Best Housing Choices for International Students in the US

Best Housing Choices for International Students in the US

Best Housing Choices for International Students in the US
Sahil Dahal

When international students plan to study in the United States, one of the most critical decisions they have to make is choosing suitable accommodation. This decision can significantly affect their overall study-abroad experience. Living in a comfortable, safe, and conducive environment can contribute positively to their physical, emotional, and psychological well-being, academic performance, and social life. On the other hand, an inadequate living environment can cause stress and anxiety and affect their academic performance and social life.

Choosing suitable accommodation as an international student in the US is a significant decision that can affect your overall experience studying abroad. It is essential to identify your general requirements for housing before making any decision. This means considering the factors that will affect your overall experience and well-being, as well as your academic performance and social life. When looking for a place to live as an international student in the US, there are a few things to consider. Here are some essential factors to consider:

Monthly budget: Think about how much money you can spend on housing each month. You'll need to pay rent, utilities, food, and other expenses, so choose a place that fits your budget.

Location: Consider where you want to live. Living close to your university and public transportation can be very reasonable, but it can also be expensive. Make sure you choose a safe neighbourhood where you'll feel comfortable and secure.

Amenities: Check to see what facilities are available in your housing options. Look for high-speed internet, laundry facilities, air conditioning, and fully equipped kitchens.

Duration of stay: If you plan to stay in an off-campus apartment or home rental, clarify how long you'll be staying. If you're only staying temporarily, you may need to find a different type of housing.

Every student is unique and has their preferences when it comes to housing. So, take your time and choose a housing option that suits your lifestyle and preferences. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for finding the proper international student housing. The key is to find a type of housing where you feel comfortable and satisfied. To do this, you must carefully consider all the available options and speak to an advisor if you need help. This will help you find the best housing choice that meets your needs.

How to Find Housing for International Students

As an international student, finding the right housing can be overwhelming. However, there are many resources available to support your search. Here are a few important ones:

University housing information: Most universities have housing options for students. You can check with your university to see if they offer on-campus housing, such as dorms or apartments. If they do not have on-campus options, they may be able to recommend off-campus housing close to the university. You can also check the university housing boards for available spaces.

Websites and social media: Besides your university website, many online resources list international student housing options available in the local area. Websites like ApartmentGuide,, and Zillow are great options for finding apartments, rooms or shared housing. Similarly, students at your university may share information on their personal social media accounts about shared spaces and roommate requests. You can join Facebook groups related to your university or city to get access to such information.

Student advisors: Your university's international student advisor can help guide you through the housing process. They may know of housing options based on your preferences or connect you with students looking for roommates if you want to share a room or an apartment. They can also help you understand the rental agreements and local laws to make an informed decision.

Starting your search for international student housing before you arrive in the US can help you quickly settle in. Many universities have housing options that are limited in number, and popular options can fill up quickly. Starting your search early can help you find the best accommodation that suits your needs.

Types of Housing Accommodations for Students in the USA

When studying in the USA, many types of student accommodations are available both on and off campus. Some students like to live on campus during their first year to get used to the campus and have easy access to facilities and friends. Some universities may also require first-year students to live on campus. Other students prefer to live off-campus to explore the nearby neighbourhood and its amenities. Below are the student accommodations you can choose from in the USA.

On-Campus Dorms

Living on campus is a convenient housing option for international students studying in the USA. An on-campus dorm provides a traditional American college experience. There are many advantages to staying on campus, such as more opportunities to socialize, easy access to classes, dining and recreation facilities, and housing fees that cover rent and utilities.

Living on campus means sharing a dormitory and common living spaces, like bathrooms, laundry rooms, and kitchens. Some universities require first-year students to stay on campus. You can learn more about your university's housing options and requirements by speaking with your advisor, reviewing your pre-departure orientation materials, or visiting your university's housing website. You will receive instructions on how to apply for on-campus housing, typically through a student portal or the university website. After you select your housing preferences, your university will match you with a suitable roommate and location.


An apartment is another housing option for international students in the USA. Apartments can be located on-campus or off-campus, offering more independence and privacy than dorms. You can share an apartment with other students, or if your budget permits, you can rent your apartment.

On-campus apartments: On-campus apartments are another housing option for international students in the USA. These apartments are on the university campus and offer more privacy and space than traditional dorms. Living expenses, such as rent and utilities, are usually included in the on-campus housing fees.

Off-campus apartments: Living in an off-campus apartment can give you more freedom and independence than living in a dorm or on-campus apartment. Off-campus apartments are outside the university and provide less structure than on-campus housing.

Living in an apartment requires you to handle more responsibilities than living in a dorm. Many upperclassmen undergraduate and graduate students choose to live in apartments as they may better understand US culture and how to manage to live alone, or they may prefer having more space and privacy than living in a dorm on campus.

Renting a House

Renting a house is another option for international students who want more space and flexibility. Homes are usually off-campus and offer more privacy and space than apartments and dorms. You can live alone, with your family or friends, or as part of a fraternity or sorority home.

Individually or with your family: If you're moving to the US with your family or want to live alone, renting a house can be a good option. Check with your advisor or housing department to find student and family-friendly neighbourhoods close to campus.

With your friends: you can rent a house together with your friend after your first year. The privacy and space depend on the number and size of the rooms and the number of students sharing the house. Rent, internet, utility, and grocery costs can be split among roommates.

As part of a fraternity or sorority home: Alternatively, you can choose to live in a fraternity or sorority home. These are social organizations where students live together in a house and share utilities and other facilities. Monthly rent contributions may cover these costs. Greek housing provides an opportunity to make friends, network, and live in a place with a sense of belonging.


Homestay can be an excellent choice for international students who may feel uncomfortable living alone in a new country. Homestay places students with an American family who resides near their university. Homestay can be an excellent opportunity to learn and understand American culture and feel less homesick because you will live with a family.

Furthermore, staying in a homestay can help you improve your English skills, as you will speak English with your hosts daily. To ensure that the homestay arrangement works smoothly, following some guidelines and rules, such as respecting meal times, cleanliness, and internet usage, is essential. The homestay coordinator will oversee the process and ensure you and your hosts enjoy this arrangement. Homestay can help you feel at home even when you are far away from your country.

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