How to become Aviation Consultant

How to become Aviation Consultant

How to become Aviation Consultant
Mandira Pangeni

As the aviation industry grows, so does the need for well-trained and experienced aviation consultants. Becoming an aviation consultant may be right if you are looking for a career where your skills can be used in a fast-paced and rapidly changing environment.

An aviation consultant advises private or public entities on best practices, policies, and procedures. Consultants provide expert advice and guidance to aviation businesses and those looking to enter the industry, making a career in aviation consultancy extremely rewarding. 

An aviation consultant may work with airlines, airports, manufacturers, or other commercial aviation-related businesses. An aviation consultant has extensive knowledge of planes and the aviation industry. Continue reading to learn more about this exciting career path.

What is an Aviation Consultant?

A professional who advises private or public entities on aviation best practices, policies, and procedures is known as an aviation consultant. Consultants provide expert advice and guidance to aviation businesses.

Aviation consultants advise a company or individual on how to implement best and use an aviation company's services. They may consult with individuals who want to start their own aviation company about the feasibility and viability of such a venture.

Consultants may also advise corporations on integrating airline operations into their existing business model to expand their air travel services as an auxiliary business function.

A certified consultant's in-depth understanding of a specific business, product, or service enables others to make knowledgeable decisions regarding project planning and execution.

Roles and responsibilities of an Aviation Consultant

The role of an aviation consultant is varied, but a consultant will typically offer services related to business development, marketing, strategy, and risk management. Consultants also help their clients with resourcing and streamlining operations to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Some significant roles and responsibilities are:

  • Prepare reports outlining the performance and progress of all aviation activities. The reports should then be presented to management.
  • To provide any legal advice that the company requires, particularly in the event of an aircraft failure or accident.
  • To be familiar with the airport's management practices and procedures and the aircraft's air transportation regulations to advise the aircraft control system best.
  • To assist their clients in resourcing and streamlining operations to reduce costs and increase airport efficiency.
  • To assist clients at airports, air traffic control, airlines, government and regulatory agencies, and other organizations in understanding and implementing the most recent and best aviation practices.

Steps Required to be an Aviation Consultant

Working as an aviation consultant requires specialized skills and training typically obtained through a secondary education or certification program. Learn more about the procedures for becoming an aviation consultant. The significant steps are as follows:

  • A bachelor's degree in airport management, aviation management, or a similar field is required.
  • You should have relevant experience of a few years to be a consultant.
  • Any training or certification related to aviation is preferred.

Qualifications required for an Aviation Consultant

Some primary qualification skills are as follows:

  • Analytical skills: As an aviation consultant, you assist clients at airports, air traffic control, airlines, and regulatory agencies in understanding and implementing cutting-edge aviation practices. Because there are so many types of aviation consultancy projects, your work is frequently determined by your expertise and personal interests. For this reason, analytical skills are a necessity.
  • Communication Skills: Any airport consultant must communicate effectively because their primary role is to advise their clients on aviation practices. To provide any input, exceptional written and verbal communication skills are required. Various reports must also be reviewed and prepared, requiring excellent communication skills.
  • Organizational Skills: As an aviation consultant, you must be able to organize various tasks to increase productivity and maintain effective client communication.
  • Research and Continuous Learning: You must stay current on industry technologies and trends to provide your clients with the most up-to-date and best aviation practices.

Salary of an Aviation Consultant

An aviation consultant's average salary varies greatly depending on their skills and years of experience. A typical entry-level consultant earns around 3.5 lakhs per year. With experience, this can increase to 10 lakhs per year. In addition to a basic salary, aviation consultants are also provided with decent compensation such as tips, bonuses, and overtime pay.

Training Course to Become an Aviation Consultant 

You must take one of the following courses to become an airport consultant:

  • BBA in Aviation Management
  • MBA in Airline and Airport Management
  • BSc. in Airline & Airport Management
  • MBA in Air Travel Management
  • BBA in Aviation

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Advantages and disadvantages of being an Aviation Consultant


  • Great Income: Aviation Consultants are among the highest-paid professionals. You can earn enough money as a consultant to live comfortably. Your financial reward increases dramatically as you gain experience.
  • Prestige: Aviation consultants are among the most well-respected professionals. Working as a consultant can be both rewarding and personally fulfilling.
  • Substantial Growth Opportunities: Aviation consultants have numerous opportunities for advancement; with more experience, you can also join regulatory agency boards.


  • As a consultant, you are responsible for advising airlines and airports on aviation practices, which means that even minor errors in judgment can result in aircraft failures and fatalities. As a result, the job can be stressful.

Career as an Aviation Consultant

A problematic career with many duties typically comes with being an aviation consultant. Additionally, they guarantee the upkeep of the aircraft control system. They also keep track of the business's financial performance, which includes revenue and expenses.

Conversely, as a consultant, you must also create reports explaining the effectiveness and advancement of all aviation activities. The management should then be given the reports. Any legal advice the company requests from you must be given, especially in the event of an aircraft malfunction or accident.

Additionally, you must help clients at airports, air traffic control, airlines, governmental and regulatory agencies, and other businesses comprehend and implement the latest and finest aviation practices.

Although consulting includes many trips to client locations, the job has numerous benefits that do not involve spending all day in an office. An aviation consultant assists various individuals or organizations in solving complex aviation-related issues.

You might anticipate working with organizations like Air India, SGS India, and others as an aviation consultant.

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FAQs regarding Aviation Consultant

What is the salary of an Aviation Consultant?

The typical salary for an aviation consultant varies widely depending on their qualifications and experience level. An entry-level consultant typically takes roughly 3.5 lakhs a year. With experience, this might reach 10 lakhs annually.

What companies usually hire an Aviation Consultant?

As an aviation consultant, you might expect to work with companies like Air India, SGS India, and others.

What are the skills required to be an Aviation Consultant?

The major skills required to be a successful aviation consultant are communication, analytical, and research.

What subjects should I study to become an Aviation Consultant?

It is necessary to have a bachelor's degree in airport management, aviation management, or a related discipline.

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