How to Prepare for Maharashtra HSC Exams & MHT CET 2024 Simultaneously?

How to Prepare for Maharashtra HSC Exams & MHT CET 2024 Simultaneously?

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How to Prepare for Maharashtra HSC Exams & MHT CET 2024 Simultaneously?
Mandira Pangeni

Hey there, future achievers! We know you've got a lot on your plate with the upcoming Maharashtra Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC) exams and the Maharashtra Common Entrance Test (MHT CET) 2024. It might feel like you're walking a tightrope, but fear not – we're here to guide you through the balancing act.

In this blog post, we'll be your virtual companions on this exciting journey. We'll share practical tips, time-management hacks, and subject-specific strategies to help you not just survive but thrive while preparing for both your HSC exams and MHT CET 2024. It's time to turn this challenge into an opportunity for success. Let's dive in and make this dual preparation journey a memorable and rewarding one!!

Understanding MHT HSC:


The MHT HSC, or Maharashtra State Board Class 12 exams, is a pivotal examination for students completing their 10+2 education in Maharashtra.

These exams are conducted annually by MSBSHSE and play a crucial role in determining a student's academic progress and eligibility for higher education.

Subjects and Streams:

MHT HSC offers a diverse range of streams, including Science, Commerce, and Arts, allowing students to choose subjects based on their interests and career aspirations.

Each stream has a specific set of subjects, providing students with flexibility and options to tailor their education.

Understanding MHT CET:


MHT CET is an entrance exam designed to assess a student's aptitude and knowledge in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics or Biology, depending on the chosen field of study.

It serves as the gateway to numerous undergraduate courses offered by colleges and universities in Maharashtra.

Streams Offered:

MHT CET caters to multiple streams, including Engineering and Technology, Pharmacy, Agriculture, and Allied Courses.

Students can choose the stream that aligns with their career aspirations and academic background.

Significance of MHT CET:

University Admissions:

MHT CET scores are a key criterion for admission into various undergraduate programs offered by state universities and affiliated colleges.

Engineering, Pharmacy, Agriculture, and other professional courses use MHT CET scores during the admission process.

Preparation Strategies

Get Your Syllabus Ready | Sort, Skip, and Line Up

  • Sort: Kick off with your Class 12 Boards. Fun fact: 80% of the MHT CET 2023 syllabus is from here. Nail your boards, and you've aced a big chunk of MHT CET.
  • Skip: Not everyone is a superhero. If a topic seems like a steep climb or isn't that important, give it a rain check. Time is precious.
  • Line Up: Organize your study plan based on topic weightage. Hit the high-weightage ones first and then work your way down.

Feel the Pulse of Questions & Set Up a Chill Schedule

  • Acknowledge the vibe difference – MHT CET is all about MCQs, while Maharashtra HSC exams are more like storytelling sessions.
  • Mix theory with MCQs in your daily schedule. Let mornings be for theory and evenings for unleashing your inner MCQ champion.
  • Craft a schedule that vibes with you, ensuring both theory and MCQs get their spotlight.

Prep Time vs. Topic Relationship – A Love Story

  • Get to know subtopics to estimate how long each chapter's love story is.
  • Pledge your time wisely. Don't commit to a topic for life; set realistic study dates.

Keep the Squad Together - Related Topics Unite!

  • Buddy up related topics. It's like having study companions that help you remember what you learned earlier.
  • It may seem like a bit of a puzzle, but organizing topics this way pays off in better memory power.

Rewind to Class 11 - Your Forgotten Crush

  • Class 11 holds a special place, contributing 20% to MHT CET. Refresh your memory during the gap between exams.
  • Use the downtime to rekindle your Class 11 romance, now that you're the Class 12 expert.

FAQs on Maharashtra HSC 2024 Exam:

What are the passing marks in the Maharashtra HSC 2024 exam?

Students must obtain a minimum of 33 percent marks to pass the Maharashtra HSC 2024 exam.

Can I cover the entire syllabus of the Maharashtra Board in one month?

Covering the entire syllabus in one month may be challenging. However, focusing on important topics and efficient study strategies can help you make significant progress.

Is it important to cover the complete syllabus of Maharashtra class 12 exams?

Yes, covering the complete syllabus is essential for scoring good marks in the Maharashtra class 12 exams. A thorough understanding of all topics ensures comprehensive preparation and increases your chances of success.

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