Dual MBA in India

Dual MBA in India

Dual MBA in India
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Yes, you may get a dual MBA in India. A second MBA is a great option for people seeking a career change because of its many advantages. Graduate students can earn a dual MBA in India by adding a master's degree to an MBA to gain additional skills and expertise. It offers the opportunity to complete two master's programs in two specialized fields quickly. The article aims to highlight dual MBA in India in detail.

Top Dual MBA Courses in India

Dual MBA in India can be categorized into dual MBA specializations and dual MBA degrees. Dual MBA specialization programs and dual MBA degree courses are very distinct. In dual MBA degree programs, students must pass two courses that result in two distinct MBA degrees. While in dual MBA specializations, students must pass the same course with two separate disciplines.

Students pursuing a dual MBA degree will get in-depth knowledge and abilities in two separate management areas. However, this comes with the drawback that it is often difficult and time-consuming. A dual MBA specialization can be a good choice for students who want to specialize in two different management areas but don't want to take both MBA programs all the way through.

The majority of Indian colleges and business schools offer the following Dual MBA courses:

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Top Dual MBA Specialisations are:

  • MBA in Marketing and Finance
  • MBA in Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • MBA in Accounting & Finance
  • MBA in Accounting and Taxation
  • MBA in Marketing and Operations Management
  • MBA in Marketing and HRM
  • MBA in Analytics & Finance
  • MBA in Accounting &Taxation
  • MBA in Analytics & Marketing
  • MBA in Analytics & Accounting
  • MBA in HRM & Organizational Leadership
  • MBA in Operations and HRM
  • MBA in Cybersecurity and Logistics

Top Dual MBA Degrees are: 

  • MBA/Doctor of Medicine 
  • MBA/MSW 
  • MBA/ME
  • MBA/Doctor of Dental Surgery

Eligibility Criteria for Dual MBA in India

The dual MBA in India is trending, opening many opportunities for aspirants at the topmost hierarchy. To get a dual MBA degree, a student must complete the requirements of two separate MBA programs. The graduates can pursue dual MBA courses with the following eligibility and score criteria.

  • A bachelor's degree/equivalent in any discipline with a minimum of 50% marks from a recognized university (for the general category) and 45% for the reserved category.
  • Satisfying scores in the national qualifying tests such as CAT, MAH-CET, MAT, XAT, and ATMA.

Benefits of Dual MBA in India

In recent years, students have started understanding the advantages of a dual MBA in India over a regular MBA course. As a result, there will be an increasing demand for dual specialization. The benefits of a dual MBA in India are as follows:

  • Given how quickly the industry is evolving, you can strategically choose your specializations to maximize your ability to take advantage of current marketing trends.
  • Opting for two specializations will allow you to choose your favorite career path while you can still use the knowledge of the other to enhance your work performance.
  • A dual MBA in India will increase the chances of getting many opportunities.
  • The students will improve their networks by meeting people and studying different specializations.
  • It will help them start their own business as they know the different parts of a business.
  • The students can easily make career shifts when they see the opportunity.

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Scope of Dual MBA in India

A dual MBA in India is the best way for graduates to stand out in the competitive world. Therefore, the world realizes the potential and advantage of dual education, so you should take advantage of the dual specialization MBA.

    • Most companies prefer candidates with two specializations to save the cost of hiring an additional professional, as they can handle more responsibilities and bring their expertise to two business areas.
    • Even the B-schools in the USA strongly consider revamping their MBA degrees to include cross-disciplinary education, which is just a modified version of the dual specialization MBA.
    • Some B-schools are also collaborating with law schools to create dual degrees.

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List of Colleges with Dual MBA in India

Here is a list of popular colleges that offer dual MBA specializations from which students can choose when looking for the best colleges to join.

Name of Colleges

Fees (INR)

Christ University






Techno India University


IIM Indore


Difference Between MBA and MBA-Dual Specialisation

There are a few differences between an MBA and a dual specialization MBA, aside from the most obvious one: the additional specialization. Check out the following differences.

  • You can combine your specializations in a dual specialization MBA to gain in-depth knowledge and training in related subjects.
  • These pairings include accounting and finance, marketing and analytics, and operations and human resources management.
  • Another noteworthy distinction is the ability to apply for jobs in either field with a dual specialization MBA.
  • You can be more competitive in your job hunt and professional development. Dual specializations enable you to pursue both if you prefer two to one specialization.

Is a Dual MBA In India The Right Choice? 

A dual MBA in India enables students to "double" study and network better. Building ties with influential people in your field is essential for climbing the career ladder. A dual MBA in India wins in opportunities and effectiveness compared to a single MBA program.

Recruiters also like candidates with two specializations in MBA, so you can get the job you've been looking for. A dual MBA in India is a good choice for professionals looking to advance in today's world.

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