Top ranking universities of Denmark 2021 [TOP 5]

Top ranking universities of Denmark 2021 [TOP 5]

Bijay PoudelFri Apr 16 2021

Top ranking universities of Denmark 2021 [TOP 5]

Denmark is a popular choice for national and international students given its popular universities, wide range of programs, safety, and affordable tuition fees. 

Want to pursue a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Denmark? Here is a list of top-ranking universities in Denmark. The degrees obtained from these universities are not just popular in Denmark but throughout the world. 

Statistics of top-ranking Denmark universities in 2021

Universities in DenmarkDenmark rankingGlobal rankingLocation
University of Copenhagen176Copenhagen
Technical University of Denmark2103Kongens Lyngby,Denmark
Aarhus University3147Aarhus, Denmark
Aalborg University4305Aalborg, Denmark
The University of Southern Denmark (SDU)5353Odense, Denmark

University of Copenhagen

The University of Copenhagen is one of the best world-class universities located in Denmark. Even though almost every undergraduate degree is taught in Danish,  there are adequate semester courses taught in English. The postgraduate/master’s degrees are taught in English.

This university is consistently ranked under the top 10 universities in Europe. More than 35000 students are enrolled in this university. It is particularly famous for Social Science degrees, Humanities, Food Science and Technology, Computer Science, and Technology, and Agricultural Science. 

Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Techical University was founded by the father of electromagnetism, H.C. Orsted in 1829. Chemistry, mathematics, biotechnology, computer science, engineering, physics, biological sciences, and construction are the major areas of study in DTU. 

About 25% of the total students in DTU are international students. Bachelors degrees are taught in danish where master’s programs are taught in English. 

DTU prioritizes combining theory and practice via project and lab work. Research-based innovative education is the main strength of the Technical University of Denmark.  

Aarhus University

Established in 1928, Aarhus University is a leading public research university in Denmark. Aarhus University is a graduate university and over half of its student population (40,000) are enrolled in Masters and PhD programs. All PhD programs are taught in English and over 60 programs at the bachelor’s and master’s level are taught completely in English.   

Aarhus University is best for International students in Denmark due to Career counselling, professional service, and guidance, favourable tuition fees, research-based education, and international recognition. The best programs at Aarhus University are economics, business, political science, Agrobiology, engineering, social science, and arts.  

Aalborg University

Aalborg University was established in 1974. This public university has grown exponentially as one of the finest universities in Denmark and Europe for natural science, engineering, arts and humanities, social science, and health science.  

Aalborg University offers 112 postgraduate programs and 76 undergraduate programs. Additionally. Aalborg University offers exchange programs such as Erasmus for students at both bachelor and master levels. Academic excellence, problem-based learning (PBL), and high-quality research make Aalborg University very suitable for students keen to learn. 

The University of Southern Denmark (SDU)

The University of Southern Denmark was formed by merging Odense University, South Jutland University Centre, and Southern Denmark School of Business and Engineering in 1998. SDU offers several programs within its extensive faculties- Health Sciences, Engineering, Science, social science, and Humanities. 

SDU boasts over 30,000 students. 

Similar to many other Denmark universities, the tuition fees of bachelor’s and master’s degrees are waived for domestic citizens and students of the EU. The tuition fees of The University of Southern Denmark for other international students are around USD 13,000. 

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