7 social networks every MBA student should be present on

7 social networks every MBA student should be present on

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7 social networks every MBA student should be present on
Sahil Dahal

MBA students increasingly recognise the importance of having a solid online presence, especially on social media platforms. With the rise of digital marketing and the increasing prevalence of social media in business, having a presence on platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook has become essential for MBA students seeking to build their professional network, market themselves to potential employers, and stay current with industry developments. Social media provides a platform for MBA students to showcase their skills, achievements, and interests, connect with other professionals in their field and stay up-to-date on current events and trends in their industry. By engaging in social media, MBA students can demonstrate their digital literacy and ability to use technology and new media to achieve their professional goals. In short, for MBA students, being present on social media is no longer just an option - it is a necessity. Here is the list of 7 social networks every MBA student should be present on.


LinkedIn offers MBA students several valuable opportunities to build their professional network, showcase their skills and experience, and connect with potential employers. LinkedIn is a platform that connects professionals from various industries and backgrounds. By creating a strong LinkedIn profile, MBA students can expand their professional network by connecting with other professionals in their field and staying up to date on industry news. Additionally, having a presence on LinkedIn increases visibility to recruiters and potential employers, making it easier for MBA students to find job opportunities and advance their careers.


Twitter is a real-time platform that provides MBA students valuable insights into their industry and the latest business trends. By following relevant accounts and participating in discussions through tweets, MBA students can stay informed and gain new perspectives on current business topics. Additionally, Twitter can be used to network with professionals and organisations, which allows MBA students to build their professional network and increase their exposure to potential career opportunities. By leveraging Twitter, MBA students can gain valuable industry knowledge, connect with other professionals, and position themselves for career success.


While Facebook is often considered a unique social networking platform, it can also be a valuable tool for MBA students. Facebook can be used to connect with classmates, join professional groups related to their field of study, and follow companies and organisations in their industry. MBA students can demonstrate their expertise and build their professional brand by participating in discussions and sharing relevant content. Additionally, Facebook can be a valuable resource for networking and connecting with professionals in their field, which can lead to job opportunities and career advancement.


As a visual medium, Instagram gives MBA students a unique chance to highlight their passions and abilities. MBA students can showcase their creativity and technical prowess by publishing visually appealing information about their study area, which can raise their profile with prospective employers. Instagram may also be used to network with companies and organisations and keep up with the latest news and events in their sector. MBA students may effectively communicate their abilities and interests and develop their brands in a way that differentiates them from their peers by utilising the power of visual imagery.


Quora is a platform that focuses on knowledge sharing and collaboration. MBA students can use Quora to expand their knowledge by asking questions and participating in discussions with other professionals in their field. By providing answers and demonstrating their expertise, MBA students can increase their visibility and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Additionally, Quora offers MBA students a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals, gain new insights, and expand their understanding of current business trends and topics.


Medium is a website where people can write articles and exchange ideas. MBA students can utilise Medium to convey their writing talents and opinions on current business trends and issues. MBA students can show off their knowledge and develop their brands by writing articles on Medium. This will make them more visible to employers and position them as thought leaders in their industry. Additionally, Medium provides MBA students with a forum for networking with other professionals and participating in insightful debates on current business issues, enhancing their knowledge and professional networks.


Reddit is a website where users may post information and participate in discussions on various subjects. MBA students can use Reddit to interact with other professionals, remain current on news and trends in their sector, and stay informed about current events. Reddit can also network with companies, organisations, and industry experts while gaining fresh viewpoints on issues related to leadership and business. Reddit gives MBA students a unique chance to network with industry experts and gain knowledge from their experiences while growing their professional networks in a vibrant and exciting setting.

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