How to write Letters of Recommendation

How to write Letters of Recommendation

How to write Letters of Recommendation
Sahil Dahal

Start your letter with a formal salutation, addressing it to the recipient (e.g., admission committee, employer). In the introduction, clearly state your relationship with the candidate, including how long you have known them and in what capacity.

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Sample Introduction:

Dear [Recipient's Name],

I highly recommend [Candidate's Full Name] for [purpose of the recommendation, e.g., admission to your graduate program/employment opportunity]. I have had the pleasure of [knowing/working with] [him/her/them] for [duration], during which I have had the opportunity to witness [his/her/their] exceptional [qualities/achievements].


Academic Achievements and Skills:

Highlight the candidate's academic accomplishments, skills, and any relevant coursework. Be specific about their strengths, contributions to class discussions, and how they stand out academically.


During their time in my [class/course], [Candidate's Name] consistently demonstrated a deep understanding of [subject matter]. Their commitment to academic excellence was evident through [specific achievements, projects, or assignments], showcasing their intelligence and dedication to mastering the material.

Professional Qualities and Work Ethic:

Discuss the candidate's professional qualities, work ethic, and any experiences you've had working together. Provide concrete examples of how they have shown initiative, leadership, and reliability.


I had the pleasure of working closely with [Candidate's Name] on [specific project/task], where their strong work ethic and attention to detail were particularly noteworthy. They took the initiative to [describe particular actions taken], demonstrating their ability to meet and exceed expectations.

Personal Characteristics:

Include information about the candidate's characteristics, such as teamwork, communication skills, and adaptability. Mention any instances that highlight their interpersonal skills and ability to collaborate effectively.


One of [Candidate's Name]'s standout qualities is their exceptional interpersonal skills. They consistently fostered a positive collaborative environment, contributing significantly to group projects and enhancing the team dynamic. Their effective communication and openness to feedback make them an asset in any collaborative setting.

Leadership and Initiative:

If applicable, discuss instances where the candidate demonstrated leadership qualities, took the initiative, or showed a willingness to take on responsibilities beyond expectations.


I was particularly impressed by [Candidate's Name]'s leadership qualities when they [describe a specific leadership role or initiative]. Their ability to inspire and guide their peers was evident in [specific outcomes or achievements], underscoring their natural leadership capabilities.

Personal Anecdotes and Impressions:

Share personal anecdotes or specific instances that provide depth to your recommendation. Illustrate your points with real-life examples that reinforce the qualities you are highlighting.


One memorable incident encapsulating [Candidate's Name]'s character occurred when [provide a brief anecdote]. This event showcased their resilience and problem-solving skills and highlighted their unwavering commitment to [relevant values or goals].

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Summarize the key points of your recommendation and express your confidence in the candidate's potential for success. Offer to provide additional information if needed and provide your contact information.

Sample Conclusion:

In conclusion, I am confident that [Candidate's Full Name] would be a valuable addition to your [program/company]. Their combination of [academic prowess/leadership qualities/personal attributes] makes them an outstanding candidate. Please get in touch with me at [your email and phone number] if you require further information.


End the letter formally closing, expressing gratitude for considering your recommendation.

Sample Closing:

Thank you for considering my recommendation. I am confident that [Candidate's Name] will bring exceptional value to [program/company], and I wholeheartedly recommend them for [purpose of the recommendation].


[Your Full Name]

[Your Position]

[Your Institution/Organization]

[Your Contact Information]

Remember to customize the letter based on your unique relationship with the candidate and the specific requirements of the recommendation. Tailor the language to reflect your genuine observations and experiences with the individual you are recommending.

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