Masters in Engineering Management in Germany

Masters in Engineering Management in Germany

Masters in Engineering Management in Germany
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The Masters of Engineering Management in Germany program is a two-year degree program for engineering graduates who want to study this course of business and advance to a higher managerial position. 

A degree in engineering management will integrate your technical knowledge with business management abilities. 

The course focuses on functional management and project management in particular. The program prepares students for general management as well as particular engineering fields.

A Master's in Engineering Management is the perfect option if an engineering student is searching for a shift from the traditional master's subject of study.

Engineering degree holders in Germany can earn up to 48,000 EUR after completing a master's degree. However, with a MEM from a German university, you can earn an average of 52,500 EUR yearly.

Why study Masters in Engineering Management in Germany?

Depending on the sort of technical master's degree you want, you can undoubtedly find it at one of Germany's institutions or colleges. German technical institutions are consistently present in all reputable university rankings and are recognized for their significant achievements in engineering.

  • Most state universities within Germany that offer Master's in Engineering Management do not require any tuition fees, and the private colleges that charge tuition are quite economical compared to Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.
  • Germany is undoubtedly the most popular engineering and technical university study location.
  • International graduates with a German university degree are eligible for a job seeker visa and German residency in Germany, thanks to the country's immigration regulations.
  • Several scholarships are available for engineering students in Germany to study for master's degrees in engineering management here.
  • Universities and colleges in Germany flourish in a multicultural setting, allowing students to adjust to the academic system as a whole readily.

Top Universities for Studying Masters in Engineering Management in Germany

Because many universities in Germany rank among the world's top universities, it falls under one of the top destinations or countries for pursuing Masters's in Engineering Management globally because many universities in Germany count among the top universities in the world. 

University Name 


The Technical University of Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Technical University Munich

Munchen, Germany

RWTH Aachen University

Aachen, Germany

Hamburg University of Technology

Hamburg, Germany

IUBH University of Applied Sciences

Bad Honnef, Germany

HTW Berlin, University of Applied Sciences

Berlin, Germany

Hector School of Engineering and Management

Karlsruhe, Germany

FH Aachen University

Aachen, Germany

Heilbronn University

Heilbronn, Germany

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Berlin, Germany

MBA Guide For Germany

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Tuition Fees for Studying Masters in Engineering Management in Germany for International Students

Compared to other popular study locations, tuition expenses for studying in Germany are affordable. German institutions are well-known for offering low-cost higher education to overseas students.

Most institutions do not demand tuition fees; however, overseas students may be obliged to pay semester fees.

University Name

Course and Duration 

Tuition fees in EUR

The Technical University of Berlin

Masters in Industrial Engineering and Management

Master in Service Management and Engineering

2 years

No tuition fees.

Technical University Munich

Master in Service Management and Engineering 

2 years

147 EUR per semester

RWTH Aachen University

Master in Management and Engineering in Production Systems

Masters in Management and Engineering in Computer-Aided Mechanical Engineering.

2 years

No tuition fees.

IUBH University of Applied Sciences

Master in Engineering Project Management

2 years

449 EUR per month.

Hector School of Engineering and Management

MSc in Service Management and Engineering.

Masters in Energy Engineering and Management

Master in Information Systems Engineering and Management

2 years

750 EUR per semester

FH Aachen University

Masters in Engineering Management, 2 years

No tuition fees.

Heilbronn University

Masters in Software Engineering and Management

2 years

1500 EUR per semester

SRH-Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Master in Engineering and Sustainable Technology Management

2 years

800 EUR per month for one year

Admission requirements for studying Master in Engineering Management at the best universities in Germany

Foreign candidates can apply directly to German institutions via their official sites or the DAAD or Uni-assist application portals. Uni-assist is a forum that assesses your applications, and most colleges require you to fill out the online application via Uni-assist. The following are the requirements you need to have to apply for a master's degree in Engineering Management in Germany:

  • A four-year Bachelor's degree in Engineering or a closely related subject with a minimum grade of 65% is necessary.
  • Proof of English proficiency at the level of B2 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages is required for applicants whose first language is not English.
  • At least 6.0 on IELTS and 80 on the TOEFL. If you wish to apply for the scholarship, this score may differ from certain universities.
  • Some universities also require job experience in related fields.

