Top 5 Weird Inventions That Backfired

Top 5 Weird Inventions That Backfired

Top 5 Weird Inventions That Backfired
Sahil Dahal

Human progress and innovation have resulted in remarkable inventions throughout history. However, not all ideas have been successful. This article delves into the top 5 weird inventions that backfired hilariously. These quirky and failed attempts at innovation highlight the risks and unconventional thinking involved in pursuing progress.

Weird Inventions That Backfired

Flying Tanks

As the name suggests, the concept of flying tanks aimed to create military tanks equipped with wings. The idea was to simplify the transportation of tanks, but it failed to gain popularity. Initial tests showed promise, but the practicality of winged tanks remained questionable. Nevertheless, they serve as a fascinating testament to unconventional thinking and the pursuit of unconventional solutions.

Gas-Shooting Riot Car

In the less tolerant times of the 1930s, dissent against the government was highly discouraged, leading to the proposal of a gas-shooting riot car. This invention, patented in 1938, was intended to assist law enforcement dispersing protesters. However, it never gained widespread acceptance and faded into obscurity as society evolved and embraced more peaceful crowd control methods.

Vacuum Beauty Helmet

Driven by the desire to enhance one's appearance, the vacuum beauty helmet emerged as a peculiar invention. It aimed to use suction to improve one's facial features. Although it gained attention during its time, the concept needed to withstand the test of time. Today, more practical and effective beauty treatments are available, rendering the vacuum beauty helmet obsolete.

Flying Saucer Camera

During the 1950s, a surge of UFO sightings captured public interest. Capitalizing on this fascination, the government supported the creation of the flying saucer camera. This peculiar camera was designed to capture aerial photographs, including temperature readings. However, as scepticism grew and the scientific community debunked many UFO claims, the popularity of this invention waned. It now stands as a curious relic of the past, representing an era of heightened extraterrestrial curiosity.

Cigarette Umbrella

In an era when smoking was considered classy, keeping cigarettes dry during rainfall became a concern. This led to the invention of the cigarette umbrella, a rather amusing solution proposed in 1931 by a circus clown. The idea was to protect cigarettes from becoming soggy. While the cigarette umbrella did not stand the test of time, it serves as a humorous reminder of how perspectives change over time, particularly in regard to smoking.


Failed inventions have entertained and amazed us throughout history, and the top 5 weird inventions discussed in this article represent just a fraction of these humorous missteps. Despite their lack of success, these inventions remind us of the boundless human imagination and our willingness to take risks in pursuing progress. As we continue to explore and innovate, let us appreciate the successes and the failures, as they are all part of our collective journey.

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Why were flying tanks considered a weird invention?

Flying tanks were considered weird because they aimed to combine military tanks with wings, raising questions about practicality.

How did the gas-shooting riot car attempt to control protests, and why did it backfire?

The gas-shooting riot car attempted to control protests by shooting gas at protesters, but it backfired due to harshness and public opposition.

What was the purpose of the vacuum beauty helmet, and why did it fail as an invention?

The vacuum beauty helmet aimed to enhance facial features using suction but failed as more effective beauty treatments became available.

How did the flying saucer camera capitalize on UFO fascination, and why did it lose popularity?

The flying saucer camera capitalized on UFO fascination by capturing aerial photos, but it lost popularity as scepticism grew and UFO claims were debunked.

What was the purpose of the cigarette umbrella, and why did it become a failed invention?

The purpose of the cigarette umbrella was to keep cigarettes dry during rain, but it became a failed invention as smoking perspectives shifted and became less socially acceptable.

Were there any successful aspects or positive outcomes associated with these weird inventions?

While these inventions failed in their intended purposes, they showcased innovation and creativity.

How do these failed inventions reflect the risks and unconventional thinking involved in pursuing progress?

These failed inventions reflect the risks and unconventional thinking in pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas.

What can we learn from these top 5 weird inventions that backfired, and how do they contribute to our understanding of human innovation?

These inventions teach us the importance of taking risks, learning from failures, and embracing unconventional thinking to pursue progress.

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