Diploma Courses in UK

Diploma Courses in UK

Diploma Courses in UK
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The best career breakthrough you can have is to study in the UK. You can gain helpful knowledge and skills in the real world by attending universities with an excellent reputations. Students from all over the globe are offered a variety of degrees and courses in the UK.

International students can receive a top-notch education at many UK universities. Students can choose from a wide range of degree options depending on their qualifications. An international student in the UK can find numerous undergraduate and postgraduate diploma courses in various sectors and undergraduate and graduate programs.

A diploma course is a top-tier educational program equivalent to a Foundation Degree in the UK. These diploma programs are excellent for job-related purposes. On the other hand, a diploma teaches you real-world practical skills that can aid you in pursuing a career in your chosen field. Numerous universities offer specialized and diverse diploma programs with a wide variety of module options that are all unique from one another.

The average cost of a diploma program in the UK is £1,200, with a maximum cost of £28,000. The price is determined by the institution you select and the seriousness of the program you are enrolling in.

You must achieve a minimum score on competitive entrance exams like English Language Tests, GRE, GMAT, etc., to be admitted to a diploma program at one of the prestigious universities in the UK. In addition, if you want to apply for a diploma course, you must possess a relevant bachelor's degree.

Why study Diploma courses in the UK

Students from all over the world can enroll in various undergraduate and postgraduate diploma programs at UK universities. Apart from education, looking in the UK has a lot of other advantages.

  • You will be more quickly job-ready with a diploma course. You'll receive skill-based education. A vocational course will assist you in developing the necessary skills. Once you have acquired these abilities, you will feel comfortable using them at work. Additionally, when you are proficient, employers will value you.
  • After completing their training, more than 75% of diploma holders find employment and make a good living.
  • A diploma program is less expensive and time-consuming to complete. The majority of diploma courses can be finished in a year or less. You will soon be hired after completing the course.
  • It's possible that you won't be able to get a degree if you don't meet the requirements or have weak performance. But you might not need to comply to the higher education requirement if you're taking a diploma or vocational course. Additionally, this course can fill in any gaps in your qualifications.

Diploma courses offered in the UK

  • PG Diploma in Art, design, and media
  • PG Diploma Nursing
  • PG Diploma in copyright law
  • Diploma in Business Administration and Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Building Information Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma or Certificate in Asian Art

Diploma courses offered after 12

After the 12th grade, various universities in the UK offer a variety of diploma programs.

Here are a few:





Diploma in Art & Design

1 year


Diploma in Accounting

13 months


Diploma in Psychology

1 year


Diploma in Journalism

1 year

Forensic Science

Diploma in Forensics

1 year

Film Making

Diploma in Film Making

1 year

Business Administration

Diploma in Business Administration & Management

13 months

Diploma courses offered after Post Graduate

Students can pursue postgraduate diplomas to advance their understanding and skills in a particular profession after earning their bachelor's degree. A practical understanding of professionalism is assisted by a PG degree.

Various universities offer different postgraduate diplomas in the UK.





PG Diploma in Law

9 months

Banking & Finance

PG Diploma in Banking & Finance

1 year

Business Analytics

PG Diploma in Business Analytics

16 months

Data Science

PG Diploma in Data Science

1 year

Fashion Designing

PG Diploma in Fashion Design Technology

1 year

Human Resource

PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

1 year


PG Diploma in Nursing

16 months

Computer Science

PG Diploma in Computer Science

16 months


PG Diploma in Pharmacy

1 year


PG Diploma in Sales

13 months

College offering Diploma Courses

Below is a list of some of the colleges that offer various courses, along with a breakdown of their costs.





The University of Law

  • PG Diploma in Law

9 months

9,850 EUR

Warn Borough College

  • PG Diploma in Human Resource Management

1 year

13,450 EUR

University of Portsmouth

  • PG Diploma in Banking & Finance

1 year

16,450 EUR

University of Derby

  • PG Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality Management

16 months

13,450 EUR

University of Essex

  • PG Diploma in Nursing
  • PG Diploma in Computer Science
  • PG Diploma in Business Analytics

16 months

17,450 EUR

27,480 EUR

9,450 EUR

University of Hertfordshire

  • PG Diploma in Pharmacy

1 year

22,450 EUR

University of London

  • PG Diploma in Data Science

1 year

10,165 EUR

Royal College of Art

  • Diploma in Art & Design

1 year

17,560 EUR

West College London

  • Diploma in Accounting

13 months 

14,345 EUR

London Film Academy

  • Diploma in Film Making

1 year

23.000 EUR

Eligibility & Requirements

Numerous colleges and universities in the UK offer a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate diploma programs. Different disciplines have different eligibility requirements for each of these courses.

However, to apply for any type of diploma course in the UK, you must meet the following minimum eligibility requirements:

  • The student must have earned a minimum percentage on their 12th-grade board exams to receive an undergraduate diploma.
  • The student must have completed their bachelor's degree with a minimum required percentage (likely between 60 and 75%) to receive a postgraduate diploma.
  • Students must take English proficiency exams like the IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, and others. They must pass these exams for English proficiency with a minimum grade.
  • Students who wish to pursue management diploma programs should have a GRE or GMAT score sheet.
  • Even the application of a LOR (Letter of Recommendation) and SOP may be required by some universities (Statement of Purpose).

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