Scholarship programs for international students 

Germany ranks as the top destination for students choosing a master's in engineering management because of the various scholarship programs available here. 

Regarding the expense of studying abroad, tuition rates at German government institutions are comparable to nothing. Even private German institutions are less expensive than universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, or Australia. 

International students interested in pursuing a Master's in Engineering Management in Germany can apply for one of the scholarships listed below.

Scholarship Name

Details of the scholarship

The amount of the scholarship in EUR

DAAD Scholarships

The DAAD scholarship fund allows you to continue your academic studies in Germany by enrolling in a postgraduate course of study.

861 EUR per month

The Deutschlandstipendium scholarship ( Germany Scholarship)

This governmental scholarship program grants 300 euros per month to finance students predicted to make outstanding academic and skilful achievements.

300 EUR per month

Studienabschluss Scholarship

Study completion awards (Studienabschluss-Stipendien) are scholarships for overseas students who will take their final paper at the UdK Berlin the following semester (BA, MA, Absolvent, Meisterschüler). They are meant to give financial assistance to brilliant but financially disadvantaged students for test preparation.

A total of 900 EUR

MAWISTA Scholarship

This scholarship is provided to those students who are studying in Germany along with a child.

A total of 3000 EUR

Kurt Hansen Science Scholarships

The Kurt Hansen Fellowship assists STEM teachers, trainee teachers, and student teachers (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, and technology).

A total of up to 10,000 EUR

IUBH Early Bird Scholarship

IUBH University provides financial assistance through loans and scholarships to overseas students in Germany.

Students can also take advantage of a unique discount of up to 1000 EUR, known as the "early bird discount" in their first year by applying before the university's deadlines.

1,000 EUR

Women in Tech Scholarships

The WITS program provides 2215 EUR to women interested in working in management information, information technology, computer science, and other relevant sectors.

2215 EUR

Heinrich Boll Scholarships.

The Heinrich Böll Foundation annually awards scholarships to roughly 1400 undergraduates, graduates, and doctorate students of all fields and nationalities studying at universities and universities of applied sciences.

827 EUR per month

Scopes of a Master’s Degree graduate in Engineering Management in Germany 

Employment in Germany Completing a Master's in Engineering Management can pay you 93% more than just a Bachelor's degree. Consequently, these factors attest to the profitable nature of the MEM initiative in Germany.

After a postgraduate program in engineering management, the most common career opportunities in Germany are engineering manager and project manager. The monthly average pay of an engineering project manager is 4370 EUR. 

After 15-20 years of work, one can make roughly 2280 EUR per month and progress to 5990 EUR per month.

Companies such as Intel Corporation, Magna International, ZF Group, and Adient provide attractive opportunities after completing a Master in Engineering Management within Germany, often as an "Engineering Manager”. 

After a master's degree in engineering management, the next exciting work prospects are available in Germany:

  • Project Manager
  • A Quality Control Engineer
  • Document Control Manager
  • Assistant Quality Manager
  • Approval Team Manager
  • A Product Complaint Associate
  • Quality Assurance Manager, and so on.

Germany has always been on the leading edge of cutting-edge research. German universities and research institutes have traditionally collaborated closely with corporations and industry, developing symbiotic and strategic alliances.

This provides students a fascinating opportunity to apply the skills learned in engineering degree courses to address real-world challenges.

Job Profile

Average Salary (EUR/month)

Approval Team Manager


Assistant Quality Manager


Document Control Manager


Product Complaints Associate


Quality Assurance Manager


Quality Control Engineer


Project Manager



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