How UPES provides succour in times

How UPES provides succour in times

How UPES provides succour in times
Ravi Chaudhary

In the dynamic landscape of 2024, UPES continues its unwavering commitment to student well-being. The institution's UPESCares initiative provides round-the-clock counseling support, addressing the emotional needs of students, alumni, and their families. Recognizing the paramount importance of health, UPES has collaborated with 'Practo' to launch 'Sanjeevani.' This 24x7 healthcare support system offers access to specialized doctors across 23 fields, exclusive prices on lab tests, and discounted medicines.

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Scholarships in Gratitude

In a commendable gesture of gratitude towards frontline workers, UPES has introduced scholarship schemes for the wards of COVID warriors and those affected by the loss of the family's sole breadwinner. This initiative, effective for the academic year 2021-22, extends support to both undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Pioneering Holistic Education for Student Growth

Shaping Leaders Beyond Academics

Amidst the challenges of the pandemic, UPES is dedicated to cultivating diverse talents in its students. The institution's holistic multidisciplinary education approach encourages students to think innovatively, challenge conventions, and emerge as leaders. This philosophy ensures personal growth beyond academic accomplishments.

Connectivity through UPES Mobile App

To facilitate seamless connectivity, UPES has developed a mobile app. This innovation not only provides regular updates on the admission process but also connects aspiring students with mentors, including counselors, faculty, and alumni. The app offers a virtual campus tour and comprehensive information about chosen domains, promoting an interactive learning experience.

Innovative Learning Framework

Resilient Class of 2020

UPES has demonstrated its commitment to continuous learning through the Immersive Academic Learning Framework. Introduced for the 'Resilient Class of 2020,' this meticulously designed framework comprises three phases: Induction, Pre-Semester Learning, and Semester Commencement. The initiative includes immersive workshops, interactive sessions, and talks by industry luminaries such as renowned economist Mr. Montek Singh Ahluwalia, Hon. Justice Swatentar Kumar, and Mr. Anupam Triwedi, Deputy Editor, TV-18 Broadcast Limited.

Empowering Women through 'Shakti'

Accelerating Gender Equality

In 2020, UPES launched the 'Shakti' initiative, demonstrating its commitment to gender equality. This program offers scholarships on tuition fees to female students enrolling at UPES, aiming to foster gender equality from classrooms to boardrooms.

Contributions Toward Pandemic Eradication

Ozone Micro Nano Bubbles for Sterilization

In the fight against the pandemic, UPES has pioneered the use of ozone micro nano bubbles for sterilizing public spaces. Leveraging Ozone's strong oxidation capabilities with no harmful residues, this method proves effective against bacterial contaminations.

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Technological Innovations for a Safer World

UPES has developed a series of technological breakthroughs aimed at combating the pandemic:

  • Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispensing Machine: Equipped with body temperature monitoring and mask detection, this device can be installed in various public facilities.
  • Material Handling Robots for Hospitals: Designed to minimize human-to-human infection risks, these robots carry essential supplies to COVID-19 patients in hospitals.
  • Low-Cost Mechanical Ventilator: An affordable ventilator designed to aid individuals suffering from Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ADARS), providing a crucial resource in times of need.
  • Isolated Airway Column with Automatic Hand Sanitizer: A combined system for air filtration and automatic hand sanitizer dispensing, ideal for use in public transport.
  • Automated Detection, Screening, and Sanitization System: Proposed for installation in public transport buses, facilitating easy screening and sanitization.
  • Multi-Patient Ventilator: A robust ventilator designed to support multiple patients simultaneously, addressing potential resource shortages.
  • Ingeniously Designed Covid Fabric Helmet: A low-cost helmet with innovative features for comfort and effectiveness, contributing to the reduction of COVID-19 spread in the community.

In conclusion, UPES stands as a beacon of support and innovation, ensuring the well-being of its students and making significant strides in the global fight against the pandemic.


How is UPES supporting the emotional well-being of students during the pandemic?

UPES is committed to the mental health of its students through the UPESCares initiative, providing 24x7 counseling support for students, alumni, and their families.

What healthcare support does UPES offer to its students and their families?

UPES has collaborated with 'Practo' to launch 'Sanjeevani,' a 24x7 health care support system offering access to doctors across 23 specializations, special prices on lab tests, and discounted medicines.

Can you elaborate on the scholarship schemes introduced by UPES for the wards of COVID warriors?

UPES has introduced scholarship schemes for the wards of frontline workers and those who lost their family's sole breadwinner. This initiative applies to both undergraduate and postgraduate students for the academic year 2021-22.

How is UPES fostering a holistic learning environment for its students?

UPES aims to bring out the best in each student through its multidisciplinary education approach. The institution encourages students to think beyond the books, challenge the status quo, and emerge as leaders in their respective fields.

What technological breakthroughs has UPES achieved in the fight against the pandemic?

UPES has contributed significantly to eradicating the pandemic through innovations such as ozone micro nano bubbles for sterilization, automatic hand sanitizer dispensing machines, material handling robots for hospitals, and low-cost mechanical ventilators, among other groundbreaking solutions.

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