Internship Request Letter: Format, Tips & Sample

Internship Request Letter: Format, Tips & Sample

Internship Request Letter: Format, Tips & Sample
Saru Niraula

Today's world has an excessive need for labor, but there needs to be more jobs to meet that demand, making finding employment after college difficult. In the modern world, you need an internship to launch your career in any sector you hope to be successful. 

Early exposure to the fast-paced business world through internships and practical training could be your best start toward realizing your professional goals. Internships are excellent ways to discover the workings of the corporate world. Candidates can get practical experience, real-world exposure to their field, and networking possibilities through internships.

Internships are now practically required in all institutions and colleges. An internship certificate may occasionally be required as part of your educational process. An internship is an ideal way to discover and experiment with new job responsibilities and to assist you in making educated career decisions. It will help new hires learn new skills, gain practical experience, understand corporate life, etc.

Internships often run for one to four months, although every business has rules. We must submit an internship request letter to the company's management to request training and await their response.

What is Internship Request Letter?

An internship request letter is a particular letter written to the human resources department or the recruiter of the organization's concerned department. A formal letter requesting an internship needs to be written modestly. Your motivation for applying for the training must be included in your internship request letter. 

A letter requesting an internship is comparable to a letter sent to any employer with a job application. It must be sent to the recruiting manager of the company or division you want to work for. Remember to include your contact information and why you chose the company for the internship.

Format of Internship Request Letter

The most important thing to remember while composing an internship request letter is to keep it brief while adhering to a formal framework. It should be 4 to 5 paragraphs long, with relevant and accurate content. Long paragraphs can appear unprofessional. 

Here is a breakdown for writing the various paragraphs in an internship request letter below:

1st Paragraph

Begin by short introducing yourself and mentioning how you learned about the internship. You must include some essential facts from your professional past while keeping in mind the area to which the company belongs. Remember to include your internship career objective because it will demonstrate your desire to pursue this chance and your aspirations.

2nd Paragraph

Summarize your achievements in school/college life and define your talents and abilities in this part. If you lack curricular experience, emphasize your educational attainment while drafting an internship request letter.

3rd Paragraph

Regarding this paragraph, relate your abilities and qualities to the internship requirement and emphasize how you are an excellent fit for the role and will be an asset to the firm. It is also a good idea to express what you enjoy about the firm and why you want to be a part of it.

4th Paragraph

Finish your letter by stating that you are prepared for the phone interview before the final confrontation with a face-to-face interview. Always end your internship request letter with your regards; you might use Yours sincerely or Warm regards. Remember to explain that you are waiting for their response.

Tips to Write Internship Request Letter

Emails are now considered the new standard. The majority of recruiters and candidates prefer this method of hiring. Here is some professionals' advice on sending an email asking for an internship. 

The majority of the following factors are typical for letters requesting training as well, so have a look at them now:

  • Before you begin writing, it is critical to research the products and services provided by the organization to which you are applying. This will assist you in explaining why you are the best fit for the specific role.
  • When contacting someone, always offer an acceptable greeting. It's one of the first aspects the recipient will notice, and let's face it, first impressions are essential.
  • While drafting the remaining e-mail or letter for the internship, keep all of your research in mind. Try to explain how you can benefit their company.
  • Include credible references in your internship request letter. It could be somebody from your former company, a lecturer, an instructor, or a mentor. Include their current contact information.
  • Include your most recent CV with this request e-mail.

Internship Request Letter: Sample

11 November 2022

The HR Department

Real Solutions


Subject: Application for a Content Writer Internship

Dear Sir/Madam,

I'm Astha Shrestha, in my second year of BBA at ISMT University in Bangalore. According to the university's academic requirements, I must do a three-month internship in a field connected to my discipline. I saw your advertisement for content writer internship programs and decided to apply. Your prestigious organization would be the most incredible venue for my on-the-job training.

I've attached all of the necessary documentation for your review. Please consider my application for the position of content writer intern for three months. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.




Contact: 999999


Updated CV

10th and 12th certificates and mark sheets

Graduation semester mark sheets

Identity Card

This blog post should have made it more apparent how to write an internship request letter. Choosing the right degree and university can provide you with the necessary information and the perfect abilities, just as real-time training opportunities do for your profession.

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