Career after MDes

Career after MDes

Career after MDes
Sahil Dahal

A Master of Design (MDes) degree is a gateway to a dynamic and fulfilling career in Design. It equips you with the essential skills required by the industry and nurtures a unique way of thinking that can unlock numerous doors to a prosperous career. This comprehensive article will delve into the multifaceted aspects of a career after MDes, providing detailed information to help you make informed decisions.

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Popular Job Roles for MDes Graduates

MDes graduates are in high demand due to their specialized knowledge and skills. Graduates can pursue various job roles in various industries depending on their chosen specialization during their MDes program. Let's explore some of the popular job roles that MDes graduates can consider:

UI/UX Designer

UI/UX designers are essential in the digital age, focusing on creating user-friendly interfaces and enhancing user experiences in digital products, websites, and applications. They are pivotal in understanding user behavior, researching, and crafting intuitive designs that optimize usability and satisfaction. UI/UX designers collaborate closely with development teams to translate their designs into functional and visually appealing interfaces. With an MDes degree, they gain deeper insights into design psychology and user-centered methodologies, making them even more adept at creating seamless digital experiences. Career growth for UI/UX designers often involves moving into lead roles, design strategy, or even branching into specialized areas like interaction design or user research.

Product Designer

Product designers are tasked with conceptualizing and designing physical products, ensuring they are functional, aesthetically pleasing, and user-centric. They work meticulously through each stage of product development, from initial ideation and prototyping to the final manufacturing process. MDes graduates specializing in product design bring advanced design thinking and innovation to the field, enabling them to craft products that resonate with consumers. As their careers progress, product designers can ascend to leadership roles, including design directors or innovation managers, where they shape the future of product design within organizations.

Industrial Designer

Industrial designers are instrumental in creating consumer products, infusing aesthetics with functionality and ergonomics. These professionals work across various industries, from electronics to furniture, focusing on delivering products that enhance everyday life. MDes graduates in industrial Design leverage their advanced knowledge to drive innovation and sustainable design practices. Over time, industrial designers can move into senior positions, become design consultants, or even carve niches in specialized areas like eco-friendly product design.

Design Manager

Design managers bridge design teams and an organization's strategic goals and principles. They play a crucial role in overseeing design projects, ensuring they stay on track and align with the company's broader vision. With an MDes degree, design managers have advanced leadership skills and a deeper understanding of design strategy. As they progress in their careers, they may advance to roles like design director, creative director, or even chief design officer in large organizations, where they wield significant influence over design initiatives.

Fashion Designer

Fashion designers are the creative visionaries behind clothing and accessories, continuously evolving to meet the demands of the fashion and style industry. Their responsibilities encompass trend analysis, sketching designs, fabric selection, and overseeing the production of garments. MDes graduates in fashion design often use their advanced education to specialize in areas such as sustainable fashion or luxury design. In the fashion industry, career growth can lead to establishing one's fashion label, becoming a creative director for prestigious fashion houses, or expanding into fashion merchandising and styling.

Interior Designer

Interior designers are experts in transforming spaces into functional and aesthetically pleasing environments tailored to their clients' needs. They meticulously select furniture, color palettes, and materials while creating layouts that maximize utility and visual appeal. An MDes degree can empower interior designers to offer innovative, sophisticated design solutions. Career progression might involve becoming a principal designer in interior design firms, specializing in commercial or residential Design, or even branching into architectural Design.

Fashion Coordinator

Fashion coordinators work behind the scenes in the fashion industry, organizing fashion shows, photoshoots, and other events. They are pivotal in ensuring fashion presentations align with the brand's image and run smoothly. While a background in fashion, marketing, or event management is common, MDes graduates may explore this role to bring a unique design perspective to event coordination. As they gain experience, fashion coordinators can advance to roles like fashion event director, brand manager, or event planning specialist.

Graphic Designer

Graphic designers are responsible for creating visual content that effectively communicates messages. They design logos, marketing materials, digital graphics, and more, using design software to bring concepts to life. Pursuing an MDes degree can provide graphic designers with advanced design theory and research skills. Career growth opportunities include senior graphic designer roles, art director positions, or creative director positions within advertising agencies, design studios, or corporate marketing departments.

Game Designer

Game designers are the architects of video games, responsible for crafting gameplay, designing levels, developing storylines, and enhancing user experiences. They collaborate with programmers and artists to bring games to life. While many start with a bachelor's degree in game design or a related field, MDes graduates may pursue this career to deepen their game design knowledge. With experience, game designers can advance to lead roles, such as lead game designer or creative director, and explore emerging fields like virtual reality and augmented reality game design.

Textile Laboratory Manager

Textile laboratory managers are professionals responsible for overseeing the operations of textile testing facilities. They ensure the quality and compliance of textiles and fabrics with industry standards and regulations. Their role involves managing a team of technicians, supervising laboratory tests, and maintaining the equipment required for quality control. Textile laboratory managers play a critical role in maintaining the integrity of textile products, which is vital in the fashion, manufacturing, and quality assurance industries. Their textile design and quality control expertise are crucial for upholding product standards and meeting customer expectations. As a result, they contribute significantly to producing high-quality textiles and fabrics in various industries.

These diverse job roles cater to various interests and allow MDes graduates to make their mark in various sectors.

