Butwal: Green City of Nepal

Butwal: Green City of Nepal

Study Info CentreMon Nov 09 2020

Butwal: Green City of Nepal

Butwal is a sub-metropolitan city and is one of the twin cities of rapidly growing Butwal-Bhairahawa urban agglomeration in Nepal. It lies in Lumbini Province, Rupandehi District. It was given the title “Green City of Nepal 2019”. This city stands beside the bank of Tilottama or Tinau River, and at the northern edge of the Terai plain below the Siwalik Hills. 

Its name, Butwal was derived from Batauli Bazaar, the town's oldest residential area which is located on the western bank of the Tinau River. Butwal is a lively city comprising panoramic views of the combination of hills and plains. It is one of the fastest-growing cities in Nepal for education, infrastructure, highway, marketing, health and safety, communication, trade, and banking sectors. 

It has highway connections to the Indian border at Sunauli and to the hilly towns in Tansen and Pokhara valley. According to census 2001, most of the population in Butwal consists of Pahari immigrants from nearby hill districts especially Palpa, Arghakhanchi, Gulmi and Syangja. 

There are also students, and ex-Gurkha soldiers commonly called Lahure, and a significant Madheshi population.

Weather and climatic condition in Butwal

The climate here is characterized as, relatively high temperature and evenly distributed precipitation throughout the year. In summer, it is largely under the influence of moist, maritime airflow from the western side of the subtropical anticyclone cells over low-latitude ocean waters. 

Temperatures are high and can lead to warm, oppressive nights. Summers are usually somewhat wetter than winters, with much of the rainfall coming from convectional thunderstorm activity. The coldest month is usually quite mild, although frosts are not uncommon, and winter precipitation is derived primarily from frontal cyclones along the polar front.

Education in Butwal

Butwal is set to be an educational hub in the Rupandehi district. The literacy rate in this city is also considered to be high. Lumbini Engineering Management & Science College (Affiliated to Pokhara University) was established to decentralize engineering education and to reduce the compulsion of going abroad for technical education. 

Universal College of Medical Sciences (UCMS), affiliated with T.U and recognized by the Nepal Medical Council (NMC), is considered the pioneer institute in Nepal in the field of medicine & dentistry. Butwal Multiple Campus is one of the biggest campuses of Lumbini Zone. 

It offers different Bachelor’s and Master’s programs with affiliation from Tribhuvan University. Kshitiz International College (KIC), a co-educational institute affiliated with Pokhara University, has been imparting the BBA program.

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