Things to know before moving to the UK

Things to know before moving to the UK

Aditee NeupaneTue Nov 10 2020

Things to know before moving to the UK

The UK is a dream destination for millions of international students. Apart from the international students, UK is also a top hotspot for researcher, travellers and ambitious learners. 

No matter how excited you are for upcoming adventures in a new country, moving to a new country can be intimidating. Plus, if you are completely new to their culture and lifestyle, the experience might be baffling. 

Here we have some helpful information for first-time visitors so that you are prepared for the culture shock and all the bizarre things that you will see around in the UK. Take note of the important things you need to know before moving to the UK and also get some of your research done. 

Call 999 for an emergency in UK

In the UK, you need to call 999 for any kind of emergency and not 911. Remember each country has its own official emergency number, and you should be well aware of it. In case you just need advice, the helpline number is 101, and you should dial this number for non-emergency matters. 

The accent changes across regions and so does the language

If you are well aware of the language variations across different regions in the UK, there should not be a problem communicating with people. You are very likely to get confused with all different accents, and you can expect to come across many of them but don’t worry since most of them are understandable and communicable. 

Some sound really posh while some sound very country-ish and some of them lie in between. Be prepared to learn a lot of other languages like Scottish, Welsh and Irish. 

They love talking about the weather

If you ever run out of topics or can't figure out how to initiate a conversation with someone, just start talking about how you feel about the weather. The Brits always have something to say about their weather and always seem surprised about it since the weather changes so frequently that you can never really predict what is next.


Do not ever ‘queue-jump’

The Brits find it extremely offensive and disrespectful when you jump a queue since they follow the queueing system pretty seriously, and it is like manner less or bad manners to them. Keep that in your mind and always stay in the line or else it could lead to public embarrassment. Get in the line, it is kind of a mandatory rule in public places in the UK. 

The “UK” and “Great Britain” are not the same

Many people consider the UK as Great Britain and think those two are names for the same place. Let’s clear this confusion, the UK and Great Britain are not the same and there are actual differences between them. Great Britain consists of England, Wales and Scotland whereas the UK consists of these three countries plus Northern Ireland.

The countryside is breathtaking

If you ever feel like escaping the cities and enjoying natural landscapes, just know that the countryside is gifted with stunning scenery that will leave you in awe. So if you ever get a chance, make sure you enjoy the splendid views of the Scottish Highlands, Yorkshire countryside, the Brecon Beacons and there is much more to explore and experience.

UK Places have bizarre names

The towns and street names sound so odd and bizarre, they will give you a good laugh. Their places have some pretty ridiculous names like Twatt, a Scratchy Bottom, Dumb Woman’s Lane and the list goes on and the names get more bizarre and laughable. Get ready to hear more of them. 

They love their tea

Tea is the national drink. It does not matter if it is rainy, sunny or snowy, tea is the answer to everything. You can get along with people pretty well if you learn to make a good cup of tea, but it’s not that they drink only the tea. Coffee is also consumed in most places and the rich, roast smells are preferred over tea by many. 

Learn the pronunciation

Some British words and names are so complicated, they will give you a hard time while learning. Especially the place names like Leicester, Hawarden, Anstruther etc which are not pronounced like they are spelt. If you learn how these places are actually pronounced, you will be mind blown. So get familiar with most of the words and their pronunciations. 

Stand on the right and manners

Standing on the right will be a life-saving tip for you. Some people are always in a hurry, so the left side is to walk through. If you step on an escalator, stick to your right side and save yourself from the death glares of people who are in a rush.

Also, “Thank You” and “Excuse Me” words are the key to show yourself some decency which is a good manner and a better upbringing factor that reflects while you are having a conversation with anyone. Besides that, always keep your calm and maintain excessive politeness and discipline. It takes time to process and adjust to things that are completely new to you, so it is alright in the beginning. 

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