How to become Healthcare Information Manager

How to become Healthcare Information Manager

How to become Healthcare Information Manager
Sahil Dahal

Information about symptoms, diagnoses, medical histories, test findings, and procedures is organized, supervised, and safeguarded by health information managers (HIM). These administrative specialists ensure the quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security of analog and digital medical data. They are a crucial conduit between medical professionals, clients, and third-party payers. 

They enter patient information into computer databases to comply with federal legislation requiring electronic medical records. Read the entire article below to learn more about this managerial position.

What is Healthcare Information Manager?

A health information manager mainly uses data in their work. All patient data, including diagnoses, symptoms, test results, medical histories, and procedures, are handled and protected. They ensure the data is reliable, usable, secure, and high caliber. This position is critical in medical facilities that use both traditional and digital records.

What are the role and responsibilities of a Healthcare Information Manager?

  • Create and carry out departmental objectives and strategic plans.
  • Assure you adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local laws.
  • Health information technicians can be hired, trained, and managed locally and remotely.
  • Implement and uphold efficient healthcare practices.
  • Participate in boards of healthcare leaders.
  • Create budgets and financial reports for each quarter.
  • Communicate with a hospital facility's technological, clinical, and service workers.
  • Ensure the safety of electronic patient records.
  • Keep up with the latest guidelines and developments in health information security.

How to Become Healthcare Information Manager? Qualifications

Medical Knowledge skill

You will work in medical settings as a health information management professional; thus, medical knowledge is crucial. HIM specialists must be well-versed in various drugs, coding techniques, and medical terminology. These abilities are necessary because you frequently interact with medications and highly complex medical terminology. Additionally, medical coding expertise is necessary for accurate health information analysis.

Technological Skills

To work as a health information management expert, you must be technologically savvy and knowledgeable about information management software. Additionally, staying current with advances in health information technology will help you succeed in this industry. Being quick to pick things up and adapt to the latest medical technology can be helpful when working in the industry.

Health Information Management skill

Health information is gathered from patients and analyzed to determine whether they are receiving high-quality care and how the care may be improved by the Health Information Management (HIM) department, which enforces protection standards. While protecting the collected private information is HIM's primary duty, the department may also help create and organize medical records.

Clinical Staff skill

Individuals who support a healthcare practitioner, such as a doctor, make up the clinical staff. Their role is to support healthcare professionals, not to report to them directly. The clinical team interacts directly with patients to diagnose, treat, and provide additional care.

Customer Care Skills

Through the utilization of healthcare providers' services, patient care comprises the diagnosis, recovery, and control of illness and the maintenance of physical and mental well-being. Patient care is services offered to patients by medical experts or untrained individuals under supervision.

Other Skills

  • Management skill
  • Leadership skill
  • Problem-solving skill
  • Time management skill
  • First aid skill

Steps to Becoming a Successful Healthcare Information Manager.

Academic Requirements

  • At least 18 years old
  • GED or high school diploma10+2
  • Preferred experience
  • Basic knowledge of computers
  • Detail-oriented
  • Strong organizational abilities
  • Ability to solve problems

Acquire more knowledge after high school.

Professionals in health information management (HIM) may start with an associate's or bachelor's degree. Coursework encompasses biomedical sciences, legal elements of health information, coding and management of clinical data, statistics, data analysis, database management, quality improvement techniques, computer technology applied to health information systems, and general education. 

You might elect to pursue a master's degree in health information management or health informatics after receiving your bachelor's degree. Several academic programs now provide master's degrees in health informatics or health information management. 

Experience (work and related fields)

Candidates will also need to amass significant professional experience before becoming a Healthcare Information Manager. According to the BLS, health services managers frequently have prior administrative experience in a hospital, doctor's office, or other healthcare institution. Candidates with experience as medical records technicians or finance clerks for health services may also be qualified to move up to a Healthcare Information Manager position.

Training (job or related fields)

They have training in information technology applications and frequently play bridge positions that link administrative, operational, and clinical tasks. It is projected that as the health care system becomes more complex, graduate education will become more and more necessary to fill future responsibilities. Many health information management professionals decide to pass a national certification exam after graduation to obtain their credentials as certified health information technicians or an administrator. Training is a must for this position. 


More schooling is necessary to begin working in health information management rather than moving up the ranks. To become a Health care Information Manager, subjects related to Health informatics or computer science courses should be taken to complete your degree. The demand for people who understand how to use technology to manage the data related to medical facilities is projected to expand as technology in the medical industry continues to grow.

Employment areas

  • Hospital
  • Physician’s office
  • Specialties office
  • Residential care
  • Government organization
  • Outpatient care center
  • Nursing facilities center

Job titles

  • Technician for health information
  • Technician for Medical Records
  • Analyst of medical records
  • Specialist in Medical Billing
  • Healthcare coder
  • Security of health information

Salary of Healthcare Information Manager

Let us see the average annual salary of Healthcare Information Manager in some popular countries.


