How to Become a Choreographer?

How to Become a Choreographer?

Ramala BhandariThu Dec 30 2021

If dance is your passion and becoming a good choreographer is your dream career, you have hit the right place. Dance these days is not limited to a single boundary but has flourished globally.

 To blur the boundary of dance and to enrich it with your own skills, style, moves and technique, you have to become a good choreographer.

 Getting good training to hone your dancing skills is the must-have factor that will lead you to become a choreographer. So let's get started to know who can become a good choreographer.

What is a choreographer?

A choreographer is a person who creates different moves and patterns for dances while incorporating the essence of the music used for that particular dance composition.

 A choreographer focuses on creating a dance sequence that coheres with the moves, steps, use of effects, angle and form of the dance.  

Who can become a choreographer?

If you dance well and have the zeal to make other people dance well, are creative enough, skilled and well known to all forms of dance, you definitely can be a good choreographer. 

Also, if you are well trained to enliven the platform with your unique dancing skills, knowledge and techniques on lights and moves, you are the one who is looked for as a choreographer. 

While different forms and genres of dance are ruling the entertainment sectors, being known to all forms and genres will no doubt add the cherry on the cake. 

From movies to the big stages of dance, from gyms to the clubhouses, from schools to theatres, choreographers’ demand is escalating these days. 

So becoming a choreographer could be one of the best career choices you could make if you love the work you do.

 The best way to allure dancers and entertainment companies as good choreographers who can guide them well is by having proper knowledge of all forms of dance dances like hip-hop, ballet, robotic, contemporary, ballroom, jazz, classical and the like. 

Nevertheless excelling in a particular genre will make it easier for people to reach you out if they are seeking a choreographer with specific dance knowledge and skills. 

What skills does a choreographer need?

Here are some 6 skills that help in making a good choreographer. 

  • Creative- You have to be creative so that you can add newness to the dance and amplify your choreography. Being creative with new moves and steps and enriching your dance skills with new sets of ideas will assist you in doing your best as a choreographer.
  • Physically fit- Physically fitness is a must-have quality in a choreographer as dance and its choreography needs a lot of energy. Exercise and a healthy lifestyle aids in making you more fit and boost your energy for the rigorous dance rehearsals and training. 
  • Knowledge of different dance forms and moves-Dance is boundary-less so should be your knowledge about it. Knowing different dance forms and moves will definitely add feathers to your cap if you want to be successful in your career as a choreographer.  
  • Good teamwork and leadership skills- Quality to work in a team as a leader is one of the greatest assets that a choreographer should develop. 

Choreography in sync with the ability to lead the team of dancers, technicians or even the directors of the entertainment sector will no doubt help to create a new piece of art that makes you professionally successful as a choreographer. 

  • Disciplined and determined- Avenues to success are led by the people who are determined in their work. Similarly, a day's practice isn't enough for a person to become a good choreographer, rather being disciplined and determined to work hard is what help you to excel as a professional choreographer. 

Rigorous practice of different dance forms and moves are keys to doing your best as a choreographer.   

  • Good communication and interpersonal skills- To become a good choreographer you need to communicate well with your trainees so that they can grasp what you tend to teach them. 

Also, your interpersonal skills help you to outgrow your social network which will help you to get connected with the new talents and the learners. Henceforth never set yourself back when it comes to outreaching to the larger network. This will aid in building your interpersonal relations. 

Therefore, having good communication and interpersonal skills are a must if you want to shine and do professionally well in your career. 

What training is needed to become a choreographer?

Most of the choreographers today are the people who began to dance at their school or college functions. Yet over a period of time their passion to dance motivated them to get trained and polish their ability to dance. 

Getting training on different forms of dances at the dance institutes can be an option to broaden the horizon of your dancing ability. Those people who really aspire to become choreographers can join different university programs under choreography.

 The formal education on choreography will not only help you become a choreographer but expand your knowledge on different techniques on choreography and make you a certified choreographer.  

What is the salary of a choreographer?

The salary of a choreographer may vary widely depending on different factors like your experience in your profession, education, training, certifications, skills, and the network you have built

The average choreographer salary in the United States is $39,789 as of November 29, 2021, but the range typically falls between $33,114 and $49,581.

 Globally the ranges may differ but with the increase in the demand of the choreographer in the field of arts and entertainment, making choreography your profession will no doubt pay you well if you are able to give your best. 

Job placement of a choreographer

After you become a choreographer, you definitely may reckon on making it your profession. Here are some areas where you can hone your dancing talent with your creative imagination while teaching others to dance and perform. 

Amidst the growing attraction towards the entertainment sector, you can find jobs in art companies like movies or theatres, can find a job in schools and colleges or you can establish your own dance school or private studios.  

Universities to get a degree in Choreography

The University of Derby, MA in Dance and Choreography, England 

The University of Iowa, Masters of Fine Arts in Dance-Choreography Track, United States

Moscow State Academy of Choreography (The Bolshoi Ballet Academy), Russia

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