document] with this letter.

As further proof that I can satisfy the financial standards for full-time students, I have included my bank statements and income tax forms. To cover any costs incurred during his or her stay, the student will need access to this bank account and the cash above, which includes:

  • Education fees
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Medical costs
  • Accommodation
  • books and materials
  • Miscellaneous expenses
  • Any unplanned costs

In addition, there are also round-trip airfares from here to the home country. I profitably work with a salary of **** and ****, which might also maintain the student abroad. My work contract is also attached to this letter.

I appreciate your consideration.



[Full name printed]

Sample 3

Today's Date

Sponsor's Name 

Sponsor's Name 

Address of the sponsor

Email Id of the sponsor

Sponsor's Phone Number

To whom it may concern:

This document confirms that I (sponsor's complete name) am ready and prepared to assist my (student's relationship to you) while attending the (College Name) of (Place Name).

I have provided supporting paperwork that demonstrates my ability to provide (name of student) with ($amount in USD) each year of study in the (Country Name). I know that these monies must be accessible for each semester of the student above's program of study in the (Country Name).

The attached financial documentation displays accounts with balances, deposits, and withdrawals. The paperwork is less than two months old and is written in English. I attest that the details provided in this letter and the copies of the financial documentation are accurate and complete. Don't hesitate to contact me at the e-mail and phone number above if you have any queries or worries.


(Sponsor’s Signature)

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