Career after BMM

Career after BMM

Career after BMM
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BMM, short for Bachelor of Mass Media, is an undergraduate course in Mass Communication that offers a wide array of career opportunities. This article explores the most popular career options available to BMM graduates.

What is BMM?

BMM, a sought-after course in India, is a three-year undergraduate program in mass communication. It opens doors to numerous job opportunities across various fields. Students often undertake internships during the second year, and higher education is also an option post-completion.

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Career Options After Bachelor of Mass Media


Journalism stands out as one of the most coveted career paths for BMM graduates. Journalists play a crucial role in gathering, creating, and presenting news and information through various media channels, be it print or electronic. They are tasked with addressing pertinent issues and can specialize in areas like politics, crime, entertainment, lifestyle, business, and finance. BMM students can even pursue journalism specialization in their third year, enhancing their practical knowledge in broadcasting or publishing houses.

Radio Jockeying (RJ)

For those inclined towards the world of radio and audio, Radio Jockeying (RJ) is an appealing career option. RJs host radio shows and talk programs, entertaining and engaging listeners through calls and discussions. They must possess a pleasant voice, creative skills, accurate diction, language fluency, and a good sense of humor to succeed in this field. In recent years, the evolution of digital platforms like podcasts and global radio apps has made radio jockeying even more attractive, offering diverse opportunities.


Advertising presents yet another promising career choice for BMM graduates. Advertising professionals play a pivotal role in conveying messages that persuade people to buy products or services. This field not only offers lucrative job opportunities but also contributes to drawing attention towards social issues. Being a critical division in any company, advertising ensures competitiveness within the industry. To excel in advertising, individuals need collaborative skills, persistence, artistic flair, reliability, and strong organizational abilities.

Public Relations (PR) 

Public Relations (PR) offers an interesting career path where professionals create awareness about organizations and their causes by organizing events and managing media relations. The primary objective of PR is to promote brands and maintain positive relationships with various stakeholders, including the public, prospective customers, partners, investors, and employees. PR personnel should have excellent interpersonal skills, creativity, diligence, and the ability to observe and work hard to excel in this field.

Event Management

Event Management is an exciting career option that requires multi-disciplinary skills. BMM graduates with a creative streak often find their calling here. Event managers plan and execute a wide range of events, from informal occasions like weddings, baby showers, and birthdays to formal events such as award functions, political rallies, public speaking engagements, and entertainment industry-related events. Successful event managers possess traits like flexibility, time management, energy, leadership, interpersonal skills, and enthusiasm.

Digital Communications

Digital Communications is a rapidly evolving field, especially in today's internet-driven world. BMM graduates can explore opportunities related to handling social media platforms, blogging, and search engine optimization (SEO). Job profiles in digital communications include social media managers, bloggers, and SEO specialists. As the digital landscape continues to expand, professionals in this field play a vital role in online communication strategies.


Photography offers an adventurous career path for BMM graduates with a passion for capturing images. To succeed as a photographer, one must grasp the technical and creative aspects of photography. Enrolling in photography courses can provide a solid foundation in this art. Additionally, photographers need patience, interpersonal skills, and an eye for detail to capture captivating images effectively.


Filmmaking is a fine art that involves conceptualizing stories, scriptwriting, directing, shooting, sound recording, editing, production control, and screening. In the digital age, filmmaking has become more advanced and accessible. Successful filmmakers need creativity, organization, dedication, technical expertise, patience, and a keen eye for perfection to excel in this competitive field.

Marketing Management

Marketing Management is another compelling career option where professionals promote brands, products, and services, ultimately benefiting businesses. Marketers must continually enhance their skills and stay updated on industry trends. Pursuing an MBA degree can further boost career prospects in marketing.

Corporate Communications Management 

Corporate Communications Management entails overseeing both internal and external communications for companies. Effective corporate communications managers excel in strong communication, crisis management, and relationship building.

Higher Education Options After BMM

After successfully completing your Bachelor of Mass Media (BMM), you have the chance to further expand your knowledge and career prospects through higher education. Below, we'll explore some of the options available to you.

Master of Journalism and Mass Communication

One appealing choice for BMM graduates is pursuing a Master of Journalism and Mass Communication degree. This program delves deeper into the world of media, offering advanced insights into journalism, mass communication, and related fields. It's an excellent option for those looking to refine their skills and knowledge in these areas.

PG Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism

If you prefer a shorter, more focused course, consider enrolling in a PG Diploma in Mass Communication and Journalism. This diploma program provides specialized training in mass communication and journalism, making it an efficient way to enhance your qualifications in a shorter time frame.

MSc in Media and Communication

For those seeking a broader perspective on media and communication, an MSc in Media and Communication might be the ideal choice. This program explores various aspects of media, including its societal impact, technological advancements, and communication theories. It's a comprehensive option for those with a keen interest in the media landscape.

Master of Business Administration (MBA)

While BMM is rooted in mass media, pursuing an MBA is another option worth considering. An MBA offers a versatile skill set that can be applied across various industries. For BMM graduates interested in combining their media knowledge with business acumen, this path can open doors to leadership roles in media organizations and beyond.

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Popular Mass Communication Colleges in India

If you're looking for reputable institutions to pursue your BMM or related courses, consider these options:

  • Indian Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi (IIMC)
  • Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi (JMI)
  • Symbiosis Institute of Media & Communication, Pune (SIMC Pune)
  • Savitribai Phule Pune University, Pune (UNIPUNE)
  • University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad (UoH)
  • Manipal Institute of Communication, Manipal

In conclusion, a BMM degree offers a wide range of exciting career opportunities in the field of Mass Communication. Choose your path based on your interests and skills, and consider further education to enhance your career prospects.

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What is BMM, and how can it shape my career prospects?

BMM, or Bachelor of Mass Media, is an undergraduate program in mass communication. It equips students with skills and knowledge in various media-related fields, including journalism, advertising, public relations, and more. After completing BMM, you'll have a solid foundation for pursuing careers in media, communication, and related industries. This degree opens doors to roles such as journalist, radio jockey, advertising professional, event manager, and more, offering diverse and exciting career prospects.

What are the key career options available after completing a BMM degree?

BMM graduates have a wide range of career options, including:

  1. Journalism: Reporting news and information through various media.
  2. Advertising: Creating and managing campaigns to promote products and services.
  3. Public Relations: Building and maintaining positive relationships with the public and stakeholders.
  4. Event Management: Planning and executing events, from weddings to corporate functions.
  5. Radio Jockeying: Hosting radio shows and engaging with listeners.
  6. Digital Communications: Managing online presence, social media, and digital marketing.
  7. Photography: Capturing images creatively.
  8. Filmmaking: Producing films and videos.
  9. Marketing Management: Promoting brands and products.
  10. Corporate Communications Management: Handling internal and external communication for organizations.

Is it necessary to pursue further education after BMM for career advancement?

While a BMM degree offers numerous career opportunities, some individuals choose to pursue further education to specialize or enhance their qualifications. It depends on your career goals. Some careers, like journalism, may benefit from additional training or postgraduate degrees, while others, like advertising or public relations, may prioritize hands-on experience. Decide based on your career aspirations and industry requirements.

How do I choose the right career path within the field of Mass Communication after BMM?

To choose the right career path, consider your interests, skills, and long-term goals. Research each field, seek internships or part-time work to gain experience, and network with professionals. Consult career counselors or mentors for guidance. Additionally, assess the demand and growth prospects in your chosen field to make an informed decision aligned with your passions and strengths.

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