Annual Average Salary of Healthcare Information Manager


$110,929 (AUD)/yr


$ 2.556.923 (ARS)/yr


64.276 € (EUR)/yr


R$190.485 (BRL)/yr


$98,317 (CAD)/yr


¥317,553 (CNY)/yr

Costa Rica

₡16 967 024 (CRC)/yr


515.994 kr. (DKK)/yr


167,063 ج.م.‏ (EGP)/yr


57 945 € (EUR)/yr


55 466 € (EUR)/yr


65.021 € (EUR)/yr

Hong Kong SAR

HK$540,722 (HKD)/yr


₹20,85,657 (INR)/yr


51.308 € (EUR)/yr


¥7,666,399 (JPY)/yr


RM125,693 (MYR)/yr


$498,447 (MXN)/yr


€ 62.365 (EUR)/yr

New Zealand

$97,849 (NZD)/yr


129 955 zł (PLN)/yr


41 682 € (EUR)/yr

Russian Federation

1 328 157 ₽ (RUB)/yr


CHF 98'894 (CHF)/yr


51.153 € (EUR)/yr


฿1,094,424 (THB)/yr


£49,246 (GBP)/yr


472 918 ₴ (UAH)/yr

United Arab Emirates

211,913 د.إ.‏ (AED)/yr

United States

$97,626 (USD)/yr


464.480.702 ₫ (VND)/yr

Training Course for Healthcare Information Manager.

Let us talk about some degree to become a successful Healthcare Information Manager.





Diploma  in Computers in Health Care

Diploma  in Health Care Statistics

Diploma  in Health Care Finance

Diploma  in Health Data Content and Structure

Diploma  in management

Diploma  in law



Bachelor’s in Health Information Management

BS in Health Information Management

Bachelor of Arts in Information Management & Systems

Bachelor’s in Health Informatics and Information Management Program

Bachelor of Science in Health Information Management

Bachelor of Science Health Information Management and Technology

B.S. in Health Services Administration

Bachelor’s in Healthcare Data Management

Bachelor’s in Health Finance and Budgeting



Masters  in Health Information Management and Technology

Masters  in Health Informatics and Information Management Program

Masters  in Health Services Administration

Masters  in Arts in Information Management & Systems

Masters  in Health Finance and Budgeting

Healthcare Data Management

Masters  in Health Information Standards and Terminologies

Masters  in Health Information Management



PHD in Health Informatics and Information Management Program

PHD in Health Information Management

PHD in Health Information Management and Technology

PHD in Health Services Administration


Pros and Cons of Becoming Healthcare Information Manager

A job as a Healthcare Information Manager is an excellent first step toward a wealth of alternatives for a career path if you appreciate the versatility. Depending on your hobbies and preferences, you can choose. There are several advantages and disadvantages to being a healthcare information manager, particularly if you value having manager responsibilities.

Advantages of becoming Healthcare Information Manager.

  • A competitive wage
  • Best position for those interested
  • Can be in charge of managing the entire staff
  • A constant change of jobs
  • A satisfactory job
  • Extremely demanding job
  • Most secure position
  • Meet with various individuals

Disadvantages of becoming Healthcare Information Manager.

  • Face a variety of new issues every day
  • Frustrating place to work
  • Tough task
  • Job challenges
  • Really lengthy workday
  • High-stress job
  • Necessary training and experience
  • Having to trouble dealing with people

How to Become Healthcare Information Manager. FAQs

Is health informatics a stressful career?

While every work has its share of demanding situations, administrative or even patient care careers tend to be less stressful than informatics careers.

What does a healthcare information manager do?

Health information managers assist healthcare institutions in organizing, storing, tracking, and securing patient medical records, while specific responsibilities can vary. People in management positions may be responsible for supervising individuals performing HIM-related duties as well as helping to create and implement information management policies and procedures.

Is health informatics complex?

But it will take more than just complex technical abilities to succeed in health informatics. Since health informatics specialists frequently must collaborate with and train others inside their business, soft skills like critical thinking, cooperation, and communication are crucial.

What kind of jobs can you get in health information management?

The term "health information management" refers to several different job descriptions. Health Information Technician, Medical Records Analyst, and Medical Biller or Coder are a few of the entry-level positions.

What degree do you need to be a health information manager?

Not all employers demand a degree to perform tasks related to health information management. Therefore, checking with the company you intend to work for is crucial. A degree in health information technology, health information management, or a related discipline may be necessary if your goal is to advance to a higher-level HIM position.

Is health informatics a promising career?

A rewarding job that impacts all facets of healthcare, from systems to patient lives, is available to you in the burgeoning field of health informatics.

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