How to become Territory Manager

How to become Territory Manager

How to become Territory Manager
Mahima Acharya

Multiple sales teams of a corporation get supervision by territory managers in a particular geographic area. They frequently collaborate with other departments through staff development, enhanced customer service strategies, and special sales plan to help raise corporate sales and revenue. 

Territory managers frequently need solid managerial skills to communicate with and assign personnel to crucial duties. Additionally, they must be able to travel at a moment's notice to check in on various sales teams or assist in modifying selling strategies for different branch locations. This article will help you understand how to become a Territory manager.

What is a Territory Manager?

A territory manager also referred to as a territory sales manager, aids in boosting the sales of one or more medical device products while preserving client connections in a particular geographic area. Territory Manager is one of the more well-known jobs in the Medical Devices sector.

What is the role and responsibilities of the Territory Manager?

  • Create successful territorial sales and marketing plans.
  • Examine data to identify the most effective sales techniques.
  • Meet with clients to discuss issues and offer solutions.
  • Utilize consumer research to find sales possibilities.
  • Show prospective buyers your products and services.
  • Participate in promotional or industry events (such as trade exhibitions) to strengthen your client connections.
  • Provide instruction in sales tactics and company product characteristics.
  • Keep an eye on the competition in the given area.
  • Prepare and send the Sales Director reports.
  • Maintaining ties with customers.
  • Establishing and achieving sales goals to boost income.
  • Figuring out how to make sales operations more efficient.

How to Become Territory Manager? Qualifications


Territory managers must have remarkable communication skills, including expanding client outreach, crafting persuasive sales proposals, and coaching sales colleagues on improving their selling techniques. Additionally, area managers must present to top corporate officials and executives using their communication skills.

Finding solutions

A territory manager has numerous opportunities to apply problem-solving abilities to discover answers to specific sales challenges. These changes may involve creating successful marketing campaigns, addressing client complaints, and developing inventive ways to boost sales.


Throughout their tenure, a territory manager can be required to oversee the operations of several different sites. Territory managers may efficiently find answers to the problems faced by numerous sales branches by using excellent organizational skills to understand their objectives and obstacles.

Management and executive abilities

To make crucial decisions on behalf of the sales team and assist them in honing essential selling and communication skills, territory managers frequently need to apply critical leadership and managerial abilities. Additionally, area managers need to know when and how to assign specific jobs or projects to staff members while concentrating on overarching business goals.

Economic knowledge

Territory managers can increase their team's sales performance by making more informed judgments by having a solid grasp of economics and how the market works. Territory managers can utilize economic knowledge to support the development of profitable marketing initiatives or the creation of advertising campaigns.

Other Skills

  • Demonstrable background as a territory manager.
  • A demonstrated history of boosting sales and revenue is preferred to sales experience in the field.
  • Possibility of creating sales strategy and utilizing performance KPIs.
  • Microsoft Office savvy: Salesforce knowledge is a plus.
  • Superior communication abilities.
  • The capacity for organization and leadership.
  • Possibility of solving issues.
  • Business, marketing, or a related field, with a BSc or BA.

Steps to Becoming a Successful Territory Manager.

Academic Requirements

  • 10 + 2 in a related discipline, like business or marketing 
  • Business, marketing, science, math, and English are among the subjects offered.
  • Proficient in basic accounting
  • Superior communication abilities (verbal and written)
  • Familiar with Microsoft Office and salesforce
  • Outstanding organizational and leadership skills
  • Aptitude for solving issues

Acquire more knowledge after high school.

A Bachelor's Degree in Business or a closely related discipline is typically required to start your Territory Manager job path to stay a competitive option for employers. You will normally start your career as an entry-level Territory Manager once you have earned a bachelor's degree in business or a related subject. Working as a territory manager requires a four-year bachelor's degree in a related field. 

To advance to the work of a senior territory manager, it may take two years as an entry-level territory manager. To enhance your career as a Territory Manager, you might need to complete further coursework, earn an advanced degree (such as a Master's Degree in a relevant discipline), or obtain specialized certifications. 

Experience (work and related fields)

Before deciding to become a territory manager, getting suitable expertise in the marketing and sales industries is crucial. A territory manager must have seven years of professional experience. While it does not consider the time spent in formal schooling, that is how long it takes to develop specific area manager skills. To become a territory manager, you need to finish the standard educational requirements for a college degree, adding another 10 to 12 years to the process. Applying for internship employment when you are an undergraduate is a fantastic approach. Working as a marketing or sales intern can teach you a lot about how a sales department runs, and it can also help you later when you're looking for other sales or marketing jobs.

Training (job or related fields)

A bachelor's degree in business, marketing, or a similar discipline and at least 4-5 years of relevant experience are prerequisites for the territory manager position. Relies on expertise and discretion to make plans and carry out tasks. The territory manager often answers to middle management as well.