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Industries and Companies for MDes Graduates

Master of Design (MDes) graduates possess a versatile skill set that makes them valuable assets across various industries in both public and private sectors. Their expertise often aligns with specific sectors, offering opportunities to make a significant impact. Here's a breakdown of the industries that eagerly welcome MDes graduates:

Automobile Industry

MDes graduates specializing in product design play a crucial role in the automobile industry by conceptualizing and designing vehicles, components, and interior spaces. They blend aesthetics with functionality, shaping the future of automotive Design.

Textile Industry

In the textile industry, MDes graduates with expertise in textile design are instrumental in creating innovative fabrics, patterns, and textiles. They drive creativity and quality, making significant contributions to fashion and textiles.

Fashion Industry

The ever-evolving fashion industry provides a perfect playground for MDes graduates, especially fashion designers and coordinators. They work for clothing brands, fashion houses, or as independent designers, crafting unique styles and enhancing the world's fashion landscape.


MDes graduates bring their design prowess to retail companies, enhancing in-store and online shopping experiences. They create user-friendly store layouts, captivating displays, and visually appealing websites, elevating the customer's journey.


E-commerce platforms rely on MDes professionals to optimize their websites and apps. UI/UX designers ensure that the platforms are functional and visually engaging, making online shopping a seamless experience.


Merchandisers leverage the creativity of MDes graduates to curate visually appealing product displays and promotional materials. Their designs entice customers, driving sales and brand recognition.

Real Estate

Interior designers specializing in real estate contribute by transforming properties into appealing and functional spaces. They make homes and commercial properties attractive to potential buyers or renters, influencing real estate market dynamics.


MDes graduates with animation and multimedia design expertise find exciting opportunities in the animation industry. They craft captivating visuals and animations for various media, including films, television shows, and digital content.

Software Industry

UI/UX designers play a pivotal role in the software industry, ensuring that applications are user-friendly and visually appealing. Their designs enhance the user experience, making software more accessible and engaging.

Media and Entertainment

Designers in the media and entertainment industry contribute to the visual elements of films, television shows, and digital media. They work on graphics, set Design, and other creative aspects, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

MDes graduates bring unique design perspectives to these diverse industries, shaping products, experiences, and visual content that influence our daily lives. Their skills are in high demand, making them integral players in the professional landscape.

Public sector organizations also offer opportunities for MDes graduates. Some notable ones include:

  • National Handloom Development Corporation
  • National Textile Corporation Limited
  • National Jute Manufacturers Corporation
  • Handicrafts & Handlooms Export Corporation

In the private sector, leading companies across various domains eagerly hire MDes candidates. These include well-known names such as:

  • Wipro
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Infosys
  • Microsoft
  • Siemens
  • Samsung
  • BMW
  • Volkswagen
  • Eureka Forbes

The versatility of MDes graduates allows them to transition seamlessly between industries, making them valuable assets to organizations.

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Salary Prospects for MDes Graduates in India

While a passion for Design fuels their aspirations, financial stability is equally vital for MDes graduates. The earning potential for MDes professionals varies significantly due to several factors, including their area of specialization, years of experience, geographical location, and the reputation and size of their employer.

On average, an MDes graduate in India can anticipate an annual salary of approximately Rs 9 lakh, as reported by PayScale. However, this serves merely as a foundational benchmark. Their income substantially escalates as MDes professionals accumulate experience and assume higher job roles and designations.

Below is a comprehensive table illustrating the average annual salaries for MDes graduates in India, categorized by their respective job roles:

Job Role

Average Annual Salary (in INR)

UX Designer

8.01-11.94 lakh

Design Manager

8.86 lakh

Product Designer

4.55-17.85 lakh

Interior Designer

2.60 lakh

Graphic Designer

4.47 lakh

Fashion Designer

4.75 lakh

These figures underscore the substantial income potential that MDes graduates can achieve, particularly as they advance in their careers.

In conclusion, an MDes degree opens up a wide array of career paths, both within India and on a global scale. Whether your ambition is to join prestigious companies, venture into entrepreneurship, pursue advanced education, or seek international career opportunities, the options for MDes graduates are abundant and gratifying. By dedicating yourself to continuous learning and nurturing your passion for Design, you can craft a vibrant and satisfying career after completing your MDes degree.

FAQs About Career after MDes

What job opportunities are available for MDes graduates?

Depending on their specialization, MDes graduates can explore various career paths, including UI/UX design, product design, fashion design, and more.

Can MDes graduates pursue higher education or research roles?

MDes graduates interested in academia and research can consider pursuing a Ph.D. in Design. With a Ph.D., they can apply for positions as Assistant Professors in universities and colleges. Additionally, they can submit research papers and explore roles in reputable multinational corporations. Several universities offer Ph.D. programs in Design, providing specialized research and teaching opportunities.

Are there opportunities for international careers after earning an MDes degree?

Yes, there is a global demand for design professionals, and MDes graduates can explore international career opportunities. They can apply for jobs abroad after completing their MDes program or gain relevant work experience in India before seeking international positions. Specializations such as Game Design and Multimedia Design are particularly attractive in international job markets, but staying updated with the latest design technologies is crucial for a smooth transition.

What is the average salary range for MDes professionals in India?

The average salary for MDes graduates in India varies by specialization and experience. On average, it's around Rs 9 lakh per year, with roles like UX Designer earning between INR 8.01-11.94 lakh and Design Manager earning INR 8.86 lakh.

How can I transition to entrepreneurship or freelancing in the design field after my MDes degree?

To transition successfully to entrepreneurship or freelancing, focus on building a strong portfolio, gaining industry experience, networking, and ensuring financial stability before starting your venture.

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