Nursing in Nepal: PCL Nursing and BSc Nursing in Nepal

Nursing in Nepal: PCL Nursing and BSc Nursing in Nepal

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Nursing in Nepal: PCL Nursing and BSc Nursing in Nepal
Tn Aryal

A nursing degree in Nepal is a study program that comprehends theoretical and practical knowledge of human anatomy and physiology, mental health, etc. 

Looking at the contribution made by Nurses to the quality of human life, nursing is one of the most respected professions worldwide. 

Nursing students have ample job opportunities in Nepal as well as overseas. Many young students aspire to be nurses one day to help humankind and build a steady career. 

If you are a SEE student wanting to pursue PCL nursing or looking for BSc nursing options after +2, follow this guide until the end to learn about the context of Nursing in Nepal, BSc Nursing in Nepal, PCL nursing,  and so on.

Is nursing a promising career?

Nursing is indeed a promising career. Once nursing aspirants receive the “Registered Nurse” status, they can get into a career in their respective nursing fields. Nurses can pursue a career as a Nurse, Nursing Assistants, Registered Nurses, Old Age Care Nurses, Nursing Coordinators, Nursing Supervisors, Nursing Managers, etc. 

The nursing scope extends to private hospitals, public hospitals, voluntary organizations, clinics, universities, etc. The scope and career prospects of Nurses are found in the areas: 

  1. Medicinal centres
  2. Nursing Homes
  3. Old Age Care
  4. Hospital and clinics
  5. Educational institutions like schools and colleges
  6. Teacher/ Educators
  7. Disability Care

The salary of nurses in Nepal ranges from NPR 15,000 to NPR 80,000 per month depending upon the expertise, experience, and type of Nursing (BN nurses earn more than Staff nurses and so on.)

Furthermore, students can also go overseas to popular nursing destinations like Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, etc., for further education or nursing job opportunities. Nurses can make from NPR 40 Lakhs to NPR 1 Crore per year, depending upon their experience in these countries. 

Nursing in Nepal

There has been a massive number of SLC/SEE students looking for nursing education in Nepal. 

PCL Nursing in Nepal

PCL nursing is a 3 years nursing program that students can undertake after SEE. The complete form of PCL Nursing is “Proficiency Certificate Level in Nursing”. 

 Simply put, PCL Nursing is equivalent to a diploma course where students learn the practicalities of Nursing. 

After completing the PCL nursing program, students can take a “Registered Nurse” certification offered by the Nursing Council Nepal (Nepal Nursing Council). This will open up a lot of job opportunities in private as well as government organizations of Nepal. 

In Nepal, many private and government colleges offer PCL nursing. Currently, PCL nursing is taught in Nepal under 3 different boards. 

PCL Nursing affiliated with TU

Both Private and government colleges offer PCL nursing affiliated with TU. Generally, the entrance exam takes place in Bhadra and comprises science questions from Science, English, and mathematics questions. Both private and public colleges offer PCL nursing courses in Nepal as TU-affiliated colleges and TU constituent campuses. 

Students are eligible for admission in PCL Nursing affiliated with TU solely based on the entrance score. 

Also, TU-affiliated PCL nursing requires students to have a 50% or equivalent score in the SEE examination. 

PCL Nursing affiliated with CTEVT

The PCL Nursing affiliated with CTEVT also selects students based on the entrance examination. CTEVT stands for Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training. 

 The entrance, generally, takes place on Bhadra. The academically deserving students get a scholarship. 

Also, CTEVT-affiliated PCL nursing requires students to have a 45% or equivalent score in the SEE examination. 

PCL Nursing affiliated with BPKIHS

PCL Nursing, affiliated with BP Koirala Institute of Health Science, has 40 PCL Nursing seats. Generally, the entrance examination takes place in Shrawan. 

The nursing faculties offered by BPKHIS are: 

  1. Psychiatric Nursing
  2. Medical-Surgical Nursing
  3. Maternal Health Nursing
  4. Community Health Nursing
  5. Child Health Nursing
  6. College of Nursing

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Bachelor of Nursing in Nepal

Bachelor of Nursing (BN) aims to improve the competency of staff nurses with a minimum of 2 years of work experience. This course prepares professional nurses ready to undertake a career in midwifery, hospital, and community nursing sectors. 

Since BN nurses have both practical and theoretical knowledge, thanks to the PCL nursing and BN curriculum, several boards in Nepal offer BN programs.

