How to Become Brand Manager

How to Become Brand Manager

How to Become Brand Manager
Saru Niraula

As thousands of businesses of all sizes compete for attention in perhaps the most congested area ever, social media managers must adopt the skills and knowledge of brand managers worldwide. Companies are increasingly trying to create an excellent online reputation and branding from the beginning. Brand Managers are the core of the business who have the vision, sail the ship, and keep efforts on the right track.

If you are passionate about being creative and want to stand out from the mass, lead the company using your mind, and become the brand manager, This article is for you. 

This article will tell you all you need to know to become a brand manager.

What is a Brand Manager?

A brand manager manages marketing, promoting, and bringing attention to a company's brand. They are typically employed by organizations that lack a marketing staff or want someone who can handle numerous brands simultaneously. 

This function has grown in importance in recent years as customers become more aware of the impact of their purchases from certain firms; this means that if your business isn't seen as a trusted or reliable company, then the chances are that potential customers will avoid you in all respects. That's why hiring a well-trained person is essential to take charge of your business image.

The brand manager must identify and describe the brand, identify its core demographic audience, create and enhance the link between the brand and its primary audience, and then increase the audience while growing and protecting the brand with the whole marketing strategy to accomplish sales objectives.

This typically starts with successful strategic branding aspects, such as determining the brand's name and how that will appear, which is usually accomplished by briefing creatives, organizations, and agencies. 

A brand manager must also define essential components such as the value proposition, business model, brand positioning statements, and others. These elements are critical for expressing your brand's goals to the vast range of individuals to whom it will be introduced and exposed.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Brand Manager?

A brand manager has many responsibilities and different tasks within their role. The following article aims to provide insight into what you need to know when you first step into the brand manager role.

  • A brand manager’s primary responsibility is to help build relationships and create awareness of your product/brand while also managing your customer's expectations of what you can do for them. In other words, the job description of the brand manager is to ensure that your company is always at its best and working towards creating a great reputation.
  • Understanding the brand, how to make it unique, and how to market themselves.
  • Advising executives and clients on marketing plans and campaigns to reach target markets, raise consumer awareness, and successfully promote the characteristics of goods and services.
  • Data analysis for current trends and forecasting future consumer trends
  • Investigating possible market demand and characteristics for new products or services.
  • Conducting and commissioning competitive research on competitor firms or goods.
  • In conjunction with other managers, develop and implement policies and plans for advertising, public relations, sales, and marketing.
  • Monitoring public opinion about an organization or a specific topic and managing the flow of internal information to the media and the general public.
  • Developing and carrying out communication strategies and plans
  • Conducting an interview with journalists, social media influencers, and bloggers, writing and distributing press releases and coordinating with media representatives.
  • Creating and implementing risk assessment and crisis management plans.

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Qualification required to become a Brand Manager

It's not an easy thing to become a Brand Manager. By its name itself, it holds a lot of qualities and necessities. The following are some qualifications and qualities you need to become a Brand Manager.

  • Excellent communication skills are necessary to understand our business's technical and non-technical aspects. You should have excellent written and verbal communication skills. You need to express your thoughts and ideas clearly and succinctly effectively. 
  • Additionally, you should have strong organizational skills and be able to manage multiple tasks simultaneously.
  • Your ability to perform excellently under pressure while adapting to changing priorities is critical. You must be able to multitask efficiently and remain focused during long hours of workdays. This includes prioritising workloads, meeting deadlines, keeping accurate records, and staying organized.
  • Strong leadership skills are needed to inspire and help our team members achieve their maximum potential. You’ll take ownership of projects and ensure they are completed to quality standards. You should also be able to provide clear direction and encourage employees to improve themselves continually.
  • You must have a passion for our brand and its products. Working in this industry requires a unique sense of pride and ownership, allowing our team to show enthusiasm about our work. Understanding our company culture and values would play a significant role in your success here.
  • Brand Managers should be good at setting goals and measuring progress, managing budgets, and ensuring that all marketing activities align with those goals. These duties include but are not limited to Developing, drafting, editing, and reviewing copy, including web content and social media posts;

Steps to Become a Successful Brand Manager

While working as a Brand Manager without formal degrees is possible, businesses may prefer employees with communication abilities and qualifications. And over half of the existing employees in this position hold a university degree.

