Study in UK from Sri Lanka

Study in UK from Sri Lanka

Study in UK from Sri Lanka
Santosh Dhamala

Thinking about studying in the UK from Sri Lanka? Great choice! In this blog, we'll discuss why the UK is a fantastic place to study for students like you. We'll cover top universities, exciting courses, and how you can make your dream of studying abroad come true. 

So, let's get started and learn more about the opportunities in the UK!

Why Choose to Study in the UK from Sri Lanka?

  • Outstanding Education System and Best Universities - The UK stands as a global exemplar with its exceptional education system, serving as a model for other developed nations. This system is meticulously designed to impart students with a profound understanding of concepts, comprehensive subject knowledge, and the development of vital skills. It provides an enriching learning environment, access to cutting-edge and knowledge-driven curricula, and more.
  • Opportunities for Post-Study Career Advancement - The UK government reinstated the 'Post-Study Work' permit or 'Post-Study Work' Visa on July 1st, 2021. This allows international students to remain in the UK after completing their degrees. The PSW visa allows students to kickstart their careers in the UK. Bachelor's and Master's students can extend their stay for up to 2 years, while Doctorate students can stay for a maximum of 3 years.
  • Affordable Housing Options - First-year international students can reside in university dormitories covered by their admission fees. Subsequently, students can live on the outskirts of urban areas where rent is more budget-friendly. These outer regions of UK cities offer their unique charm and appeal.
  • Secure Metropolitan Centers - The UK boasts a multitude of metropolitan cities that provide a secure and welcoming environment for international students embarking on their global educational journey. The UK government and universities enforce stringent rules and regulations to ensure students' safety. 
  • Accelerated Degree Programs - In the UK, students can complete their academic degrees in shorter time frames, ultimately reducing the overall cost of education. Bachelor's degrees typically require only three years of study, while Master's programs can be completed in two years. Even Ph.D. programs have a shorter duration of three to four years compared to other developed countries.

Popular Study Programs in the UK

The United Kingdom is renowned for offering cutting-edge and innovative study programs, providing students with a global platform and top-notch facilities. 

The country consistently welcomes deserving students, offering access to an array of exceptional courses to enhance their careers. Let's delve into these courses in greater detail:

  • Business Analytics - Business Analytics is a field that employs advanced technologies like data analysis, statistical models, and quantitative methods to analyze data and devise effective solutions for business enhancement. Currently ranked at the top in the UK, this course paves the way for tech-savvy students to pursue lucrative career opportunities.
  • Data Science - Data Science is a rapidly emerging course in many countries, equipping students with the knowledge to extract meaningful insights from big data to make informed business decisions.
  • Computer Science - Computer Science is the cornerstone of digital innovation, with computer scientists responsible for creating transformative applications, machines, and systems through their exceptional programming skills.
  • MBA and MIM - Aspiring business professionals often pursue MBA and MIM degrees to understand business management concepts comprehensively. An MBA program imparts in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge across areas like accounting, finance, marketing, and relationship management, while MIM focuses on advanced business establishment and growth strategies.
  • MBBS - MBBS, the study of medicine, enables students to explore various medical fields, including human anatomy, physiology, medical biochemistry, pharmacology, pathology, microbiology, and more. Medicine is a famous and prestigious professional field in the UK, offering students a path to a successful career in healthcare.
  • Finance, International Business, and Accounting - Designed for international students, this program teaches accounting and finance within a global context. It also enhances English language skills to facilitate the understanding of business concepts at a global level.
  • Law - Law programs cater to students aspiring to become judges, advocates, attorneys, and more. The diverse field of law in the UK encompasses areas such as criminal law, commercial law, administrative law, and property law, offering students the opportunity to specialize in their area of interest.
  • Architecture and Construction Management - These fields revolve around the design and construction of buildings. Architects and construction managers are pivotal in creating remarkable and aesthetically pleasing structures.
  • Engineering - Earning an engineering degree opens doors to high-profile positions involving designing, operating, and maintaining machines, systems, and vehicles. Engineers are often rewarded with competitive salaries in the industry.
  • Fashion and Interior Designing - With increasing consumer emphasis on modern and unique home aesthetics, fashion and interior designers are in high demand for creative concepts and design expertise.