You might assume greater responsibility or a leadership position as your job progresses. A territory manager can choose their career objectives by following the professional path using our career map. For instance, they might begin with a position like regional sales manager, advance to a title like sales vice president, and ultimately land the executive vice president of sales.

Employment areas

  • It company
  • Insurance firms
  • Bank
  • Education sector
  • Non-government office
  • Cooperative organization

Job titles

  • Regional sales manager
  • Vice President of Sales
  • Contact manager
  • Sales Executive Vice President
  • National sales director
  • Manager of Sales
  • Regional vice president of sales

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Salary of Territory Manager

Let us see the average annual salary of Territory Manager in some popular countries.


Annual Average Salary of Territory Manager


$79,956 (AUD)/yr


$ 1.649.416 (ARS)/yr


45.315 € (EUR)/yr


R$94.943 (BRL)/yr


$69,982 (CAD)/yr


¥188,973 (CNY)/yr

Costa Rica

₡13 655 088 (CRC)/yr


368.083 kr. (DKK)/yr


132,321 ج.م.‏ (EGP)/yr


44 711 € (EUR)/yr


40 239 € (EUR)/yr


48.208 € (EUR)/yr

Hong Kong SAR

HK$395,873 (HKD)/yr


₹8,87,930 (INR)/yr


36.372 € (EUR)/yr


¥5,819,662 (JPY)/yr


RM81,112 (MYR)/yr


$320,312 (MXN)/yr


€ 43.458 (EUR)/yr

New Zealand

$74,257 (NZD)/yr


91 034 zł (PLN)/yr


27 258 € (EUR)/yr

Russian Federation

880 138 ₽ (RUB)/yr


CHF 67'191 (CHF)/yr


34.643 € (EUR)/yr


฿558,351 (THB)/yr


£35,354 (GBP)/yr


360 044 ₴ (UAH)/yr

United Arab Emirates

175,116 د.إ.‏ (AED)/yr

United States

$67,035 (USD)/yr


309.005.701 ₫ (VND)/yr

Training Course for Territory Manager.

Let us talk about some degrees to become a successful Territory Manager.





Diploma degree in advertising

Diploma degree in Territory Management 

Diploma degree in communications,

Diploma degree in IT

Diploma degree in computer science

Diploma degree in sales marketing


Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] ( sales Marketing)

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Human Resource Management)

Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] (Finance)

Bachelor of Management Studies [BMS]

Bachelor of Science [B.Sc.] (Optometry)

Bachelor of Physical Education [B.P.Ed]

BBA in Finance

BBA in Marketing and sales Territory Management

Become in Marketing, and sales


Master of Business Administration [MBA]

Master of Business Administration [MBA] (International Business)

Master of Science [M.Sc.] (Nursing)

Master of Business Administration [MBA] (Banking and Finance)

Master of Business in Risk Management,

Master of Business in Accounting and Finance

Master of Business in Human Resource

Master of Business in Economics,


P.hD. in Marketing

Ph.D. in Human Resource Management,

Ph.D. in Accounts and Finance,

Ph.D. in Economics,

Ph.D. in  Finance and Territory Management 

Pros and Cons of Becoming Territory Manager

The territory manager position is fantastic. But there are advantages and disadvantages with everything. 

Advantages of becoming Territory Manager.

  • Receive a raise in pay
  • Own, create the plan and carry it out.
  • Possess the capacity to improve people's lives
  • More individuals to meet significantly
  • Make solid connections with others
  • Pick and choose which jobs to assign.
  • Received more equity than the typical sales rep.

Disadvantages of becoming Territory Manager.

  • Generally earn less money (but get more equity in startups).
  • Control over strategy and execution
  • Transition is difficult.
  • Tough work
  • Long hours of work
  • Political dialogue
  • Lack of family time
  • Dispute with the personnel

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How to Become Territory Manager. FAQs

What comes after the territory manager?

You'll probably advance from a territory manager to a regional or national sales manager position.

Why do account managers and territory managers differ from one another?

Definition. A territory manager oversees increasing income and creating sales strategies for a specific region. The region might be as narrow as a city or as vast as a confederation of states. An account manager oversees increasing income within their focus accounts.

What is the title of a territory manager in another language?

Territory Account Manager, Territory Manager. Account managers include vital accounts, strategic accounts, and significant accounts. Internal sales, telemarketing, call center work, and customer service representatives

What is the role of the senior territory manager?

A senior territory manager is a specialist responsible for meeting sales goals and keeping up with industry changes and rival products. They develop sales plans after analyzing sales data and reviewing market trends, opportunities, and dangers.

Why is territorial management crucial?

Your reps may focus on the most valuable leads, prospects, and customers using their abilities, knowledge, and resources with sales territory management. Instead, sales territory management enables your salespeople to concentrate on the most valuable leads, prospects, and clients by utilizing their abilities, knowledge, and resources.

How does territory management work?

Territory management is the method of salespeople to manage and prioritize a group of prospects and clients that are often segmented (such as geography, industry, and need).

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