Scope of Operation Research

Scope of Operation Research

Scope of Operation Research
Nikita Shakya

Operations research applies mathematical reasoning to difficult situations that managerial judgment can only solve. It means investigating how operations might be improved. This analysis is based on a narrow view of operations and a specific type of study. 

Operations research systematically applies quantitative and computational methods to administer and control large-scale systems of human and nonhuman resources (such as those found in the military, government, business, and industry).

Operational Research primarily aims to reduce complex business problems to manageable mathematical constructs and works that outline expected behaviour and goals. Operations Research assists with business decisions by allocating resources like money, people, and time. 

Given its foundation in computing and analytics, operation research has vast potential in any company.

The goal is to equip the management with a solid foundation to make the best judgments possible through a more accurate numerical understanding and evaluation of difficult situations. Operations researchers seek optimal conditions in all relevant contexts to solve organizational issues. It's pretty helpful for production planning.

Scope: Operation Research

In the most recent years of structured development, OR has effectively penetrated numerous scientific fields. It is helpful in numerous significant areas.

The following are the main areas of operations research's scope and applications:

Financial Planning & Budgeting

It has become necessary for all governments to carefully prepare for the nation's economic development in light of the recent financial crisis. Operational Research methods can be effectively used.

OR aids in choosing the optimal replacement plans, helping to identify the company's profit strategy, maximum per capita income with the fewest resources, etc.

Both short-term issues with cash management and long-term issues with capital investment can benefit from operational research in financial management.

Data Analytics 

You want to develop better methods to lower the customer turnover rate because you have a lot of data on customer satisfaction. You apply operation research methods to identify crucial variables and predictive analytics to generate knowledge that aids in creating plans.


If the sector's management makes decisions based on his experience, and the day comes when he retires, the industry will lose a lot of money. Hiring a young OR expert in management can immediately make up for this devastating loss. 

Therefore, OR aids the industrial director in choosing the optimal allocation of numerous limited resources, such as workers, machines, materials, etc.


One way in which a production manager can use OR methods

  • To determine the quantity and size of products manufactured.
  • The production machinery's scheduling and sequence.
  • Selecting, scouting, and preparing factories for assembly.
  • Determining the Appropriate Factory Size and Location.
  • Creating projections for all inventory items and determining optimal order and replenishment amounts.


Marketing a service or product to its target audience is one of the most essential things that can be done for it. For this reason, advertising has emerged as a crucial part of any successful business operation. Efficient and successful marketing seeks and engages the most significant possible market segments and informs current and potential customers of the product's existence.

Most companies set aside 3–5% of their revenue for marketing, and with the expansion of media options, that percentage is only likely to rise.

Given the size of the marketing budget, it is crucial to identify the most effective strategies for allocating resources. This would involve determining the advertising budget, media mix, who will do the advertising, who will buy the product, who will be the target market, etc.

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Research & Development

Organizational challenges arising from combining innovation-generating activities reflect obstacles to delivering promised results. Such challenges are not unique to operations research but affect the entire creative process in the research and development field.

OR is applicable in research and development areas in such ways:

  • Organizing the launch of a new product.
  • Management of R&D efforts.
  • Locating potential research and development centres.
  • Choosing which projects to work on and creating cost estimates for them.

Therefore, it is possible to conclude that operation research can be widely used in management decisions and can also be used as a corrective action, particularly regarding the reliability and control of development initiatives.


Operations research methods emerged from the military's need for practical problem-solving with a scientific, mathematical, and logical bent. Operations Research provides several practical scientific approaches and instruments to organize better and manage agricultural businesses.

Methods from the field of Operations Research, such as Linear Programming Problems, Monte Carlo's Simulation, and Replacement Theory, will improve agricultural productivity and mitigate some of the most pressing problems (shortage and scarcity) currently facing the sector.

Business Operation

Operations research mathematical models enable people to assess a more significant number of alternatives and restrictions than would typically be achievable if they only used an intuitive method. Evaluating several choices using operations research is more accessible, resulting in higher confidence in the ideal choice.

The mathematical formulas employed in operations research can boost business efficiency by providing more optimal options for inventory mix, plant equipment use, hiring process, factory size, personnel planning, and incorporating new technology.

Operation Research: Career Profile

One can choose from various job descriptions to get started in operation research. Below is  a list of some of the most famous occupations that highlight the scope of operation research:

  • Operations Analyst   
  • Research Analyst 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Project Manager 
  • Data Analyst
  • Consultant 
  • System Analyst 
  • Project Analyst 
  • Quality Assurance Analyst

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