7 Attributes That Define A Good Study Abroad Consultant

7 Attributes That Define A Good Study Abroad Consultant

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7 Attributes That Define A Good Study Abroad Consultant
Sahil Dahal

Studying abroad for higher education is becoming an increasingly popular choice among students worldwide. The opportunity to gain an international education, experience a different culture, and build a global network of contacts are among the many reasons why students choose to study abroad. However, only some students are fortunate enough to have the proper guidance and financial resources to make this dream a reality.

Studying abroad can be complex and overwhelming, requiring research, planning, and preparation. Without the right guidance, many students may struggle to navigate the various steps involved in applying to universities, obtaining visas, and securing funding. This article provides seven attributes that define an excellent study-abroad consultant and help students with their study-abroad journey.

Strong Communication Skills

Strong communication skills are essential for an education consultant to understand a student's needs and goals effectively and to provide clear and accurate information about various study options. The consultant should be able to listen actively, ask relevant questions, and clearly articulate the pros and cons of different options. They should also be able to explain complex information in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. Additionally, a good education consultant should be patient and understanding, as students may have many questions and concerns when making decisions about their education. 

Impassioned About Students and Their Education

A dynamic education consultant is genuinely invested in the education and welfare of their students. They should be knowledgeable about a wide range of subjects and courses and be able to provide well-informed advice about various options. A consultant passionate about educating young people will likely understand the multiple factors contributing to a student's success, such as academic and career opportunities, cultural and social considerations, and financial aid options. They should also be able to empathise with their students' concerns and be responsive and timely in addressing any issues or questions.

Knows Various Languages

Knowing various languages is essential for education consultants because it allows them to communicate better with students and their families, mainly when offering admission assistance to study abroad. Being fluent in the languages of the countries they are assisting is essential for facilitating clear and accurate communication, as it allows the consultant to understand the nuances of the local education system and culture. This can be particularly helpful when dealing with students who may need to be fluent in the language of the country they are studying in, as it can help alleviate any confusion or misunderstandings.

Advice on University/Course Selection

An overseas education consultant is vital in helping students select the right university or course for their academic and career goals. A good consultant will take the time to understand the student's needs and aspirations and use that information to provide guidance and advice on the best-suited options.

The consultant should be able to provide detailed information about the universities or colleges of the student's choice, including information on academic programs, facilities, and student life. They should also suggest other universities or colleges that may be a good fit based on the student's financial situation, academic background, and career aspirations. They should also be able to provide information about the application process and assist the student in preparing the necessary documentation, including transcripts, test scores, and essays.

Stay Relevant

An essential quality of a successful study abroad consultant is staying relevant and up-to-date on the latest immigration policies and regulations. This is particularly important in countries like Australia and New Zealand, which have relatively small populations and may experience more frequent changes in immigration rules and restrictions.

For example, in Australia, the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act is a crucial piece of legislation that protects the rights of international students. This legislation governs the provision of education services to international students and sets out requirements for providers, such as standards for student support and complaint handling. It is important for a study abroad consultant to be familiar with this legislation and to be able to advise students on their rights and responsibilities under the ESOS Act.

A good consultant will also stay informed about the latest immigration policies and restrictions, such as visa requirements, application processes, and regulations on working while studying. They should be able to provide timely guidance to students on these issues and help them navigate any difficulties that may arise.

Experience and Qualification

Experience and qualifications are important qualities for a study abroad consultant as they demonstrate expertise and knowledge in the field. A master's or another advanced degree can be helpful, as it may indicate a level of education and training in a related field such as education, international relations, or counselling.

However, it is not always necessary for a consultant to have a master's degree. More importantly, the consultant deeply understands the education system, the studying-abroad process, and the available options. They should be able to provide objective guidance and advice based on their knowledge and experience rather than personal opinions. They should also know about the different education systems and be able to guide how to manage the process of studying abroad. For example, they should know how to apply for a student visa, secure housing, and navigate cultural differences.

Having the Right Tools at Work

Having the right tools at work is an important quality for a study abroad consultant, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively. Using technology and software, a consultant can manage their time and resources more effectively and provide better and faster service to their clients.

For example, an ideal study abroad consultant should have access to and be proficient in using software tools such as client management systems, document management systems, and communication platforms. These tools can help the consultant quickly and easily communicate with students, track progress, and access important information. They can also help the consultant to stay organised and on top of their workload, which is particularly important when working with multiple clients simultaneously.

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