The formal steps to being a Brand Manager are:

  • Complete a communications qualification. A Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication, a Diploma in Marketing and Communication, or a Bachelor's degree with a Media and Communication concentration is recommended.
  • While studying, secure a position in an internship program. This will provide you with valuable experience, advice, and mentoring from experienced Brand Managers.
  • To get experience, look for a junior marketing or communications role. Before advancing to the position of Brand Manager, most candidates have 3-5 years of experience in junior jobs.

Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication

Salary of Brand Manager

The salary of a brand manager varies greatly depending on his position, experience level, area they are working in, and other factors. A brand manager can earn anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 per year. 

They earn this amount from starting salaries that range between $40K-$60K and average base pay of at least $70K per year. This may seem like a lot of money, but considering that these managers have no set hours at their workplace, this could be a pretty good sum after tax.

Career as a Brand Manager

From the brand's perspective, Brand managers manage internal and external communication platforms, including social media, e-newsletters, email blasts, brochures/flyers, etc. They work closely with marketers and other departments to ensure consistent platform messages. In addition to creating content, they may develop plans for events, promotions, and product launches, according to their employer's needs.

For those unfamiliar with the brand management field, it may appear not very comforting. However, there are several advantages to working in this sector. Brand management is a challenging and fast-paced business. However, the salary is also appealing. In this sector, there are several prospects for advancement.

Job stability is not an issue for individuals who continue to gain expertise in any sector. Brand Managers with a strong track record and years of expertise are in high demand. Brand management is a field that needs a great deal of imagination. Brand Managers assist companies in improving their reputation and building a solid client base. As one takes on more and more initiatives, their credibility grows. This has a lot of sound effects on their job.

Brand Management is a unique and minor extra career in terms of work duties. Brand  Managers travel to fascinating events, interact with prominent brand executives, and receive perks such as discounts and gifts.

Pros and Cons of Becoming a Brand Manager

Advantages of a Brand Manager

  • The most important benefit is getting paid for doing something you enjoy!
  • You're able to work from home. There are no commutes, and the hours can be flexible depending on your lifestyle.
  • Your boss is usually someone who has been in the position before. You know they have dealt with situations like yours and have already learned how to navigate them.
  • They may not offer much direction but can provide feedback and constructive criticism.
  • You'll learn a lot about yourself and your strengths and weaknesses.
  • You'll meet great people along the way.
  • You'll build relationships with clients and vendors.
  • You'll develop skills and knowledge that will put you ahead of other candidates.
  • You'll gain confidence in your abilities and find ways to improve.
  • You'll make a difference in people's lives.

Disadvantages of a Brand Manager

A brand manager’s job is both fun and challenging at the same time. This can be very frustrating if they cannot manage their team effectively. Below we explore some of the disadvantages of this position.

  • Not being involved in business planning (this means that the brand manager has no say on what products should be manufactured).
  • Being overloaded with tasks that take too much time – results in them missing deadlines and losing work opportunities.
  • Lack of knowledge in marketing strategies, market research analysis, and other business-related skills.
  • Not being allowed to make decisions about where to invest money.
  • A lack of understanding of how to communicate with different groups of people.

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FAQ Related to How to Become a Brand Manager

  • What are the skills needed to become a Brand Manager?

The primary skill set that makes someone a great brand manager is their ability to strategize, create, and communicate a clear message to people. There are many different ways to do this, and the best way to get started is to build your brand first. Understanding who you want to reach through social media channels and how they interact online versus offline would be best.

  • How can I become a good Brand Manager?

First, anyone wanting to become a good brand manager must be open to innovation. As far as creativity goes, anyone looking to be a great brand manager needs to be able to connect with consumers and make sure that they know who they are. 

  • How do I start a career in Branding?

          Complete your studies in the relevant fields, obtain certificates, begin your job hunt and create a network.

  • What is the difference between a Marketing Manager and a Brand Manager?

Brand managers control how customers perceive a company's products or services. A marketing manager, on the other hand, is someone entrusted with reaching out to prospective clients and the general public to showcase a product and generate sales.

  • What is the Salary of a Brand Manager?

The salary of a brand manager varies greatly depending on his position, experience level, area they are working in, and other factors. A brand manager can earn anywhere from $50,000-$100,000 per year.

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