How to become Airport Supervisor

How to become Airport Supervisor

How to become Airport Supervisor
Ankita KhadkaFri Jul 22 2022

Becoming an airport supervisor is a logical next step for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the aviation industry. You can carry out duties linked to supervising, directing, and coordinating the operations of other airport employees while you work as an airport supervisor.

The airline business is among the fastest-growing transportation industries as the world economy becomes increasingly interconnected. As demand for air travel continues to grow, so does the need for qualified employees in all areas of the industry. 

To learn more about becoming an airport supervisor, read this article.

What is an Airport Supervisor?

An individual who manages an airport's general operations is known as an airport supervisor. To ensure that an airport operates well, an airport supervisor is in charge of supervising employees and organizing departmental duties. This position often entails managing staff members, keeping an eye on operations, allocating shifts, handling issues, and maintaining records.

The airport manager and the airport supervisor work jointly. An airport supervisor requires advanced understanding in several areas, including maintenance, logistics, and safety and security.

An airport supervisor may work directly for a company like Air India or for a third-party vendor that staffs airports, such as a security firm or janitorial service.

Roles and responsibilities of an Airport Supervisor

To keep airports and airlines operating efficiently, a variety of specialists in the aviation industry put in work behind the scenes. As an airport supervisor, it will be your job to oversee that your staff reaches set objectives while also preserving a secure working environment. 

Additionally, you'll act as the team's point of contact with management, keeping an eye on performance and offering support as required. Although the duties of this job are diverse, the majority call for you to have in-depth familiarity with the standards, policies, and practices of the airport you work for.

Some major roles and responsibilities are listed below:

  • Monitor the weather conditions and share any potential problems with other airport workers.
  • Receive and examine all pilot reports that address any safety concerns
  • Work with the aircraft maintenance crew to ensure all repairs are made.
  • To make sure that everyone on staff is ready for any emergency, run safety drills frequently.
  • Observe and record the surveillance devices.
  • Review all the flight plans and airport maps to avoid congestion in the airport.
  • Inspect runways, taxiways, aircraft parking, and fuel facilities for possible dangers and coordinate remedial action with responsible authorities.
  • Constantly communicate with all the airport staff to ensure efficient operation of the airport

Steps to becoming an Airport Supervisor

Working as an airport supervisor necessitates specific skills and training that are typically only obtained through a secondary education or certification program. Learn more about the steps required to become an airport supervisor. The major steps are:

  • A bachelor's degree in airport management, aviation management, transportation management, or a closely related field is required.
  • At least one year of airport operation experience.

Qualifications required to be an Airport Supervisor

Working as a supervisor in the aviation industry requires skills that are distinct from those required for traditional management positions. While strong leadership skills are still required, supervisory roles involve more technical knowledge and expertise in areas such as security or maintenance. Some major qualifications include:

  • Communication skills are essential for any airport supervisor because they are frequently the primary point of contact for crew members and managers. As an airport supervisor, you must be able to effectively communicate in both written and verbal forms and train and coach others on various safety protocols and drills. Reports must also be reviewed and prepared which requires excellent communication skills.
  • An analytical mind is essential for an airport supervisor because it ensures that any potential problems are identified. You may be in charge of ensuring that all airport operations run smoothly and safely, so it's critical to be aware of any potential risks. 
  • Team Work Skills: Working with other airport officers is an important aspect of an airport supervisor's job. To ensure the airport runs smoothly, you may work with a team of other supervisors, managers, and other staff members. You must also work with maintenance teams and pilots to ensure that an airport runs smoothly.

Salary of an Airport Supervisor

An airport supervisor's annual salary is approximately 450000 rupees. This, however, grows as you advance up the experience ladder. Airport supervisors receive decent compensation in addition to a base salary, such as tips, bonuses, and overtime pay. A highly experienced airport supervisor can earn up to Rs. 8 lakhs per year. This figure varies according to the airline or airport for which you work.

Training courses to become an Airport Supervisor

To become an airport supervisor, you must enroll in any of the following courses:

  • BBA in Airport Management
  • MBA in Airline and Airport Management
  • BSc. in Airline & Airport Management
  • MBA in Air Travel Management

Advantages and disadvantages of an Airport Supervisor


  • Airport Supervisors are among the highest-paid professionals in the airline industry. You can earn enough money as an airport supervisor to live comfortably. Your financial reward increases dramatically as you gain experience.
  • Growth opportunity is immense in this sector. An experienced airport supervisor can eventually go on to become an operation supervisor or even a general manager.


  • As an airport supervisor, your work timing is not fixed and can work  easily last more than 10 hours
  • Airport Supervising is physically demanding as you must keep moving around to oversee all the operations.
  • Job Opportunity are only available in the Aviation industry.

Career as an Airport Supervisor

Being an airport supervisor usually involves a demanding job with numerous responsibilities. The work demands more than just supervising other workers and ensuring that they do their jobs correctly. An airport supervisor must be well-versed in a variety of areas, including safety and security, maintenance, and logistics.

You may need to work with vendors or contractors as an airport supervisor daily.

You will also act as an intermediary between management and other team members, monitoring performance and providing assistance as needed. An airport operations supervisor's work environment is fast-paced and hectic.

The responsibilities of this position are varied, but most require you to be well-versed in company policies, procedures, and standards relevant to your area of responsibility. You may also be on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week in case of an emergency.

As an airport supervisor, you can expect to work in international, domestic, or any airport operation agency.

FAQs about an airport supervisor

What is the salary of an airport supervisor?

An airport supervisor's annual salary is approximately 450000 rupees. This, however, grows as you advance up the experience ladder.

What companies usually hire an Airport Supervisor?

Air India, Spice Jet, and Air India Express are some of the top companies that hire airport supervisors.

What are the major skills required to be an airport supervisor?

The major skills required are communication, analytical, and problem-solving.

What are the top colleges to study airport management?

Skybird aviation and Nehru College of Aeronautics and Applied Sciences are among the top colleges studying airport management.

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