How to become Air Freight Manager

How to become Air Freight Manager

How to become Air Freight Manager
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An Air freight manager controls the shipping of commodities by air. Air Freight managers organise shipments and negotiate pricing with vendors, service providers, and carriers. To be an air freight manager, you must first understand logistics fundamentals.

Depending on your expertise, various certification or training programs can help you progress your career as an air freight manager. Some steps to becoming an Air Freight Manager are mentioned below in this article.

What is an air freight manager?

A freight manager is in charge of the freight department in a corporation. Their role is to handle all areas of the company's freight services, including shipment planning and booking, truck contract procurement and maintenance, process simplification, and cost monitoring. Each company has its prerequisites for employing a freight manager.

Air freight managers ensure that shipments match their clients' needs. You can choose from various jobs based on your firm or organization's size and operational needs when pursuing this.

Roles and responsibilities of air freight manager

As the name implies, an air freight manager oversees all logistics and operations associated with air freight. This covers shipping management and organization, pricing, planning, tracking, and other tasks. It's an entry-level position with a lot of responsibility. 

An air freight manager is also responsible for ensuring operational efficiency to maximize profitability. Continue reading to discover more about an air freight manager's duties and responsibilities.

  • You are responsible for the entire cargo operations and activities as an air freight manager.
  • To assure the correctness of invoices, lading bills, shipping statements, and key performance indicators in the aviation industry.
  • To produce and summarize periodic reports for management review.
  • Ensure that all items are loaded aboard the cargo plane as ordered.
  • To plan the workers' schedules and work with them to ensure the smooth running of the airport.
  • Communicate with other departments and inform everyone of any scheduling changes, freight space limitations, and special requests.
  • To enhance freight charges by researching all current trends and rates, as well as to maximize the company's revenue.

Qualifications required for becoming an air freight manager

An air freight manager should have a keen eye for detail and strong problem-solving abilities. He or she must also be precise and capable of working under pressure in a fast-paced workplace. A competent air freight manager must also be organized, patient, and capable of multitasking and prioritizing responsibilities. Another crucial trait that anyone aiming to be an air freight manager must have is the ability to communicate coherently.

  • Communication skills: Because communicating with staff members is a crucial aspect of an air freight manager's work, you must have excellent communication skills. To save time and minimize doubt or misunderstanding, you should be able to use short and accurate language while communicating.
  • Teamwork skills: Working with other airport officers is essential to an air freight manager's work. You must work with a team of other supervisors, managers, and staff members to maintain the freights orderly and on schedule. It would be best to work with all other airport personnel to keep the airport functioning well.
  • Organizational Skills: This is another vital ability for handling duties autonomously in the routine. You must be familiar with all organizational duties such as scheduling, arranging, planning, financing, and routine work such as processing orders and requests. To keep the show operating well, you must be prepared to endure the absence of any staff. Having practical organizing skills will be critical to your success in this position.
  • Leadership Skills: The leadership position comes with an air freight manager career. He or she manages the group handling the shipments and transporting products via an air carrier. He or she is also responsible for hiring, mentoring, guiding, and developing employees.

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Steps to becoming an air freight manager

The following steps must be followed to become a successful air freight manager:

  • Complete a bachelor's degree in management, supply chain, and logistics.
  • Complete an MBA in any specialized field, such as operations management, supply chain, logistics, or finance.

Salary of an Air Freight Manager

The salary of an air freight manager varies substantially based on their talents and years of experience. A typical entry-level air freight manager earns between 3 and 4 lakh rupees annually. This may be increased to 16-17  lakhs per year with expertise. Freight managers get reasonable remuneration in addition to a base wage, such as gratuities, bonuses, and overtime pay.

Training Courses to be an Air Freight Manager

To become an air freight manager, you can enrol in any of the following courses:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming an Air Freight Manager


  • Good Income: Air Freight managers are well-paid professionals. As a freight manager, you can make enough money to live comfortably. As you acquire experience, your monetary reward rises considerably.
  • Growth opportunity is immense in this sector. An experienced air freight manager can eventually become an operation manager.


  • As an air freight manager, your work schedule might be pretty demanding.

Career as an Air Freight Manager

A freight manager's role is to guarantee that the company's freight department meets its tasks to the best of its ability. A freight manager may be in charge of day-to-day operations, planning, monitoring, reporting, and employing and training employees. 

A freight manager is responsible for a multitude of activities daily. Furthermore, regardless of their job within a firm, all freight managers are expected to fulfil several obligations.

Inventory management is also crucial for every reputable firm to reduce costs. An air freight manager must also interact with internal and external stakeholders and grasp corporate strategy concepts.

Being an air freight manager involves a wide range of tasks. These duties are required of anybody who works in this position and may vary based on their area of specialization or placement within the organizational structure.

FAQs regarding Air Freight Manager

What is the salary range for an Air Freight Manager?

The salary of an air freight manager varies greatly depending on their abilities and years of experience. An entry-level air freight manager typically makes between 3 and 4 lakh rupees annually. In addition to basic compensation, freight managers get adequate payment through gratuities, bonuses, and overtime pay.

What is the job outlook of an Air Freight Manager?

With worldwide exports steadily expanding, this profession will be in more demand in the coming years.

What are the primary skills required for an air freight manager?

The primary skills required to become a successful air freight manager include teamwork, communication, organising and multitasking.

What are the primary responsibilities of an Air Freight Manager?

As the names suggest, an air freight manager controls all logistics and operations related to air freight. Shipping management and organization, pricing, planning, tracking, and other responsibilities are all covered.

What are the top colleges and universities to prepare for an Air Freight Manager?

Indian Institute of Technology, Indian Institute of Science, and Indian Institute of Management are top colleges and universities.

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