  • BN affiliated with TU (Each college has 40 seats)
  • BN affiliated with KU (Each college has 40 seats)
  • BN is affiliated with Purbanchal University (20 colleges providing the program)
  • BN affiliated with NAMS

B.Sc. Nursing in Nepal

B.Sc. Nursing is a 4-year bachelor course popular not just in Nepal but worldwide. Students can pursue BSc nursing in Nepal after completion of +2. Also, students must take Biology as their major for BSc Nursing in Nepal. 

BSc nursing is provided by both private and government nursing colleges in Nepal in affiliation with TU, KU, Purbanchal University, and Pokhara University. 

The colleges have their entrance exams or other provisions for selecting the students for their BSc Nursing program. Generally, the admission takes place in August/ September (Bhadra), and the classes begin in November (Mangsir)

BSC Nursing prepares students for middle to managerial-level positions in healthcare settings. 

Masters in Nursing in Nepal 

The Masters in Nursing (MN) is a 2-year program offered by colleges affiliated with Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Purbanchal University, science questions, and Pokhara University. 

For instance, the master in Nursing specializations offered by the Institue of Medicine (IOM) are: 

  • Master of Nursing (Women's Health & Development)
  • Master of Nursing (Adult Nursing)
  • Master of Nursing (Child Health Nursing)
  • Master of Nursing (Psychiatric Nursing)

PhD. Nursing in Nepal

To enrol in a PhD, Students must pass a Master in Nursing with at least a second division or equivalent score. One of the colleges to offer PhD Nursing in Nepal is Maharaj Nursing Campus. PhD Nursing Program at Maharajgunj Nursing Campus is generally 3 years long.  

Institute of Medicine 

Institute of Medicine, IOM, offers health science-related courses under TU. IOM, via its constituent campuses and affiliated private colleges, offers over 63 various academic courses of Undergraduate, Postgraduate, DM/MCH/PhD levels. The 7 constituent campuses are: 

  1. Maharajgunj Medical Campus
  2. Maharajgunj  Nursing Campus
  3. Ayurved Campus, Kirtipur
  4. Pokhara (Nursing) Campus,
  5. Birgunj Nursing Campus,
  6. Nepalgunj Nursing Campus
  7. Biratnagar  Nursing Campus

Some of the Top Nursing Colleges in Nepal

Note that some of these colleges offer PCL nursing programs, some offer BSC Nursing, BN, MSc Nursing, PhD nursing and some offer all of these programs. 

(We will soon post the best college for nursing too.)

  • National Academy of Medical Sciences (NAMS), Kathmandu
  • BP Koirala Institue of Health Sciences, Dharan, Nepal
  • Institute of Medicine (IOM), Mahrajgunj, Kathmandu
  • Kathmandu Medical College, Sinamangal, Kathmandu
  • Chitwan Medical College, Chitwan
  • Everest College of Nursing, Lalitpur
  • Manmohan Memorial Institute of Health Sciences, Lalitpur
  • National Medical College, Birgunj
  • Universal College of Medical Sciences, Bhairawa
  • Lalitpur Medical College, Lalitpur
  • Biratnagar Nursing Campus, Biratnagar
  • Kathmandu University School of Medical Sciences
  • Nepal Institue of Medical Science and Technology (NIST)
  • Nobel Medical College
  • Lumbini Medical College
  • Sanjeevani Nursing College, Butwal, Nepal
  • Nepalgunj Medical College, BP Chowk, Nepalgunj

What is the eligibility to study PCL Nursing in Nepal? 

To study PCL Nursing in Nepal, students must have at least a pass SEE with a minimum of 2.0 or 45%. 

Additionally, students also need to appear in an entrance exam. 

What is the eligibility to study B.Sc? Nursing in Nepal?

The general requirements to study B.Sc. Nursing in Nepal are: 

  • +2 or equivalent board examination with science (Biology, to be precise) passed with 50% aggregate or GPA of 2.4.
  • Alternative to +2: Students with a diploma or PCL certificate from Nepal Examination Board.
  • Entrance examination with a minimum passing score.
  • Citizenship ID

How much does it Cost to study Nursing in Nepal?

The cost to study Nursing in Nepal varies from University to University and the nature of the College (private or public). 

The cost of Nursing in Nepal ranges from NPR 4 Lakh to 15 Lakhs.  

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