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Requirements for Applying to Study in the UK from Sri Lanka:

Ensure that all educational documents and transcripts are in English.

  • Possess a valid passport.
  • Submit an up-to-date CV/Resume.
  • Include a Statement of Purpose.
  • Obtain two Letters of Recommendation.
  • Provide an English Language Proficiency certificate.
  • If applying for a PhD or MPhil program, submit a Research Proposal.
  • Prepare a portfolio of your work for art, design, architecture, or film courses.
  • If applicable, submit work experience certificates.
  • Present a certificate confirming a clean criminal record.

Student visa requirements for the UK

Here’s an overview of the types of study visas and their application requirements:

Type of student visa

Who it’s for

When to apply

Arrival in the UK

Tier 4 (General) student visa

Students aged 16 or over who have been offered a place in a course at a UK educational institution with a valid Tier 4 sponsor

Three months before the start of your course

Up to one week before if your course lasts six months or fewer.
Up to one month before if your course lasts more than six months.

Scholarships for Studying in the UK

When it comes to pursuing your studies in the UK, finding the proper financial support can make a significant difference. Scholarships can help cover tuition fees and even provide for some living expenses. 

Each institution may offer varying scholarship amounts and types. Some research programs might cover up to 100% of your tuition fees and offer additional support for your living expenses. Here are some popular government scholarship programs for Sri Lankan students looking to study in the UK:

Name of the Scholarship



Chevening Scholarship

This program supports talented professionals who have demonstrated leadership skills and exceptional performance in their fields. It offers scholarships and fellowships, with selections made by the high commission and British embassies.


Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship

The Commonwealth Scholarship provides international students from Commonwealth countries with opportunities to pursue postgraduate degrees in the UK. It's a great chance for students from Commonwealth nations to study in the UK.


GREAT Scholarship

Jointly funded by the UK Government's GREAT Britain Campaign and the British Council under the Study UK campaign, this program offers 99 postgraduate scholarships across 36 UK universities in various subjects. Sri Lankan students can apply for 13 scholarships from 12 UK higher education institutions.


Scotland Saltire Scholarships

Scotland's Saltire Scholarships, in collaboration with Scottish universities, are offered in fields such as creative industries, technology, science, medical sciences, healthcare, and renewable and clean energy, by the Scottish Government.

UK Study Intakes

In the UK, colleges, and universities offer two primary intakes, with a few institutions also providing summer intakes:




September to December


January to April


April to June

Top UK Universities

Choosing the right university is essential for your academic journey. It's crucial to consider global rankings when making your decision. 

Here are some of the top UK universities according to the QS World University Rankings: 




University of Oxford


University of Cambridge


Imperial College London


UCL (University College London)


The University of Edinburgh


The University of Manchester


King's College London


London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE)


The University of Warwick


University of Bristol

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I consider studying in the UK from Sri Lanka?

Studying in the UK offers excellent educational opportunities, world-class universities, and a diverse cultural experience. It can enhance your career prospects and broaden your horizons.

How do I apply for scholarships to study in the UK?

You can apply for scholarships through government programs, including Chevening, Commonwealth, and GREAT Scholarships. Additionally, many UK universities offer scholarships to international students.

What are the major intakes for studying in the UK?

The UK typically has two main intakes: Autumn/Fall (from September to December) and Spring (from January to April). Some universities may also offer a Summer intake (from April to June).

What are the popular courses to study in the UK from Sri Lanka?

The UK offers many courses, but some popular ones include Business Management, Engineering, Medicine, Law, Social Sciences, and Media and Communication.

How can I choose the right UK university for my studies?

Consider university rankings, course offerings, location, and career goals when choosing a university. Researching and finding the one that best suits your needs is essential.

Are there job opportunities for international students in the UK after graduation?

Yes, the UK provides job opportunities for international students after completing their studies. It's a thriving economy with various career prospects, and many graduates find employment in their chosen fields.

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