How to become a Sales Engineer

How to become a Sales Engineer

How to become a Sales Engineer
Tn AryalThu Aug 25 2022

Sales engineers utilise their technical talents and customer service knowledge to market various industrial and technological products. To boost sales, they continuously monitor and enhance the various sales process stages. 

You can make an informed decision to work in this sector by understanding what a sales engineer does daily. In this article, we will learn about sales engineers, their job responsibilities, how to become one, and the necessary top skills needed to succeed in the profession.

What is a Sales Engineer?

Sales engineers are experts who look at all facets of the sales process to identify areas for improvement. They work to increase the sales of scientific and technological products to different commercial, industrial, and technical businesses in a business-to-business setting. 

Many sales engineers utilise their technical expertise and customer service talents to succeed in their careers. Sales engineers must also have excellent sales abilities to persuade their customers to purchase their products.

What are the roles and responsibilities of a Sales Engineer?

  • Coordinate with sales teams, understand customer needs, and provide sales assistance
  • Planning and modifying product design to meet customer requirements 
  • Arranging meetings with customers both current and potential to discuss the goods and services for sale 
  • Preparing and delivering presentations to elaborate the technical specifications, purposes, and advantages of the goods and services 
  • Assisting the sales staff in understanding client equipment and tool requirements
  • Recommending tools, equipment, and other resources to customers based on their business requirements 
  • Negotiate the terms and conditions of contracts and bids to satisfy client and business needs
  • Assisting customers in problem-solving and troubleshooting installed equipment 
  • Developing efficient marketing methods and strategies that can lead to improved product and service sales 
  • Recommending new or improved goods, services or materials to customers 
  • Assisting the product development team with research, information gathering, and the formulation of development strategies for new products 
  • Performing research and development work in order to plan and build new goods that meet the needs of customers 
  • Provide training and support materials to other members of the sales team.

Qualifications to Be a Sales Engineer 

Customer service skills 

Since their job entails addressing customers and persuading them to purchase their company's scientific and technological products and services, sales engineers must have great customer service skills. They must be able to communicate with people of various personalities, engage in negotiation, and sway their purchasing decisions.

Persuasion skills

The ability to persuade others is important and advantageous for a sales engineer. It entails paying attention to customer concerns and addressing them in a way that promotes the sale. Sales engineers use this ability to close mutually beneficial agreements for both the company and the client.

Social perceptiveness 

This skill comprises the ability to perceive others' reactions and comprehend the motivations behind their actions. This skill is essential for sales engineers because it enables them to assess how a client will react to a sales strategy and adjust the plan accordingly.

Communication and Interpersonal skills

The work of the sales engineer necessitates continuous communication with colleagues, clients, and suppliers. They often need to discuss complex technical topics and explain them to an audience in laymen's terms. 

Sales engineers frequently collaborate with other engineers, technicians, product developers, sales executives, and other professionals as part of their employment. They must communicate with different clients and understand their needs. So, sales engineers must possess good communication skills.

Sales Skills

To succeed in the profession, it is essential to have a knack for seeing sales opportunities and closing deals. To close the deal, you must possess in-depth knowledge of the company's goods and sales strategy and the ability to develop positive customer connections.

Steps to Become a Successful Sales Engineer

  • Develop a strong foundation in mathematics and science in high school.
  • Research sales engineer positions and choose which industry interests you the most. The sectors might be civil, mechanical, computer, electrical, electronics, biomedical, etc.
  • Pursue Bachelor’s in Engineering in the field from an accredited university.
  • If possible, pursue an internship while studying.
  • Participate in tech sales boot camps. Alternatively, you can join coding boot camps to learn programming, software development, full stack development, or web design. This will help you boost your understanding of specific products and services, depending on the area you want to get into.
  • Professional engineering certification and licensing.
  • Look for an entry-level job in the desired field and gain some experience working in sales. 
  • Obtain a master's degree in the respective field. Alternatively, you can also pursue a postgraduate degree in the management field.
  • Gain a sales management certificate

Degree Programs for Sales Engineer

Bachelor’s degree program

Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Civil Engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Chemical engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Biomedical Engineering

Bachelor of Technology in Software Engineering

Master’s degree program

Master of Technology in Electrical Engineering

Master of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

Master of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering

Master of Technology in Civil Engineering

Master of Technology in Chemical engineering

Master of Technology in Biomedical Engineering

Master of Technology in Software Engineering

Master of Business Administration

Master of Business Studies

Salary of a Sales Engineer

Salaries may differ depending on criteria such as geographical region, industry, educational background, years of experience, and certifications. In addition to base salary, employers often offer supplemental compensation in the form of sales commissions, among other bonuses. Some, however, run entirely on a commission basis. Commissions may be determined by the number of sales generated by each sales engineer or by the overall success of the group or business. 

Sales engineers receive allowances for on-the-road costs, including transportation, lodging, entertainment, and meals, as the position requires a lot of travel.


Average annual salary of a Sales Engineer





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Advantages and Disadvantages of Becoming Sales Engineer


  • Numerous job opportunities
  • High demand
  • Varied job description and non-monotonous work
  • High salary with commissions and bonuses
  • Developing good working relationships with prospects allows you to learn about their business and their challenges
  • Compensations and allowances
  • Indoor work environment
  • Working hours limited to office hours


  • Total income depends upon the volume of sale
  • The job is taxing for introverts
  • Sometimes, you have to deal with rude clients
  • Pressure to meet timely goals
  • Low job security
  • Less growth in technical knowledge

Career as a Sales Engineer

There is an increasing need for employees with this knowledge in the current job market. The BLS anticipates robust sector growth over the next few years, with an additional 4,100 job opportunities available between 2020 and 2030.


  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Hardware Engineering
  • Software Engineering
  • Information and Technology
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Electronics Engineering
  • Automobile 
  • Manufacturing

Job Titles:

  • Brand ambassador
  • Account executive
  • Sales development representative
  • Regional sales manager
  • Sales Representative
  • General Manager
  • Senior Sales Engineer
  • Computer Sales Engineer
  • Solutions Engineer
  • Pre-sale engineer

FAQ Related to ‘How to Become a Sales Engineer’?

How would you describe the work environment of a sales engineer? 

The typical working environment for sales engineers may vary depending on the industry. Sales engineers may be needed to travel to job sites to meet with customers, and they may be forced to work odd hours to satisfy customer needs and meet deadlines. 

How can sales engineers increase their salaries?

The sales engineer can close more deals by honing his or her persuasive and communication skills. Sales engineers who can effectively identify a potential customer's problem and then offer them the necessary tools and resources are more likely to handle higher-value sales, leading to a higher income.

Does becoming a sales engineer require a degree?

A bachelor's degree in engineering or a closely related subject is often required to be a sales engineer. However, the title of sales engineer can sometimes be held by a person without a degree with prior sales experience in addition to technical experience or training. Individuals with degrees in business or science who have little to no prior sales experience can work as sales engineers.

What certifications do you require to become a sales engineer?

A sales engineer does not require any particular certification. However, certificates in general sales practice help get into the field. As a sales engineer, you might need to obtain certifications in sales, such as Certified Professional Sales Person (CPSP) and Certified Professional Salesperson (SCPS). 

Can you become a sales engineer without any experience?

To become a sales engineer, you don't need any prior technical sales experience. You would, however, need to receive training in fundamental sales strategies. But if you lack sales experience, you would require technical expertise in an engineering or scientific discipline.

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