Master of Business Analytics in the UK

Master of Business Analytics in the UK

Master of Business Analytics in the UK
Rojina Raut

In the era where data is the new oil, a master’s degree in Business Analytics is considered an unparalleled degree to pursue. This program incorporates a holistic approach to help students understand the data knowledge required to drive 21st-century business houses. 

As of the 2022 data collected by QS rankings, the U.K. houses over 15 institutions that rank globally for academic courses on Business Analytics.

Follow this guide for details on Master of Business Analytics in the UK. 

Why study Master of Business Analytics in the UK?

An MSc in Business Analytics is the most head-on approach to gaining employment, promotion, and other benefits. There are immense career opportunities for those with a master’s degree in this field. 

Students are investing in this degree due to the high demand for this set of skilful individuals.

Some of the more evident reasons why the MSc in Business Analytics in the UK is gaining popularity are mentioned below: -

  • Scope: Since data is prevalent in every sector, this degree applies to all industries ranging from education to e-commerce. This degree gives you the leniency to explore and choose a wide range of options.
  • Competitive Salary/Growth: The market has deemed business analysts to have a significant rise of 20 to 28% for entry-level and senior-level positions. The average salary held by a business analyst is an estimated 45000 GBP. With the growing demand for these individuals, and is likely headed for an upward trend.
  • Cost-effective Degree: Compared to the U.S., the tuition fees are comparatively lower, making it a cost-effective program.
  • Two-year Setback: The government of the UK has initiated a two-year setback for international students who have completed their degree, giving them adequate time to obtain a career path, a significant advantage that the U.K. holds over other countries.

Master of Business Analytics in UK fees

To pursue this one-year program in the U.K, the average cost would be 20000 to 35000 GBP, depending upon the location and university. A Nepali Student pursuing this degree would cost around 33 to 53 Lakh NPR. 

Considering the high cost of this degree, the expected return on investment is also high. A Business Analytics major’s salary is offered at about 45000 GBP in the U.K., making it an investment worthwhile.

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Top Universities for Master of Business Analytics in the UK

Here are the universities that offer the best Business Analytics courses in the U.K with their global ranking, fee structure, and scholarships they offer.




Imperial College London

₤ 34,300

Deans Impact Scholarship (₤20,000 tuition waived)

Imperial Excellence Scholarship

(₤10,000 tuition waived.

Alliance Manchester Business School

₤ 27,500

Academic Scholarship Available

University of Warrick

₤ 31.500

WBS Scholarship

OR Society Scholarship Program

University of Edinburgh

₤ 31,013

Academic Scholarship Available

Leeds University Business School

₤ 25,750

Academic Scholarship Available

What can I do with a master’s degree in Business Analytics?

With a master’s in business Analytics, graduates can choose several IT and Business Sectors positions. MSc in Business Analytics is a professional course geared towards shaping and grooming students into successful working professionals.

With the high demand for these professionals in the market, many businesses require the expertise of individuals who can understand business problems and convert problems into technological solutions. Earning a master's degree can qualify you to meet that requirement.

Depending upon the level of experience, expertise, and their current positioning, recent master’s degree holders can achieve a career in the following career prospects:

  • Business Analyst
  • Database Analyst
  • Consultant
  • Operations Analyst
  • Strategy Analyst

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Master of Business Analytics in the U.K. entry requirements for international students

International students must possess basic entry requirements before enrolling at the university of their choice.

UK Student Visa

A big part of studying abroad that international students must consider is applying for and getting a student visa. For a full-time course, students must possess a tier 4 student visa which can be obtained at the nearest embassy or with the help of a consultancy.

The mentioned list consists of the mandatory documents that you need to apply for a student visa: 

  • Valid Passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Letter of Acceptance from the University
  • English Proficiency Test Score
  • Proof of Finances for the Visa Application

After submitting all the documents and filling out the application, students will have to go through an interview process at the embassy, where they will be asked questions regarding their program and intention of staying.

Once you have successfully cleared the interview, you will be issued a student visa directly on your passport.

Academic Requirements

  • Minimum GPA of 3.0 or upper Second-Class Honors in their undergraduate level
  • The international qualification will be deemed acceptable by the university.

English Proficiency Requirements

  • IELTS: An overall band score of 6.5 to 7
  • TOFEL: An average score of 92 to 100
  • PTE: 66 to 73


  • Online Application
  • Statement of Purpose (Essay)
  • Academic Transcripts
  • Resume (Optional)
  • Reference Letters

How much can you make with a master's in Business Analytics?

With the explosive surge in demand for analysts, the respective salaries have also increased in the last two decades. Companies are still likely to invest in IT professionals as they hold an important position in technological factors, and this trend is expected to grow even in the coming years.

With the growing demand for IT professionals, skilled workers such as Business Analysts and consultants are still in shortage. Due to this concern, salaries for these professions are significantly high.

Among Business Analysts, some of the most common average salaries from entry-level to senior-level positions are mentioned in the table below: -



Business Analyst

45000 GBP

Domain Business Analyst

37000 GBP

Strategy Analyst

41874 GBP


43949 GBP

Earning a master's degree in MSc in Business Analytics will help individuals gain specialized knowledge to advance in their workplace. With the ever-growing IT market, a graduate degree will show that you're dedicated to enhancing your industry expertise and increasing your credibility.

 A master's degree can help you gain new skills for your current job or even transition into a different field. Career advancement is a significant benefit of getting a master's degree. 

It will be easier to transition to senior positions and get hired into senior positions directly. There is also a higher chance of increasing your earning potential. Career benefits aside, a master’s degree can benefit personal growth and learning. 

It can also help improve your research, writing, and analytical skills. Along with honing existing skills, you can learn new skill sets, become a better problem solver, and tackle more significant projects more quickly.

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