Accommodation in Nepal

Accommodation in Nepal

Accommodation in Nepal
Sabnam Manandhar

When moving to a new country for higher studies, finding a safe and affordable place to live comes to mind. 

Nepal is known for its affordable degrees and living expenses. The internationally demanded degrees like engineering and Nepal are pretty affordable in Nepal when compared to other countries. As a result, foreign students have also shown interest in studying here. 

Additionally, Nepal also houses national and international companies which can fire up the career trajectory of deserving candidates. 

For those students and those pursuing a career in Nepal, accommodation in Nepal is of significant concern. Other than foreign students and career pursuers, domestic students and career pursuers migrating inside the country for better education and job opportunities are also interested in knowing about the living options, probable living expenses and so on. 

You can choose the type of accommodation as per your budget and needs. In central areas such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Bhaktapur, and other city areas, off-campus accommodations might charge you more, whereas village areas might charge you a little less. So, your decision on where to study also determines your budget for finding suitable accommodation.

On-campus accommodation in Nepal

Many colleges in Nepal provide hostel or dorm facilities to local and international students. While living in such hostels, you can expect to share a room with a roommate or opt for an individual room. As for meals, you are provided with meal packages that you can choose from. On-campus accommodations with meal packages will cost around Nrs 15,000 per student per month (around 120 USD). 

Off-campus accommodation

As for off-campus accommodations, you can rent a single room on your own, which might cost you from 50 USD to 130 USD per month. You can also rent a two- or three-bedroom flat or apartment and share it with a roommate who might cost you around 150 to 200 USD depending on the location.  You can co-live with your friends in the flats, which will cost you significantly lower. Plus, you will also have a roommate and a friend.

As a student renting an apartment is cost-effective and much more accessible than buying one. 


Homestay allows all students to learn and live in a Nepali family as paying guests. You must eat whatever the family eats in their kitchen, stay in their guest rooms, and engage in events such as birthdays, religious rituals, and marriage ceremonies together. Homestays allow you to learn about new people, cultures, cuisine, and place until you get familiar with the new living environment. 


If you cannot find suitable accommodation before you reach Nepal, you can stay in a hotel for a few days until you settle everything and find the right place. Staying in an average room with three meals a day will cost you around 16 USD to 22 USD per year. 

Finding the right place for you might take some time and effort. It will be much more helpful if you have someone you know who lives in Nepal. You can also look into online websites to find vacant flats and apartments for renting, hotels and guesthouses, compare the prices, and choose accordingly. 

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